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Useful Verbs and Adjectives

Useful Verbs and Adjectives

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Published by Masrina Ina
downloaded from a website.. but i forgot the website address..
downloaded from a website.. but i forgot the website address..

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Published by: Masrina Ina on Apr 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. Describing ways of talking
whisper shout bark remarexclaim explain ask requestmutter plead complain replymumble appeal accuse insistbawl scream admit coaxanswer command emphasize deny
2. Describing ways of walking
limp plod saunter totterstride shuffle prowl amblesneak march waddle stalpace toddle reel walhobble tramp stumble roamstroll ramble trot wanderstrut stamp stagger loiter
3. Describing ways of eating
much tear pick gorgebite grind masticate gnawchew lick banquet grazegobble gulp dine swallowpeck nibble tuck in succrunch devour feast taste
4. Describing ways of drinking
sip gulp lap slurptipple guzzle quaff swill
5. Describing ways of thinking
to think to compareto know to proveto decide to summarizeto realize to concludeto believe to predictto consider to wonderto imagine to misunderstandto suspect to analyseto agree to doubtto deduce to confirmto suppose to guessto understand to assume
6. Describing water
run flow splash gushdribble trickle ooze leapsquirt spurt foam drip
7. Describing light
shine glare sparkle ficklerflame burn glisten gleambeam shimmer dazzle glowtwinkle glitter flash radiate
8. Describing a fire
blaze glow flicker roarcrackle destroy spread leap
9. Night
cool cold lonely silenteerie beautiful sultry quietdark gloomy moonlit starryhot warm pleasant calmstormy mysterious romantic interesting
10. Day
busy noisy fair hotbright cold dull wetrainy sunny windy cloudygloomy beautiful glorious marvelouspleasant delightful excellent enjoyable
11. Clothes
dowdy modern new oldgaudy simple plain sensiblecheap expensive fashionable old-fashionedcolourful comfortable worn-out provokingfantastic tattered cultural dazzling
12. Feelings
hopefully satisfied enthusiastic gladdesperate contented miserable joyousdelighted discouraged regretful depressedexcited ashamed resentful sad jealous shy disgusted interestedbored angry terrified envioustired impatient confident exhaustednervous grateful uneasy amused
13. Useful adjectives describing peopleComplimentary Uncomplimentary
active honest aggressive meddlesomeaffectionate honourable boastful mercilessalert humble boisterous mischievousambitious humorous bold miserlyattractive industrious bossy moodybrave intelligent brutal narrow-mindedbrilliant jovial calculating peevishbroad-minded just cheeky pessimisticcaring kind clumsy pettycautious lively cold quarrelsomecharming lovable corrupted rebelliouscheerful loyal cowardly recklesscompassionate neat cruel restlessconfident noble cunning roughconsiderate obliging deceitful rudecooperative optimistic destructive ruthlesscourteous patient dishonest sarcasticcreative pleasant dull selfishdecisive popular fierce shamelessdedicated reliable foolish sicklydependable resourceful frail slovenlydevoted respectable greedy snappyenergetic sensible grumpy spitefulfaithful sincere haughty stubbornforceful slim heartless sullenforgiving sociable hot-tempered temperamentalfriendly sweet-natured impatient timidgenerous sympathetic impulsive treacherousgentle tactful inconsiderate unapproachableglamorous talented indifferent unculturedgraceful tolerant irresponsible unreasonablegracious understanding jealous unscrupulousgrateful warm lazy vainhandsome wise lethargic vindictivehelpful witty mean wicked
Topic vocabulary for disasterTopic vocabulary for outings
heavy rain power breakdownthunderstorm traffic congestionheavy downpour flooded low-lying areasraining like cats and dogs roofs ripped oflightning flashed across the sky damage to propertyhowling wind bad weatherrumbling thunder uprooted treesroads impassable to trafficterrifying fire-brigadecrackling sounds chokingpandemonium sirenchaotic panicflames panic strickensmoke burntfire-engine suffocatingfire-fightersgushing waters weather reportstrong current stalled carsswift-flowing drownevacuation centres relief centresrising rapidly relief workersreaching dangerous levels boatswading rainy seasoninjuries screeching brakesfractured legs/arms dentcollide shattered glassfirst-aid ambulancebadly-injured hospitalknocked down unhurtseriously woundedbangpleasant sceneryunpleasant picturesqueroad nerve-wreckinghighway hazardouswinding tiringsteep gradient relaxingreservations enjoyablebaggagetents waterpitch nearby streamadventurous camp-fireexciting songsknapsacks guitaractivities unforgettablecooking utensils firewoodfood

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