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Characteristics of Top Producers

Characteristics of Top Producers

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This article would help you and the others to cope up and be one of the Top Producers or maintain your stand.
This article would help you and the others to cope up and be one of the Top Producers or maintain your stand.

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Published by: SUCCESS STARTS NOW on May 22, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Characteristics of Top Producers
BY: Gary Michels
I’m coming to you with some thoughts on characteristics of top producers. This may be that you already are a top producer and want to maintain it or want to become one. There’s three,main areas that I find almost all top producers have that I wantto hit on today and that is:
1.Invest in yourself. Invest in yourself. You’re your most valuable commodity; invest in yourself. Read, listen totapes, I’m going to go through the whole thing below2.Be accountable.3.The third one is to have a good, solid work ethic.
Let’s go ahead and invest in ourselves first and talk about that. I always like to saythat my car is my CU – Car University. I tend to make an effort every day to listen to ahalf hour of CDs, tapes, things that I have that are going to motivate me and give metechniques. Some of them I have heard over and over and over again yet my goal is a half hour a day, every, single, day. And once that’s done, I’ll listen to sports talk radio or, youknow, music, my favorite CDs. I do this because it’s like a classroom. If I do this a half hour a day and I do it five days a week, that’s 10 hours a month and 120 hours a year which is like a three-week college course. And you know we all know that we need tokeep including into our minds positive, new techniques, positive momentum, etc. etc. – Ilike to call it mojo. It’s going to keep us rolling.Another thing you can do to invest in yourself that I really believe in is to invest intwo seminars a year. Now, all of you came to our seminar or you wouldn’t be on this callnow; you wouldn’t be on this email but seminars are a way that you can surroundyourself with other positive, motivated people. Get new ideas. They’re incredible! Andeven if you’ve been going to seminars for years, continue going. Even if you’re a presenter, continue going. I’m going to a time management one on Thursday to brush upmy skills on that. I went to a motivational seminar just a month or two ago and I’malways trying to add new ideas to keep me fresh and sharp.You know, top producers invest in some sort of personal or business coaching and,you know, you can get a coach just for one day, one time, or you can get a coach that callsyou weekly or meets with you. Business coaches and professional coaches are reallysomething that are powerful now and they give a different perspective. I think the biggestthing is they keep you accountable which is going to be the third topic I want to talk about today.
 Next let’s talk about a work ethic. You know, people say, “Gary, what’s a work ethic?What does it mean to have a good work ethic – what does it look like?” and I want to bevery specific with what I think a good work ethic is. People with a good work ethic setdeadlines and goals for themselves. They don’t quit until they achieve them. They work 8 – 10 hours per day, five days a week. And a bit more on Sunday nights so they can prepare for the following week. People with a good work ethic put 40-50 hours a week in. Now, I don’t say that you have a good work ethic if you’re working 70 hours a week because you’recrossing over that line of possibly not having a balancedlifestyle. You know, I like to give an example of what Imean by a good work ethic. I happen to have seasontickets to the Giants and I’ve been going for years. Iactually sat five rows from the field right next to LizBond, Barry Bond’s wife and now Barry’s no longer with the Giants and a lot of people think that he issomebody that they really wouldn’t care to be affiliatedwith but I admire his work ethic. I admire what he’s been able to do over all the years. I recently asked Liz atone of the games, I said, “Tell me about Barry’s off-season. What does he do to stay in shape? You know,this guy year in and year out, the numbers he puts on the boards are incredible.” She goes, “What do you mean?What off season? Barry doesn’t have an off season. Hetakes a couple of weeks of for a vacation with his family but then he’s right back in the gym working out with histrainer.” He’s consistently working out to stay in shape – his work ethic is incredible. Arethere areas in your professional life where you act like a warm bed slug? Think about thatfor a moment. Where you slack off because others are doing it? Where you let work ethics slide because you feel entitled to do so? If there were a hidden camera watchingeverything you do during your work day and your parents, spouse, children, best friendand boss were watching, would you be proud to say you’re affiliated? Would they be proud to say that they’re affiliated with you?I’m going to spend the most time on this one because it’s so huge. Top producers havea thorough understanding of both personal and business accountability. With prospects setgoals, practice the script to follow up with clients even when they don’t feel like it. Top producers don’t make excuses for why they can’t succeed. Rather, they look for solutionsto the challenges that are holding them back. Let me give you an example. Tammy Shafer is a young lady that works for Success Starts Now and actually worked with me 10 yearsago at Great American Opportunities. I remember when I hired Tammy she said, “What’sthe company record for a first year ever?” I told her and she said, “You know what, Gary?I want you to hold me accountable to that. I’m going to hit that number. I promise I’mgoing to hit it. You hire me and every time we talk, we’re going to figure out a way to getthis done. I want to be 100% accountable to that.” It was amazing how every time Ivisited Tammy, she’d show me her graphs and charts and every time we talked on the phone, she gave me her progress. Tammy, did not quite – maybe missed it by a fewthousand dollars – not quite hit the number one record ever at our company but she

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