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Com1 Ally Description

Com1 Ally Description

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Published by abang_padil

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Published by: abang_padil on Apr 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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kookubear [B-EIC]Gardista [SWAT SS]ComeGetSome [B-OW]AnD Z The Great [SWAT SS]Dru Blu [AoP-CF]singidunum [SWAT SS]chalistria [B-LP]naum [SWAT SS]AsLaM [B-EIC]setsolid [SWAT SS]Ganon [SWAT SS]beeqen [SWAT SS]Stryfe [SWAT
MSE]Pcmight [B-EIC]----------------------SS-N.Fwing of SSS alliance ___..-"""-. `)^ .-"""-..___ `-...______________..-'`\ ' * SS-N.F. * ' /`'--;;--'/\/\( /;-;\ )' )
)//(\_(\____/.]-[.\____/)_/)\_\____/][\____/_/)(´`*+~+*´`)(//'''''''//''''''[- ^ -]''''''\\'''''''\\\\.....\)......]  [......(/.....//\) ]  [ (/\_°_/[\_/][[;]][;;;][;U;;];;N;;]];;I;;¤]]-;;T;;[¤]]--;;E;;[¤]]---;;D;[[¤]]---;;;;;[[¤]]---;W;[[¤]/---/;E;[[¤]/---/;;[[¤/---/;[[/---/[/---/[/---/]/---/]/---/]];/---/¤]]C;/---/[¤]];O;/---/[¤]];N;---[[¤]];;Q;;
---[[¤]];;U;;---[[¤];;;E;--[[¤];;;R;-[[¤;;; ;[[;;;T;[;;H;;[;;E;;];; ;;];;W;;]];;O;;¤]]-;;R[¤]]--;;L;[¤]]--;D[[¤]]-/;[[¤]]/[[¤]]\\¤//\/VThe seven golden rules of SS-N.F.1. Members are not to attack other members in the alliance and any other alliance without first contacting the leader or lead advisory's.?????2. Abusive language towards anybody (in or out of the alliance) will not be tolerated.If this has occurred please contact a member of our staff right away.?????3.We are simply not interested in members who are looking to be a part of some alliance but not to be actually active in it.We work as a team. NO FARMS PLEASE!?????4. The alliance embassy from time to time will need to be upgraded, when requested all members are to send 1 hours resources per day until the desired level isachieved.?????5. Sitter rules.The wise creators of travian invented the sitter option.That means that we don't have to see strange pretty colors. Discuss this with leader or any other member of our staff when you need a sitter. Our alliance is here for you.?????6. Strange pretty coloured dots explained.GREEN :- Needs to be seen!YELLOW :- Get a fellow!RED :- Your nearly dead!GREY :- It's time to pay, bye bye!?????7. If you have a problem with one of the alliance members and/or staff please me

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