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Mountaineering Club of Alaska Apr 10

Mountaineering Club of Alaska Apr 10

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Published by bludworth
Featuring Dub & Harry Bludworth's first ascent of Bench Peak
Featuring Dub & Harry Bludworth's first ascent of Bench Peak

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Published by: bludworth on Apr 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mountaineering Club of Alaska
April 2010
Volume 53 Number 4
Life is either a great adventure or nothing.
~Helen Keller 
Monthly MeetingWed. April 22 @ 6:30 PMProgram: Presentation by Jim Saylor, The First Person toClimb All Peaks In Chugach State Park, Details Inside.
Dangerous PassagePOM - Bench Peak
The Mountaineering Club of Alaska
"To maintain, promote and perpetuate the association of persons who are interested in promoting, sponsoring, improving,stimulating and contributing to the exercise of skill and safety in the Art and Science of Mountaineering" 
Join us for our club meetings the 3
Wednesday of the month at the BPEnergy Center, 900 E. Benson Blvd., Anchorage, AK
Cover Photo:
Stu Grenier and John McCormick on the summit of Peak1936 (Set Netter Peak)
 Article Submission:
Text/video/photography submissions for theScree can be sent as attachments tomcascree@gmail.com. Do notsubmit material in the body of the email. We prefer articles that areunder 1,000 words. If you have a blog or website, send us the link.Cover photo selection is based on portraits of human endeavor in theoutdoors.
Dangerous Passage - 1936, Prince William SoundPeak Of the Month – Bench Peak
Hiking and Climbing Schedule
April 24 - May 02 MOUNTAINEERING - Scandinavian PeaksScandinavian Peaks Class- Glacier and Some 4th or 5th class.Elevation Gain- Plenty Hazards- Crevasses, Avalanche,Rockfall, Weather. Air transport fees apply.Greg Bragiel – 569-3008July 16 – July 30 Arctic National Wildlife RefugeClass B/C. The trip may include elevation gains over 2,000 feeton day hikes. The destination will be drop off And pickup at anairstrip on the Sheenjek River on the south side of the BrooksRange in ANWR . Set up food cache at the airstrip from theredo 2 one week trips along the Sheenjek and tributaries.(climbersare welcome if you include a reliable partner) Leader: DonHansen,donjoehansen@msn.com.
Monthly MCA Meeting Presentation
Get stoked for the 2010 mountaineering season by attending theMountaineering Club of Alaska April Meeting. Jim Sayler, one ofAlaska’s most prolific mountaineers and the first person to climb allpeaks in Chugach State Park will present spectacular slides andcolorful accounts from over 30 years of adventure. The show will focuson the big peaks in and around Chugach State Park, from Anchorage toLake George. Discover how to access remote regions in and aroundthe park. Learn the best time of year to attempt difficult peaks and howconditions affect routes. The meeting will be held Wednesday, April 21,6:30pm at the BP Energy Center located at 1014 Energy Court.Admission is free and open to everyone.
Dangerous Passage1936
by Stu Grenier
I couldn't resist the opportunity to use thiseye-catching title because upon firstimpression it sounds like a hell of a goodhistoric account of a depression eraadventure. In truth the 1936 refers to theelevation of the "peak" we climbed and theDangerous Passage refers to name of thepassage next to which Peak 1936 is located.I guess when you are writing an account of apeak that is low enough to be confused withTom Choate's birth year you need a sense ofhumor since there wasn't much dangerousabout the climb, or should I say hike, as longas you didn't get messed up with cliffs hiddenbehind walls of evergreen trees or go for aslide down a slippery grassy or snowy slopeto one of the aforementioned cliffs. Thepassage called Dangerous Passage isprobably so named for the many rocks thatcan be a problem for faster moving deep-draft boats, but of less concern to kayaks.
Sunset on Prince William Sound
Eryn Boone had caught the ferry back toWhittier on June 3, 2009, after spending fivedays in the Elrington Island area with us,leaving John McCormick and me to brave thepaddle back to Whittier from Chenega Baywithout female company or a single kayak inwhich to go poke around alone. I'll save awrite up of what we did on Elrington Islandfor a later date.On our way north we finally got lucky enoughto find a whale using bubbles to catch itsdinner right next to shore. Some folks callthis bubble net feeding. We had good luckwatching the humpback feeding and tooksome memorable shots. As we sat dead inthe water the whale also stoppedperpendicular to us some 50 feet away.Though its eyes were underwater you couldfeel in the air that we were being observed. I

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