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Things to Make

Things to Make

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Published by zendila

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Published by: zendila on Apr 25, 2010
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Things To Make
Author: Archibald Williams
Notations of the form "(1,650) 2" appear at the bottom of some pages; they are probably printer's referencesfor assembling to book.The text only version is of limited use because of the many figures used. I recommend the pdf or rtf versions.Some of the projects should be approached with care since they involve corrosive or explosive chemicals,electricity and steam boilers.Do not use lead solder, particularly on cooking utensils.Whether you simply want to travel back into the mind of a young boy at the beginning of the twentiethcentury, or want to try your hand at some interesting projects in carpentry, machinery, kites and many otherareas, have fun.The following are definitions of unusual (to me) terms used frequently in the text.TermsBatten − Narrow strip of wood.Bevel (Bevelling) − A cut that is not a right angle.Bradawl − Awl with a beveled tip to make holes in wood for brads or screws.Chamfer − Cut off the edge or corner; bevel.Boss − Enlarged part of a shaft where another shaft is coupled or a wheel or gear is keyed.Broach − To shape a hole with a tapered tool.Carbide − Calcium carbide, used to produce acetylene (C2H2) gas for lighting and welding.Compo − "Composition", like plastic.Creosote − An oily liquid containing phenols and creosols, obtained from coal tar. Used as a woodpreservative and disinfectant. Can cause severe neurological disturbances if inhaled.Deal − A fir or pine board of standard dimensionsFish−plate − A plate bolted to the sides of two abutting railroad tracks.Fretworking − Ornamental design, often in relief.Gasholder Gasometer − Storage container for fuel gas, especially a large, telescoping, cylindrical tank.Gland − The outer sleeve of a stuffing box that prevents leakage past a moving machine part.Glass paper − Paper faced with pulverized glass, like sandpaper.Gudgeon − A metal pivot or journal at the end of a shaft or an axle, around which a wheel or other deviceturns.
Things To Make2
Joiner − A cabinetmaker.Linoleum − A floor covering made in sheets by pressing heated linseed oil, rosin, powdered cork, andpigments onto a burlap or canvas backing.Lissom − Easily bent; suppleLongitudinal − Relating to length.Mortice − Cavity in a piece of wood or other material, prepared to receive a tenon and form a joint.Panel saw − Handsaw with fine teeth.Pinion − Gear with a small number of teeth designed to mesh with a larger gear.Plinth − Architectural support or base.Rasp − Coarse file with sharp, raised, pointed projections.Sleeper − Railroad crosstie.Spanner − WrenchSpirit Lamp − Alcohol lamp; see example on page 188.Spirit − AlcoholStrake − Ridge of thick planking on the side of a wooden ship.Strut − Any part designed to hold things apart or resist compressive stress;Tap − Cut screw threadsTenon − Projection on the end of a piece of wood shaped for insertion into a mortise to make a joint.Tenon saw − Saw with a thin blade for cutting tenons.Tinning − Coating with soft solder.Turner − Person who operates a lathe or similar device.Tyre − TireVestas − Matches; Vestai is the Roman goddess of the hearth, worshiped in a temple containing the sacred firetended by the vestal virgins.Currency ConversionPrices are quoted in old English currency, pounds, shillings, pence."12s. 6d." is read as "12 Shillings and 6 Pence."
Things To Make3

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