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Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

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Published by lyanax3

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Published by: lyanax3 on Apr 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PreAP students must solve 65 clues plus the * clues and provide an answer sheet which includes the clue (# and words)and answer to earn a 100. Due date is April 23, 2010. Late projects will lose 10 points per day. Materials should bebrought into class in a shoebox-sized container. Be prepared to answer questions on all items. Projects will not be returned. All items must be tagged and identified. If a measurement is involved, the item must be tagged with the mass or volume aswell as the identity of the item. Place all solid substances in ziplock bag with a clearly marked label. Put the number anddescription of the item on the label. Place liquids in containers that do not leak and label (film canisters work well). Noliquids should be in ziplock bags. Vitamins may only count for 3 items; name the specific ingredient that solves the clue. If a mixture is used to solve a clue, state the specific item in the substance which solves the clue. Make a master list for theteacher to use as a check-list which includes the clue and your answer. Your name should appear on the box & the list.HINT: One material may represent up to three clues. Please include only one sample of an item, with a label for each clue.Physical Properties1.
Material with a high viscosity3.
Material with a density > 1 g/mL4.
Material with a density = 1 g/mL5.
Element whose density is 7.86 g/mL6.
Compound whose specific heat is 4.18 J/gK7.
Compound with a boiling point of 373 K8.
Something with a freezing point of 273 K9.
 A sample of a compressible mixture10.
Definition of ductility and a material thatdemonstrates it11.
Metal whose +2 ions form blue aqueous solutionsElements12.
Sample of the most abundant metal in the earth¶scrust13.
 A metal with valence electrons 6s
 An element with 3 valence electrons15.
 A material with 28 protons16.
 A material with 29 protons17.
 A solid element whose electron shorthand is d
Element with great conductivity and malleability19.
 A sample of a nonmetallic element20.
Definition & example of an allotrope of carbon21.
 A nonmetal fundamental to organic chemistry22.
 An element containing 3 electrons in third principalenergy level23.
 An element whose common oxidation numbers in acompound are +2 or +3Chemical Reactions24.
Substance that shows a chemical change25.
Something that has been oxidized26.
Salt produced by mixing NaOH and H
Substance always produced in neutralization28.
Liquid which exhibits abnormal behavior when itsolidifies (freezes)29.
 A substance whose empirical formula is HO30.
Two liquids demonstrating the Law of MultipleProportions31.
 A material with dipole32.
 A substance with a pH < 733.
 A substance with a pH > 734.
 A substance with a pH = 735.
 Acetyl salicylic acid36.
 An acid37.
 A base38.
 An acid-base indicator (no litmus)39.
 A solution containing carbonic acid40.
 A neutral substance41.
Bronsted-Lowry baseCompounds42.
Compound that dissolves exothermically44.
 An ionic compound45.
 A covalent compound46.
Iron (III) oxide47.
Calcium carbonate48.
Compound containing boron49.
Hydrated compound50.
Magnesium hydroxide51.
Nonpolar molecules52.
Polar molecules53.
Insoluble ionic solid54.
Dihydrogen dioxide
 Any ionic fluoride57.
Compound containing an alkali metal58.
Compound containing a halogen59.
Compound containing alkaline earth metal60.
 An irradiated food61.
 Anything to separate a mixture62.
Something containing tungsten63.
Something that would lower the freezing point of water 64.
Strong electrolyte65.
Weak electrolyte66.
5% solution of NaClO68.
Homogeneous mixture69.
Heterogeneous mixture70.
 A solution71.
 A colloid72.
 A suspension73.
Dissociated ions metallic element74.
Material containing a metalloid75.
Substance containing element 8376.
Sodium lauryl sulfate77.
Something containing titanium (IV) oxide78.
 A volatile liquid (define volatile)79.
 A sample of a non-Newtonian fluid81.
 A polymer and the formula of its monomer 82.
Polystyrene (code 6)83.
 A substance containing an ester 85.
Substance that refracts light86.
 A liquid crystal87.
Substance that has undergone saponification88.
Polymer formed by hexmethylenediamine andhexanedioic acid (adipic acid) made famous duringWW II89.
Edible treat for your teacher containing theobromine90.
 A cubic crystal91.
 A substance whose bonds are bent92.
 A compound whose bonds are tetrahedral93.
 A compound whose bonds are trigonal pyramidal94.
 A substance with a sigma bond95.
 An electrochemical cell96.
Define alloy and provide an example97.
Example of corrosion protection-galvanization98.
Substance with an electronegativity difference > 2.099.
Something containing phosphorous100.
 A material that transfers heat by convection101.
 A mole of anything and its molar massBiology102.
 A material containing chlorophyll103.
Example of primary producer in a food chain104.
Edible fungus105.
Sample where protista might be found106.
 An angiosperm107.
 A catalyst for the decomposition of H2O2108.
 A carbohydrate109.
Definition of a sedimentary rock and an exampleRequired110.
**How are photosynthesis and cellular respiration similar?111.
**A solid sample of sodium hydrogen carbonate. Label the solid with the formula and the percent oxygen inthe compound.112.
**Schematic diagram of a series versus parallel circuit.113.
**A smoke detector contains Am-241 (albeit a minute amount of 1 microcurie). This isotope is an alphaemitter. Write the decay equation and define isotope.114.
**Which US President did Einstein warn of the dangers of Germany acquiring the atomic bomb? Ask a film development place to begin saving canisters for you. They will do this and it will work for you as longas you do it one month EARLY!!!!

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