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Published by len80

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Published by: len80 on Apr 24, 2010
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EXPLANATION OF ARUDAPADA BY PT.SANJAY RATHThe term Arudha Pada is also commonly called PADA. Arudha means "MOUNT" andrefers to the IMAGE of a sign falling on another due to "reflection of the rays emanatingfrom it and being reflected by its lord.Keeping the reflection in view, the Karaka (Significator) can be taken to be the Moon.Count from a sign to its lord. Then count as many signs from the lord to arrive at theARUDHA PADA. For example, if the Lagna Lord is in the fifth house, then count fivesigns from the Lagna lord to arrive at the ninth house. This ninth house becomes thearudha Pada for the Lagna.Exception: The Arudha Pada cannot be in the same sign or the seventh from it. In casethis happens, then choose the tenth house therefrom. For example, if the Lagna Lord isin the 4th house, then the Arudha lagna should be in the 4th from the 4th house i.e. the7th house. But since this is not allowed, the tenth therefrom should be chosen. The tenthfrom the 7th house is the 4th house and the 4th house becomes the Arudha Lagna.This is also called PADA LAGNA or ARUDHA LAGNA. In this manner we can computethe Arudha Pada for all the houses and these are called Dhana Pada (2nd), Bhratripada(3rd), Matri Pada (4th), Mantrapada (5th), Satrupada (6th), Dara Pada (7th), Roga pada(8th), Bhagyapada (9th), Rajyapada (10th), Labhapada (11th) and Upapada (12th).
ANOTHER DETAILAED PRESENTATION ON ARUDA BY MR.NARASIMHARAOWorld is swayed by mayaA gentleman I know owns a scooter, with which he is very happy. He owned it for 15years and he is very fond and proud of it. He rides it to work everyday. I know another
gentleman who owns three fine cars, but not happy with any of them and always hopingto buy something better.If you ask someone, "which of these two gentlemen is more blessed with happiness fromvehicles – the one with a scooter or the one with three cars", the answer you are likely toget is "the one with three cars".The world has its own perceptions. The material world is swayed by maya or illusion.The same thing is true for most aspects of life.If I tell you when you come to me that a central minister just left my home afterastrological consultations, you will probably think that I am a good astrologer. If I tell youin our first meeting that I don't demand a fixed fee for my astrological consultations andtake whatever clients happily give, you will probably think that I am not a goodastrologer. Is every astrologer consulted by central ministers necessarily good? Can't anastrologer who does not demand a large fee be good?If I tell you I did my B.Tech at IIT, you will probably think that I am a smart person. If I tellyou I did my B.Tech at "Varala Venkata Subbayya Engineering College", you willprobably not get the same impression. Is everyone at IIT necessarily smarter thaneveryone at the latter college? Probably not. However, we always jump to conclusionsand form ideas and perceptions that are possibly wrong, because we are swayed by themaya of this material world. Outer trappings matter more than the inner truth.How people perceive and judge a native is guided by the maya of this material world.Those perceptions are merely illusions and the reality can be different from them.The question in front of astrologers is: "How do we distinguish between the illusions ofthe material world and the reality?"The answer to this important question lies in the use of arudha padas, defined byParasara and Jaimini.
Computing arudha padas
Arudha pada of a house is computed using the following method:(1) Rule: Measure the number of signs from the house of interest to its lord. Measure thesame number of signs from the lord. The resultant sign contains the arudha pada of thehouse.Example 1: Lagna is in Gemini and Mercury is in Aries. Let us say we need to find (a)arudha lagna (arudha pada of the 1st house) and (b) matri pada (arudha pada of 4thhouse).Solution: (a) Lagna is in Gemini. Its lord Mercury is in Aries, i.e., 11th from Gemini.Count the 11th house from Mercury. It is Aquarius. So arudha lagna is in Aquarius.(b) The 4th house is in Virgo. Its lord Mercury is in 8th from it. Counting the 8th fromMercury, we get Scorpio. So matri pada is in Scorpio.
(2) Exception: Arudha pada of a house cannot be in the 1st or 7th from the house. If thearudha pada computed above falls in the 1st or 7th from the original house for which weare finding arudha pada, then the 10th house from what was found above becomes thearudha pada.NOTE: It may be noticed that arudha pada of a house can only be in the 3rd, 4th, 5th,9th, 10th and 11th from the house. This is because the illusion is always separated fromthe reality.Example 2: Lagna is in Aries and Sun is in Aquarius. Let us say we need to find mantrapada (arudha pada of 5th house).Solution: From Aries lagna, the 5th house is in Leo. From Leo, its lord Sun is in 7th.Counting the 7th from Sun, we get Leo itself. But arudha pada of a house cannot be inthe house itself or the 7th from it. So we find the 10th from what we found above, i.e.Leo, and get Taurus.Example 3: Lagna is in Taurus and Moon is in Libra. Let us say we need to find bhratripada (arudha pada of 3rd house).Solution: From Taurus lagna, the 3rd house is in Cancer. From Cancer, its lord Moon isin 4th. Counting the 4th from Moon, we get Capricorn (7th from Cancer!). But arudhapada of a house cannot be in the house itself or the 7th from it. So we find the 10th fromwhat we found above, i.e. Capricorn, and get Libra.(3) Caution: Parasara said that Aquarius is owned by Saturn and Rahu both and Scorpiois owned by Mars and Ketu both. When finding arudha padas of houses falling in thesetwo signs, we have to consider both the lords. If one of the lords occupies the sign (e.g.Saturn in Aquarius), the other lord (e.g. Rahu) should be used. Otherwise, we have totake the stronger lord. Usually a planet in conjunction with more planets is stronger. Amore elaborate set of rules can be found in standard references.Some scholars (e.g. Sri K.N. Rao) prefer to ignore the exception in (2) above, but bothParasara and Jaimini mentioned it and it cannot be ignored. Moreover, the followingpoint may be considered by learned men: Some results are attributed in literature to themutual shashthashtaka (6th/8th) positions of arudha lagna and dara pada (arudha padaof 7th). If this exception is ignored, it can be mathematically proved that arudha lagnaand dara pada will always be in mutually odd houses and mutual shashthashtakaposition of these two padas can never occur! Why did maharshis talk about acombination that never occurs? The readers are urged not to ignore these exceptions.There is another thing to remember: Though many scholars find arudha padas only inrasi chart, they are equally valid in divisional charts.
Use of arudha lagna 
Lagna is satya peetha or the seat of truth. Arudha lagna is maya peetha or the seat ofillusion. Both stand for self, but they stand for different shades of self. Lagna stands fortrue self and arudha lagna stands for perceived self. Arudha lagna stands for "self, aspeceived by this maya world".

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