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the Orphanage

the Orphanage

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Published by Mayudharan (vicky)

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Published by: Mayudharan (vicky) on Apr 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Orphanage
Sleeping quietly in his small bed, Danny snored softly as the wind gently rapped the window of hisbedroom. The night was still, but something menacing could be felt in the air. An eerie darknessovertook his bedroom, as the moonlight was blocked off by the overhead clouds. Danny’s eyes driftedup from his heavy sleep, and his muscles tensed as he felt something drawing closer. Although hecould not see anything, there was something awkward about how the room felt. Suddenly, a small lightbegan to illuminate the room. The bright flash came from under the door of his room, and began tospread into his room. As his eyes adjusted to the light, a flash blinded his eyes, as flames began toengulf the room. Sparks flew and the entire room began to succumb to the growing flames. Screams of his parents could be heard from outside, as the flames drew closer and closer to the trembling boy. Theheat scorched his skin, but he was too paralyzed to move. The door was knocked down, and therestood his father and mother. As they struggled to reach the boy, the flames devoured themvoraciously, as the ceiling collapsed upon their bodies. Next, the flames approached Danny, and theburning inferno began to consume his body.“Ahhhhhh!” Danny’s ear-piercing scream broke the silence of the night as he awoke in his bed,with sweat drenching his forehead. His heavy breathing and irregular heartbeat began to calm downafter he realized it was just a dream. The trembling six-year-old sat there on his bed, and struggled todispel the fearful memories of his past. Every night, the nightmares returned to him, each more vividthan the night before. The painful images of his burning apartment flashed back in his mind over andover, tormenting him.It had been two months ago since the incident occurred, yet the image was still left imprinted inhis head. He had been adopted by a middle-aged couple, who had no other children themselves. James Thornton and his wife had taken in Danny right after the fire, but have recently been getting regrets.“Every day the kid’s woke us up screaming about some stupid dream,” groaned James as heangrily tossed out of bed.“Well, you can’t really blame him. He’s just a kid and he has lost both of his parents,” reasonedMary, his wife.“I don’t care if he’s a kid! He can’t keep waking us up in the middle of the night like this! It’sridiculous!”“What do you suggest doing?”‘First thing next morning, I’m sending him off to that orphanage up in Porter County.”“No, not that one! Haven’t you heard? It’s been all over the news! That place is no good; you justcan’t send him there!”“He’ll get used to it! There’s nothing wrong with that place; it’s just an orphanage.”***“If you would just sign right there, Mr. Thornton. There you go, you’re all good to go,” spoke achild care agent as James signed the proper papers for Danny’s release to the orphanage. “We assureyou he’s in good hands, thank you!”“Like I care whether he’s in good hands or not,” muttered James under his breath as he casuallystrolled out of the orphanage without bothering to even look back at Danny.Danny followed Ms. Jones, a young lady who worked at the orphanage, into a fairly large room,with several beds sprawled on each side, cluttered with toys and crayons. There were many childrencrowding the room, the little boys running around throwing their shoes at each other, and girls playingwith their decapitated dolls. After showing him to a stained bed in the corner, Ms. Jones left Dannyalone. It was then, while watching the other kids play, that Danny noticed the stains on the wall. Atfirst he thought it was just from markers and crayons, but a closer look made him realize that markerscould not have made such marks.He could see the splashes of red through the extra coats of paint that had been added as a cover-up. Frightened, Danny turned around and gazed out of a window. There in the distance stood a forest,which neighbored the fairly small orphanage. Although the trees were some distance away, the clearoutline of something could be seen hanging from the trees. As Danny strained his eyes for a closerlook, he could make out the rotting dead corpses that were violently stuffed up into the trees. Thefrozen eyes of the corpses bulged from its sockets, and Danny could have sworn that the eyes lookedup at him. The most terrifying thing was that all of the dead bodies resembled children no older thanDanny himself. He wondered if anybody else was seeing these things, but apparently the kids were toobusy playing. When he glanced back, the corpses were no longer there. After his scare, Danny satdown on his bed and went back to watch the kids.
