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Connection to Anastasia Ringing Cedars

Connection to Anastasia Ringing Cedars

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Published by Theresa-Ann
1st Journal 2010-04-07
♥ Video here on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_m7MLDSzDQ
1st Journal 2010-04-07
♥ Video here on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_m7MLDSzDQ

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Published by: Theresa-Ann on Apr 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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7:57 am, Wednesday, 4/7/2010 1st, 3 Chuen/Monkey(Enter this journal date, your birth date, or
 The day dawns cloudy and overcast -- but not my day, for it is lit bythe inner Light shining brightly. Already this morning, before evenrising from the pillow, I’ve been bathing in tears of love and devotion.How so? I’m continuing to read the Anastasia series of books, theRinging Cedars. When you do this, you’re changed. Well, that’s thegreat potential, anyway. I’m sure there’s free will. Nothing compels.But, at any rate, one gets to know both Anastasia and Vladimir (theauthor), of course, but also her two grandfathers, or rather,grandfather, and great (grandfather). These people are magnificent,untouched by society’s garbage and nonsense. They’ve not been heldback; and they illustrate what mankind CAN be. It is amazing.Well, beyond amazing, actually; it goes off into some otherdimensions. So much so, that many people consider them to befictional; they’re that great, that far, in their abilities, beyond what
man can envision. We’ve had our vision terribly stripped andthen messed with.Our minds have been the toy and the plaything of those with evilintentions. That’s just the way it is. I know it sounds harsh. Be inheart, then, to listen. All’s beautiful, always, in heart. There’s no fear,there; no anger, no hatred.So, anyway, last night I read of great-grandfather’s demise. Like theold ones of yore, he went off into the woods, knowing he was going todie; well, that the body would die.
never do. That’s justmyth...that we die; purest nonsense.So then this morning, as eyes opened, I’d great-grandfather in heartWishing him gladness...and great joy, then
Sharing with him all the Love that’s withinIn this heart, this Magical KingdomWhere I can go, do, and be with the restOf the Cosmos, and thenDo my dance in glorious freedomShare pow’r and strength of this LoveWith no fear and no shadow of doubtMankind’s caged, thenHe can’t take itI must tenderly share (with him)Keeping in mind he can make itFor man has been striped of thisStripped of this knowing That he’s royalty, crown, scepterAnd authority glowingRight within his dear chestWaits his kingdom, his domainIt’s ever been there Just awaiting his pleasureAwaiting his awakening To new day, to new kingdomNew world o’er to reign, thenWhenever he willWhenever untangles both will and intentAnd seizes his power o’er themO’er his entire lifeAnd chooses to reign ‘gain Take up HIS new life
It’s waiting there for himComplete as can beNo going without willContent him, but wait and let’s seeHow long it will take him To ascend, take up the throneLeave the mind ‘hind, get overFascination with mind melodroneFor it has
o’er himNor is it ladder to takeHis bright spirit to heightsSoaring wide, soaring far in that journeyHe makes with heart-centered visionSitting there on his throneWith scepter in hand whereHe’s never aloneNo, always well guardedIn a fortress of LightOnce he weaves itAnd takes up his mightHis mighty power o’er LifeO’er every and all that existsHe’s the king, then, can reign ‘gainWhenever he listsBut that’s been the questionFor this mighty manHow long will he hang, there

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