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Caselet 1

Caselet 1

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Published by 123nickil

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Published by: 123nickil on Apr 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Caselet 1
Did Kanchan and Company Limited adept the right strategy inimproving the overall performance of the organization?Ans: No, Kanchan and Company Limited did not adept the right strategyin improving the overall performance of the organization as there werestill a number of problems which are as follows:i.The organization had reduced the raw material and the finishedgoods inventories but still it was on the higher side.ii.Process improvements had been carried out only in parts becauseof high investment requirements.iii.The workers were apprehensive and suspicious about the way theCPIS was introduced.iv.The organization had not done the cost benefit analysis of thechanges they had made.
Tools and die replacement time had been considerably reduced butstill needed improvement.vi.Synchronized manufacturing system had been introduced only in afew parts of the manufacturing unit.vii.To cater the changing demand, the organization had assignedhigher man power than required, leading to some idle man hoursduring normal demand periods.viii.Power supply constraints forced the company to use the age oldmethod of manufacturing instead of the technology.
2.Was it right to use a complex system for determining the workersincentives?Ans: In order to calculate the daily earnings of the direct workers under CPIS, following formula was developed.ES = {(EQ1+EQ2+EA1+EA2+EC)*N/n}*{Aa/An}Efforts for system ImprovementThe workers were apprehensive and suspicious about the way the CPISwas introduced. In earlier system, the workers carried out simplefunctions based on the skills and scales were also fixed based on the typeof work carried by the workers, resulting in the disparity in the scales of workers on the same product and having similar experience. Hence itwas not right to introduce a complex system for determining the workersincentives as it made the workers to feel insecure.3.If you were the head of the unit, what steps would you have takento remove the problems which were still persisting?Ans: If I were the head of the unit, I would take the following measures:i.Use a simple system for determining the workers incentives.ii.Follow Just In Time(JIT) inventory concept so that the inventory isnot piled up

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