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2009.05.20 KISS FM on Air With Ryan Seacrest (Nokia Theatre, Los Angeles, CA) Cool Shades)

2009.05.20 KISS FM on Air With Ryan Seacrest (Nokia Theatre, Los Angeles, CA) Cool Shades)

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Published by coolshades

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Published by: coolshades on Apr 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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KISS FM On Air with Ryan Seacrest -- Nokia Theatre, Los Angeles, CA --5/20/09DJ: Ryan Seacrest
Ryan: David Cook joins us after the Idol finale last night...[
staff starts clapping and cheering
]Ryan: ...and a...[
David laughs
]Ryan: ...beautiful, beautiful performance.David: Thank you.Ryan: So what'd you think of Kris winnin'?David: Um...ya' know, I have to say, I, I, I, I wasn't surprised. And I don't mean thatwith any disrespect to Adam. I thought they both did great, and...and I don't knowthat either one of 'em woulda surprised me. I think uh...I don't think it's the end foreither one, so...Ryan: Did the-- and you're an artist, so you can answer this. I cannot. Did thebest...singer...win?David: Um... [
long pause
] that's a tough one. I don't know. I think...I think, uh,singing is aesth-- is, is an aesthetic thing for me. Like, it just...it kinda depends onwhat you like. I think uh...I think uh, they're both great performers.Ryan: YeahDavid: And uh...so I d-- I really just...uh, yeah. I don't know. It's a toughie.Ryan: Does it feel--David: And you've stumped me, Seacrest.Ryan: Oh yeah. Oh I [
]-- you're never stumped, Cook.[
David laughs
]Ryan: Uh, you just get out of things nicely.David: Right, right, rightRyan: Does it feel like...forever ago that you were standin' on that stage?David: Aw man, it feels like...two months ago. I, I just...
Ryan: Does it?David: YeahRyan: Cuz to me it feels like it was five years ago.David: This last year fleeeeeew by. Flew.Ryan: I guess it did.David: And um...Ryan: Because you're all on the road and everything.David: Yeah, yeah. And I think, uh, you know, I'm, uh, I, I was just excited last night. You know, I-- cuz we were just joking off-air about, uh, just, I'm not a newbieanymore.Ryan: I know.David: I feel like, I feel like a grizzled vet. And uh...[
Ryan laughs
]David: You know, I think um...we just, we just added a buncha great people to thefamily, which is cool.Ryan: David Cook is with us. We'll be back. It's On Air.[
song/commercial break 
]Ryan: David Cook. Seacrest with you. Thanks for havin' us on. Uh, he did his single"Permanent" last night. And it is a
song. And I...David: Aw, thank you.Ryan: ...I could see how emotional you were, obviously...David: Yeah yeahRyan: ...singin' that song, thinkin' about your brother.David: It was um...it was interesting. I, I, I went on stage not really knowin', ya'know, if I was gonna be able to hold it together. And, and um...ya' know,fortunately I did. Um...but just...ya' know, to-- for Idol to give me kinda thatplatform, ya' know, and give me the opportunity to, to...get up on the soapbox forfour minutes and talk about somethin' that's important to me and sing that song,uh, I mean, that was huge. Uh, cuz last night was not about...me, it was about Krisand Adam. And so...
Ryan: YeahDavid: ...uh, just uh, I was really that uh, that they allowed me to do that. So thanksto them.Ryan: It's been a tough couple weeks. We talked about it last night. What do youthink you've learned...David: Oh wowRyan: ...from it?David: Um... [
] I don't know yet. And uh...ya' know, I, I've, I actually, I wastalkin' about that to my manager just the other day. I was like: I, I feel like I have tolearn somethin' from this, and I don't know that I have yet. I think...I think, youknow, what I've learned, um...I don't know if it's a lesson, but I think what I'velearned is that uh, my brother was...was an amazing human being. And, anduh...ya' know, if I can come close to that ideal, I'll be just fine.Ryan: Because I, you know, the natural thing for, for me I would think, is tobe...questioning it. And angry almost.David: Yeah, yeahRyan: You know?David: Well I mean, you know...um...that, that happens sometimes.Ryan: YeahDavid: But I think uh, I think more than anything, it's just um...my brothermade...the most with the time that he had. And...um...ya' know, I made a commentabout um...they read this poem at his funeral called "The Dash." And it just talkedabout that line between the day that you're born and the day that you die. And it'swhat you do with that dash. And so...um...I just thought that was really telling. Mybrother, my brother's dash was thirty-seven years, and he did some...Ryan: YeahDavid: ...amazing things with it. So...Ryan: "Permanent" is the song. Uh, the live recording of "Permanent" available forpurchase on iTunes now. Go get. A hundred percent of the proceeds will go to thatfund that you mentioned last night.David: Absolutely. ABC Squared. Uh, it's in a great-- it's a great organization. Uh,they have a, they have a very high percentage that actually goes towards researchand funding, which is cool. And um...you know, definitely um...I hope, I hope I didwell enough where people wanna go buy it.

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