 They kept busy to what they were doing. Surprisingly, none of them had even seen Danny comein. Danny felt something strange about the kids, as they were oblivious of everything around them.Gathering his strength, Danny got up and walked to a boy reading a book.“Hey, my name is Danny. What’s your name?” Danny forced the words out of his mouth.He gained no response, so he asked again. This time, the boy’s head slowly came out from thebook, and faced Danny. Dilated pupils dark as night pierced into Danny’s own eyes. The boy’s skin wasa pale blue color,and his face had a deformed shape. “I’m not sure. I forgot. It’s been so long, youknow?”What do you mean?” Danny questioned.“Every day they make us see things. Terrible things. Now it’s finally our turn to play with them. You look new here. I don’t think you’re ready to play with them yet. No, get out of here. Get out of here!” The boy trembled as his eyes held an expression of fear that could not be captured in words.With a look of terror on his face, Danny ran back to his bed, and wondered what the kid hadmeant. Eventually, the repetitious children made him doze off.***Danny opened his eyes, and looked around the room. Strangely, all the kids were gone. It seemedlike it was just him in the room. However, when Danny got out of bed, he saw them. The dead bodiesof the kids littered the floor – pools of blood drenching the beds. The most disturbing thing was howthe kids were beaten. Their bodies lay intact, but their heads were smashed brutally until there wasnothing left. Danny’s eyes could not stand to look at such a grotesque scene – heads bobbing in bloodand children lying massacred on the floor. As he jumped out of bed, scared to look around, he heard asound from the hallway outside. It sounded like a heavy object smashing into the wall.“No, please don’t! No! Stop!” The screams of children could be heard, followed by a cacklinglaugh.Danny reluctantly peered outside the room, and stared in horror at what he saw. A small girl waswhimpering against the wall, crying excessively. Her face was splashed with blood, and Danny couldhear footsteps coming from down the hallway. Ms. Jones appeared from a room, and in her hand shecarried a large mallet. Blood dripped from her hands, and she had a wide grin across her face.“There you are! Come on, come here! Don’t be afraid.” She approached the weeping girl andgrasped the mallet firmly in both hands.Danny could not stand to witness what was going to happen. He ducked back in his room, and allhe heard were the girl’s final screams and the blood smearing across the walls. When he ran back intothe room, he found that all the windows were barred shut and there was only one door leading outsideto the hallway, which was the one with Ms. Jones right outside.“Oh, Danny! Where are you?” cried the sickly voice. The demented Ms. Jones stepped inside theroom, still wielding the blood-soaked mallet.At that moment, her eyes locked on his and a hideous smile appeared on her face. Her skin waspale blue and she no longer looked human. Her hair was a mess, and her clothes were stained. Hereyes were red, and had an evil gleam. The mallet swung in her hand, and she prepared to strike it intoDanny’s skull. His fragile head would easily be crushed, and he had nothing to fight back with. Shecame closer and closer, as Danny stood shocked by what was going to happen. Finally, he managed tobuild up some courage and dashed past Ms. Jones. As he ran past her, she swung the mallet, barelymissing his head. Danny rushed for the door and left Ms. Jones following him.Danny continued down the hallway and found the stairwell leading downstairs. As he looked downthe stairs, he saw a dead corpse at the bottom. Her body was twisted and her neck was cracked. AsDanny took a closer look, the body disappeared. Danny scrambled down the stairs and rushed onto thefirst floor. While catching his breath, Danny froze as he noticed a silhouette at the end of the hall. There stood a man dressed in all black, wearing an expensive suit and carried a long wooden cane. Infront of him lay a whimpering little boy. The man grabbed his cane and drove into the boy’s skull,oblivious of the blood staining his clothes. The rooms to the side of him were all quiet, and Danny didnot dare peer inside the rooms. He took a moment to marvel at his heinous deed and then facedDanny. He casually began to stroll down the hall and began to approach Danny, placing a firm griparound his cane. The man resembled Ms. Jones, sharing the same pale blue skin and cold dark eyes.“Don’t bother, you can’t escape from here. You see, sixty years ago, the caretaker of theorphanage was a lonely, troubled man. At one time he had money, a car, house, everything. However,he was robbed of one thing – his love. His wife urged him to come visit the kids here and help themout. However, the kids took a disliking of the rich man and his wife. One day, while the wife came tobring the kids something she baked, they decided to pull a prank on her. They scattered some marblesat the top of the stairs, and the poor woman was unable to see them as she came up. She fell back

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