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Target & Positioning

Target & Positioning

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Published by Ashutosh Gupta
Brand Targeting & Positioning presentation
Brand Targeting & Positioning presentation

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Published by: Ashutosh Gupta on Apr 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Target & Positioning.
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Ms. Neeru GargMr. Ashutosh GuptaFaculty, TIASEnrol. No. 01517003909MBA 2
What is the Target Market?
The country's consumers can be divided into so many different consumer groups. Based onwhich consumer groups they lie in, the consumers will have different needs. Also they will finddifferent things that appeal to them. So before we launch a marketing campaign, we need toidentify which set of people does our business cater to?What we mean by this is, that we need to know who are our customers? What kind of life dothey live? Who influences their buying decision? What kinds of media are they exposed to? Howmuch purchasing power do they have? Etc.Knowing this information, we can target our marketing campaign to appeal especially to thisgroup of customers we have chosen.Many a times, we may find that the product or service we are offering is consumed by not onlyone group of people. We may find that our product has many varied uses and hence has manyvaried possible consumers. Because of this we may want to choose more than one group of  people as our target market. DO NOT DO THIS! I repeat DO NOT DO THIS!Our marketing strategy will fail if we try to be everything to everybody. When we make amarketing strategy we have to choose only one group of people and design our marketingstrategy so that it appeals to the group we have selected.If we have many groups of people to choose from, choose only the group of people that we can best cater too and will offer the best opportunities to grow.
For example,
if we are a small firmthat makes women’s perfumes, our target market could be teenage girls, housewives, rich womenwho can afford to spend highly on perfumes and other such accessories etc. We could chooseany one of these customer groups as our target market. Suppose we choose the rich womengroup then our marketing plan will be designed to appeal to rich women. The price of our 
 perfume will be high. Our advertisements will be designed to appeal to rich women etc. Theseadvertisements cannot simultaneously appeal to winger middle class women also.If we come up with a marketing strategy to appeal to more than one target group of customers,our strategy will not be effective. Our sales will be eaten away by specialist products or specialistmarketing strategies.Just consider the case of shampoo. If some one is looking for a shampoo to deal with their dandruff problem, they are more likely to buy a shampoo which says "Anti-dandruff shampoo"than a shampoo that says, "Hair shine, Hair strength and Anti-Dandruff" shampoo.The thing to understand is that the first step to making a marketing strategy is to select the “targetmarket”, i.e. for which the marketing campaign is to be designed.
How to identify who our TargetMarket is?
What we have to do is run a little research about all our existing customers. If we are a retailingunit, we could find out the people who purchase form us.Once we have a general idea about the people who purchase from us, we need to classify theminto different groups. Finally we will have a general idea about the different kinds of customerswho buy from us. Finally, we have to choose one of these groups as our target market. We maychoose the biggest group or we may choose the group with the greatest buying power etc. anddecide on it to be our target group.Assuming we are a small business who makes shampoos. We may classify our customers as people who buy our shampoo to strengthen their hair and prevent hair from falling or buy our shampoo to reduce their dandruff or people who buy our shampoo because it is made up of natural oils which appeals to them etc.

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