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Personal Random Thoughts on 2008 National Conference for Science Educators by Periander A. Esplana

Personal Random Thoughts on 2008 National Conference for Science Educators by Periander A. Esplana



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Published by perixmind
This is my personal reflection on the different topics given in the 2008 National Conference for Science Educators.
This is my personal reflection on the different topics given in the 2008 National Conference for Science Educators.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: perixmind on May 22, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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2008 National Conference for Science Educators Periander A. Esplana
2008 National Conference for Science Educators Periander A. Esplana
PERSONAL RANDOM THOUGHTS ON2008 NATIONAL CONFERENCE FOR SCIENCE EDUCATORSMr. Periander A. EsplanaRIZAL NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOLSta. Elena, Camarines Norte, PhilippinesAfter I attended the 6th National Youth for Environment Summer (YES) Camp atthe Foundation University, Dumaguete City on April 28 – May 2, 2008, where wewon 1st place in the on-the-spot poster-making contest, I was told to prepare for the 2008 National Conference for Science Educators. There were forty (40)participants from Camarines Norte who attended the National ScienceConference. They are science teachers, master teachers, head teachers andprincipals from elementary and high schools. Due to unexpected circumstances,our very energetic science supervisor, Mrs. Maria Flora T. Pandes, had not beenable to come with us and I was assigned as the team leader of the delegation. Itwas a very fascinating and wonderful experience for me to participate in theconference. It was held at the Teachers Camp, Baguio City on May 13 –17,2008. The place is great and the speakers are all awesome and excellent.In the opening program, I was so amazed to Mr. Joey G. Pelaez, DepEd-CSCAExecutive Director, for his consistent care and love for God’s creation. Whenever he talked, as in the YES Camp together with DENR National Youth Desk Officer Maria Magnolia Q. Danganan, he gave emphasis to the proper use of technologyto build rather than destroy ourselves, family, community and country. In thesecond day, he also explained the newly released DepEd Order No. 33, s. 2008 – Responding to the threats of climate change and global warming throughmassive, intensive and sustained tree-planting, tree-growing and tree-caringprogram. My inherent inventiveness was began to awaken when Hon. Estrella F.Alabastro, DOST Secretary, discussed the significance of innovation. Sheenumerated actual examples of innovation ranging from zipper to video-phone.She pointed out that we must instill curiosity among the students through criticalthinking which begins by asking the right question. In the last day of our plenarysession, Dr. “Plasmic Patrick” further awakened me through his demonstration of mind-boggling and entertaining experiments called “Mad Science Show.”Mrs. Aurora R. Catabona, SCAAP President, all throughout she told us that theobjective of the existence of SCAAP is to share insights and activities as a pivotalcentrum spearheading towards a more science-conscious citizenry for theprogress of our country. Her concern for all science teachers can be clearly seenthrough her indefatigable dedication which continued until the end of theconference. She already anticipated the discussion of Dr. Carelle Mangaliag inthe last day on Science of Influence and Relationships. We must be aware notonly of ourselves but also to the different persons that surround us. Love is whatreally moves the world round toward progress. DOST Secretary Dr. Ester B.Ogena discussed the triangular balance for professional education, pedagogical
2008 National Conference for Science Educators Periander A. Esplana
knowledge and content knowledge which best describe a competent scienceteacher that will craft better science career path for the youth.My favorite speaker is no other than Prof. Henry Tenedero. He is the BoardDirector of the Executive Council of the International Learning Styles Network(ILSN) and President of the Center for Learning and Teaching Styles Philippines(CLTS, Phils.). I bought all his four books and I was able to have an autographsignature from him. His method of sharing ideas is always with sense of humor but at the same time drive a point which enhance our students’ learning styles,emotional and multiple intelligences. He told us that every time we engage our emotion, we learn more. He clearly pointed out that “Vision without passion is anillusion.” Now I know that I am four-point Global and five-point Analytical. I alsobought all the four modules-VCDs of the very entertaining, contagious smart andchange-agent Mr. Al Ian Barcelona after he brilliantly discussed “Nurturing YoungEnsteins Through Teacher Leadership.” His discussion is a direct demonstrationof high-impact leadership training, interactive team building and life-changingseminar. His original statement that “Transformational leaders are rememberednot for what they have died for, but for what they have lived for” is not onlyinspiring but also insightful and prophetic.All the discussion made by Dr. Gil Nonato Santos, Physics Lab Coordinator of DeLa Salle University, in the first day and second day of the conference is reallyinteractive that can be easily applied to any classroom situation. I personally likehis science songs which he composed and his science dance which is so easy tolearn. Dr. Maria Ventura’s discussion of “Spotlighting Science Career” is one of the topics that mesmerized teachers because of her versatility in this very broadtopic. She discussed the teacher as a counselor and as a model. We, as ateacher, somehow influence our students so we either make or break our students. The way we behave, our attitude and appearance, etc. are imbibed or imitated by the students so we must be very careful in all that we speak and do. Ireally love the discussion made by Dr. Luisa B. Yu on Assessing scientificattitude. She begins her topic by citing Victorio Go: “When you do right, no oneremembers. When you do wrong, no one forgets.” Her discussion was mixed withenthusiasm, punch lines (ala AIB) and expertise. She reiterated the importanceof aptitude test by differentiating between cognitive test and affective test. Shealso suggested the use of triangulation method by using three assessment toolsto determine whether a respondent’s answer is fake/deceptive or valid.The discussion of Dr. Francisco Ablong, a very innovative scientist of SilimanUniversity, on Revising Teaching Strategies is one of the topics that really shookmy artificial world. He told us that if we will teach our students with lofty scientificterms that are not a part of the experience of the child, we would go nowhere. Hetaught us how to have an exciting teaching strategies that utilized the real worldin which we live and the very body which we have. This is the very teachingstrategy of the greatest teacher of all time: our Lord Jesus Christ. Just read themany parables in the Bible and you will see how effective and efficient this

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