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Functions of Protein

Functions of Protein

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Published by Yuriwa
This is a document about protein. Enjoy reading!!
This is a document about protein. Enjoy reading!!

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Published by: Yuriwa on Apr 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Functions of Protein
Proteins aid in the formation of antibodies that enable the body to fight infection.Proteins serve as a major energy supplier. There are distinctive kinds of proteins,each performing a unique function in the body. Proteins form a major part of yourbody, next to water.The composition of proteins in the body is like that muscle contains about 1/3protein, bone about 1/5 part and skin consists of 1/10 portion. The rest part of proteins is in the other body tissues and fluids. Even blood contains loads of proteins. In fact the hemoglobin molecule is nothing but proteins.Our body requires proteins for the purpose of maintenance and healthy growth.The need for consuming proteins is especially more for infants, young children,pregnant women and recovering patients. There is a constant breakdown of proteins in the body and this explains the reason why we need to consume proteinson a regular daily basis. It becomes of prime importance to ensure that you haveyour daily-recommended protein intake, so as to improve your health fitness.
Protein has a range of essential functions in the body, including the following:
Required for building and repair of bodytissues (including muscle)
Enzymes, hormones, and many immunemolecules are proteins
Essential body processes such as waterbalancing, nutrient transport, and musclecontractions require protein to function.
Protein is a source of energy.
Protein helps keep skin, hair, and nailshealthy.
Protein, like most other essentialnutrients, is absolutely crucial for overallgood health.
Proteins are, in effect, the main actioners incells and in an entire organism. Withoutproteins the most basic functions of life couldnot be carried out. Respiration, for example,requires muscle contractions, and musclecontractions require proteins
Proteins as Enzymes
The function of proteins as enzymes is perhapstheir best-known function. Enzymes arecatalysts—they initiate a reaction betweenthemselves and another protein, working onthe molecule to change it in some way.The enzyme, however, is itself unchanged atthe end of the reaction.Enzymes are responsible for catalyzingreactions in processes such as metabolism,DNA replication, and digestion.In fact, enzymes are known to be involved insome 4,000 bodily reactions.

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