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Happily Ever After BS

Happily Ever After BS

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Published by Theresa-Ann
5th Journal 2010-04-12
♥ Video here on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcgVahTgX60
5th Journal 2010-04-12
♥ Video here on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcgVahTgX60

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Published by: Theresa-Ann on Apr 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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4:46 pm, 4/12/2010 5th or 6th, 8 Vulture or Wisdom Mayan day(Enter the journal date, birth date, or
last journal entry
was amazing! Here, I came to the journal, thinking I was kinda down, not too cheery, and maybewouldn’t be writing anything worth while. Well, instead I think apretty good look at and contrast of 
mind vs. being
came through.I’m impressed, anyway.But you shouldn’t count that, perhaps; I impress fairly easily. I’m veryimpressionable, you see, he he, ho ho.Now, it begins to look like
maybe this will be the worthless journal
...if there even is such a creature. Heck, even when one
turn out right, it
turned out right
. It gave me whatever wasthe need of the hour. I
, in other words.
What higherstandard
is there than that?We
from both the
fun stuff 
and the
not so much fun stuff 
that comes our way. Most of us over about 25 have at least
begun torealize
this; those of us over 50
simply know
it. It’s probably notfair, or at least not so good that we were fed all those fairy tales in ouryouth...you know, about prince charming, and superman, and all thathappily-ever-after garbage.Happily ever after is
quite available
. It’s just that it’s absolutely
like they told you about. Not much that they said, or thatyou learned in school, or even on the job did much to prepare us,either. Nope, it’s
quite a shock 
when it arrives, this awakening stuff.Adyashanti is one of the best expounders of this tale. For those wholike
guts and glory
and all that, the alpha approach, try JedMcKenna. He’s like
the marines of awakening
. He does a prettygood job, too. The thing is, though, that there is really no way to prepare. There’sreally not any understanding that you have now that you’ll be taking
with you into awakening; they’ll all morph, and change quite out of shape, or, more likely, disappear entirely. It’s rather disconcerting.How’s that for a
word for a
ride?Pretty good, I though;
. I wonder what it is to be
? If disconcerting is such a shocking thing,
maybeconcerting is calming
, or something. If we change the accent onthe word, and make it concert, as in music, it
be calming...or not.Oh well; will have to look that one up. Concerting, as opposed todisconcerting. I wonder if I’ve ever been concerted. Hmm.Oh well, I
much like claiming anything, especially anything
likebeing awakened
. There’s a part of me, though, that I left behindsomewhere, waaaaay back there, when I woke up. I don’t even knowwhat made me do it; wake up, that is. The
parts we leave behind
, well, we
don’t do that willingly
. They just slip out on us. We look back, surprised to discover
they’re gone
.We even forget
they were. Yes, disconcerting.I want
to write a book 
. Did you know that? Haven’t any idea aboutwhat, or why or when, or much of anything else, really, except
to do it. Rather interesting; even amusing. It’s a very olddesire, carried along from teenage years and before, I guess. I justalways felt I would. Never knew about what. Just that I would write.Who knows, maybe these journals will somehow morph into a book. Idon’t know. I
all this time for
clarity and purity to arise.
Ididn’t want it full of ego junk. Plenty and more of that out there,already. We all have some; don’t need any more.Well, it’s kinda funny, for that time has finally arrived — well, more orless, for we all retain some sort of ego — but no book! Oh well. It willcome or it won’t. It’s so funny, really. I
go with the flow prettywell
, and I’m pretty
, to be doing that. Try it sometime,and you’ll see what I mean.So, flowing along nicely,
you would think 
that this desire, this visionI’ve held practically all of my life
would come true
, then; wouldn’tyou? I would. Yet, where is it? Oh boooook; where aaarrrrreeeeyouuuuu? Come out of hiding now. No fair, staying hidden away in
there.Oh well.
That’s about as effective
as anything else I’ve done. Yes,I’ve started it, a time or 12. I know, pretty well right away, though, assoon as pen hits the paper, that it isn’t ready; that that isn’t it. Justmore garbage. More blah blah.
No thanks
! I’ll journal myself to thegrave before indulging in that! At least these journals are worth
. I’m the living proof! They work wonders.
does it, I guess. A
is just another
form of communication
. That’s
why talking
to a friend or even a stranger,sometimes, can really bring an idea or understanding out for us. It’sthe
mirrors us back to ourselves
. We don’t fully realizethat yet, here in 3D, but it’s so.
even has a word for it,so they’ve seen it in action:
. Your pet peeves and mineare really failings that are within you; they’re not really ‘out there’ inothers at all. We just project them out there. Why? Because it’s
. Safer to judge and condemn stuff 
in another
, rather than faceup to it in the self. It’s easier to see it outside. Facing it in the self is
. That takes work.It’s pretty funny, really, but every time we
open our mouths
, to sayanything at all, we are really
 just self-revealing
. No matter what wesay, we’re really just exposing the self. Check it out.
Post a little birdie
on your shoulder, and assign her to
watch veryclosely
, for 24 hours,
everything that you say
. Then have her
report back 
to you. That’s the
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