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May 15 2009 - Malaysian Word Nerds - Speed Dating With David

May 15 2009 - Malaysian Word Nerds - Speed Dating With David

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Published by Closeyoureyes

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Published by: Closeyoureyes on Apr 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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May 15 2009 - MALAYSIAN WORD NERDS - Speed
dating with David
We\u2019re kidding. Sort of. Read on!

Proving themselves to be the best fan-aware label in the world ever, Sony
Malaysia allowed us, on behalf of the David Cook fans, to interview him on the
12th of May while he was in the Philippines. MYwn would like to extend a big
thank you to Dawn, Janice and the Sony team for making this happen. Without
further ado, here is the video of our video conference with David Cook, plus the
transcript. MYwn would appreciate if you could link back to the site when
quoting or reposting to other sites. Thank you.


Renee: Hi David, I\u2019m Renee.
David: Hi, Minnie.
R: Renee, Renee.
D: Say what?
R: Renee.
D: Vinnie? Okay, well I\u2019m trying very hard not to mispronounce it too many more
R: Okay. My question is \u201cIf you could have three wishes, what would you want?
What would your wishes be?\u201d.
D: Oh wow. Uh, first wish\u2026first wish would be for my little brother to have a
record deal because he really wants one.
*lots of cheering and clapping going on*
D: Wow. Second wish, uh\u2026second wish would be a lifetime free pass to
McDonalds\u2019. My third wish\u2026I just got a new home and I need a nice muscle car to
put in the garage.
R: Cool.
D: *laughs*
R: Thank you, David.

D: Bye.

David: Hello.
Sue: My name is Sue.
D: Hi, Sue.
S: My question is\u2026sorry I\u2019m nervous. Okay, what\u2019s your plan for the band in the
next five years? Have you guys picked a name for the band?
D: Hmmm. Well, the plan for the band in the next five years is\u2026we\u2019re gonna try
to stay together and keep playing music. They\u2019re amazing guys, great friends and
it\u2019s very strange. I\u2019ve known a few of them for a long time and few of them for a
short time, and I couldn\u2019t imagine playing music with anyone else right now. So,
that\u2019s good. As far as the band names, we think we have one.

S: Can you spit it out for us?
D: I can\u2019t tell you yet. It\u2019s been killing me, I want to. We\u2019re just going for the
legalities to make sure some tanning salon somewhere isn\u2019t named the same
thing. But hopefully soon.
S: Okay, thanks a lot, David.

D: Thank you very much, Sue.

Awalia: Hello, David.
David: Can I ask you a quick question?
A: Yes?
David: Who is that behind you?
A: Not David Cook. It\u2019s Usher, some guy.
Kavi: He\u2019s not as awesome, right?
D: *smiles* Okay.
A: My name is Awalia.
D: Okay, hi.
A: My question is \u201cHow did you come to know of Neal and Andy in the first
D: Umm, that is a good question with a decent story.
Everyone else: Tell, tell.
D: Alright, alright. Well, I was in my band Axium back home in Kansas City,
Missouri and we had been offered a show opening for this band called Caroline\u2019s
Spine\u2026uh-oh, it froze.
D: Hi.
A: Hi.
D: Okay. Hi. So, story. I was down in Tulsa, Oklahoma which is about 4 hours
south of us and they asked us to come down and open for a band called Caroline\u2019s
Spine and Andy and Neal\u2019s band MWK was mid-lining. And so I met them there
and they were both very quiet, and I thought they were kind of jerks. But then we
kind of stayed in contact and ended up trading shows. They came out to Kansas
City, we went back down to Tulsa. Then, we did this little two weeks mini tour
around our hometowns and it just kind of solidified the friendship. So, whenever
I got bored at school or whenever I had spring break, I always go down to Tulsa to
hang out with them, and that\u2019s pretty much how that happened. So, told you it\u2019s a
decent story, not a great one.
A: At least you have a story. Okay, thank you, David!

D: Thanks. See you.

Teri: Hi, David. I\u2019m Teri.
David: Hi. Hello.
T: That\u2019s my son at the back.
D: I can\u2019t see him.
T: This is my son, Nick.
D: Hi, son.
Nick: I\u2019ve got one question.
D: Uh-oh.

*line gets cut off*
D: Hey, sorry man. You all got cut off, it all got crazy and you look like mimes.
N: David.
D: Yes?
N: When are you coming to perform in Malaysia?
D: Hopefully soon. I know I want to be there but I haven\u2019t been able to schedule
just yet, but hopefully soon. I would love to come and play there. Get your
cardboard Usher-thing there*.
T: Yeah, that Usher thing must have offended u??
D: *laughs* Oh my God.
T: I\u2019d just like to ask you about, okay, on the bus, there are so many of you on the
bus and you know, everyone every night will be doing different things. So, how do
you get the hours of sleep?
D: *laughs*
T: Who actually tells you to go to sleep?
D: Here\u2019s where it gets fun. You know, we try really hard to be respectful of each
other, especially in such tight quarters, and you know after, especially for me,
after getting up and doing press, and doing all the things you have to do for a
show, and doing the show, I\u2019m all exhausted afterwards, I\u2019ve gotten really good at
sleeping around a lot of noise and to the point where I can\u2019t sleep in hotels very
well anymore. I can\u2019t sleep unless I have a kind of stuff going on around me which
is, uh, it\u2019s not fun sometimes. But you know, I don\u2019t know. I mean, again, I get to
travel the country and the world with some of my best friends so that makes it a
little more bearable when they won\u2019t shut up while I\u2019m trying to sleep.
T: And you\u2019ll be playing your PS,right?
D: Yeah, yeah.
T: And Dublin?
D: Dublin has been on the road with us for about a month and hold his own, he
makes more noise than anybody?
T: When are you taking him on stage?
D: Oh, he, umm. You know, it\u2019s funny. For him being a musician\u2019s pet, he hates
noise. He hates, like, loud guitars and stuff like that. So he\u2019ll normally\u2026he\u2019ll
normally gets kind of anxious and probably bite somebody if I bring him on stage
while I\u2019m playing.
T: We hope to see Dublin soon.
D: *laughs*
T: I dont want to hold up the rest. Thanks a lot, David.
D: Thank you.

D: Dublin should get his own record deal.

Kat: Hi, Dave. I\u2019m Kathleen.
David: Hi, Kathy.
K: Okay, I have one question. What happened to Pork Beans?
D: Ah, Pork Beans. We\u2019re working on something extra special on Pork Beans. It
may or may not involve a new character. Past that, Pork Beans is kind of been
hiding for a myriad of reasons. One: Terry, our assistant light tech is actually
striking for more money; and two: the van de Kamp Pork and Beans company has

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