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the no 1 detective agency

the no 1 detective agency



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Published by madallina31
a bookreview
a bookreview

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Published by: madallina31 on May 22, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The No.1 Ladies´ Detective Agency 
BOOK REVIEW¨And who am I? I am Precious Ramotswe, citizen of Botswana, daughter of Obed Ramotswe who died because he had been a miner and could no longer breathe.His life was unrecorded; who is there to write down the lifes of ordinary people?¨(page13)It is with this tone that Alexander McCall Smith through his preciousRamotswe Precious, spells us to devour the 233 pager of his book.Mma Ramotswe is finally there to write down her father’s life and her own .Her father worked hard in the mines and then he bought cattle with the money he saved.He ¨scrimped and saved to make life good for her¨ and after his death, PreciousRamotswe decides to open a detective agency with the money he left her. This way,Mma Ramotswe becomes the first lady detective in Botswana. And as it happens with pioneers, she is an extraordinary person, with great wit and determination, with a greatexperience of life from which she was clever enogh to learn many lessons. She has nohigh degree, she has not been to renown schools; but if she engages to solve a case, shewill take the truth out of any kind of person: lawer or simple worker, poor or rich. She isnot the immoral type of detective that would do anything to solve a case... O, no! She isan honest woman with a splendid love for her country and for her people and whowould only lie ¨for a good cause¨ It is wonderful how she manages to be a woman of 1
her country, with strong culture-bound beliefs, but at the same time, a woman of her age, independent and broad-minded.In more than one occasion we are described the harsh conditions of women inAfrica: the husband, the children and even the yard, are women’s responsibility. Thecousin is driven away from home by her husband because she can not have children. Itis a male-ruled society but Mma Ramotswe, after a bad marriage experience with NoteMokoti, manages to retake hold of her life and to do good things with it.As a detective, she succeeds in finding out what happened to Mma Malatsi’shusband, where the ¨muti¨ came from or why the doctor at Princess Marina Hospitalwas sometimes very good and other times very bad in his work; as a person, shemanages to be just, moral, capable, a good friend and citizen.With Mma Ramotswe´s help, Alexander McCall Smith not only creates adetective story but also a realistic description of Africa with its people and customs, of the human nature,providing very short but deep insides into the inmigrants´ life or intothe women´s situation.Born and educated for the first part part of his life in what is now Zimbabwe,Smith really knows what he talks about when describing Africa and the way peoplethink and act there. Botswana citizens are presented as generally simple and honest,with a great love for their country; the adversities of the climate represented for themonly a motivation for working harder and for being content with little. As Precious´father says, ¨if a man is born in a dry place, then although he may dream of rain, he doesnot want too much, and (...) he will not mind the sun that beats down and down¨( page16). The love for Botswana is all over the book and although sometimes it is presentedas full of perils and ferocious animals, it finally leaves the impresion of an exotic andmajestic place.2

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