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Prophecies From Hadith

Prophecies From Hadith

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Published by The Holy Islam
Prophecies From Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be on him)
Prophecies From Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be on him)

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Published by: The Holy Islam on Apr 26, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PROPHECIES FROM HADITH1. Narrated 'Adi bin Hatim:
While I was in the city of the Prophet, a man came and complained to him (the Prophet,) of destitution and poverty. Then another man came and complained of robbery (by highwaymen). TheProphet said, "Adi! Have you been to Al-Hira" I said, "I haven't been to it, but I was informed aboutit." He said, "If you should live for a long time, you will certainly see that a lady in a Howdah travelingfrom Al-Hira will (safely reach Mecca and) perform the Tawaf of the Ka'ba, fearing none but Allah." Isaid to myself, "What will happen to the robbers of the tribe of Tai who have spread evil throughoutthe country" The Prophet further said. "If you should live long, the treasures of Khosrau will beopened (and taken as spoils)." I asked, "You mean Khosrau, son of Hurmuz" He said, "Khosrau, sonof Hurmuz; and if you should live long, you will see that one will carry a handful of gold or silver andgo out looking for a person to accept it from him, but will find none to accept it from him. And any of you, when meeting Allah, will meet Him without needing an interpreter between him and Allah tointerpret for him, and Allah will say to him: 'Didn't I send a messenger to teach you' He will say:'Yes.' Allah will say: 'Didn't I give you wealth and do you favors' He will say: 'Yes.' Then he will look tohis right and see nothing but Hell, and look to his left and see nothing but Hell."'Adi further said: I heard the Prophet saying, "Save yourself from the (Hell) Fire even with half a date(to be given in charity) and if you do not find a half date, then with a good pleasant word." 'Adiadded: (later on) I saw a lady in a Howdah traveling from Al-Hira till she performed the Tawaf of theKa'ba, fearing none but Allah. And I was one of those who opened (conquered) the treasures of Khosrau, son of Hurmuz. If you should live long, you will see what the Prophet Abu-l-Qasim had said:'A person will come out with a handful. of gold...etc.
2. Prophesy regarding conquest of the countries.
It is reported in many Ahadeeth, however, here I will quote what is reported by Baravon Azib byBaihiqi and Abu Naim that in course of digging trench (for Battle of trench) they encountered a veryhard stone which was unaffected by the tool. The matter was reported to the Prophet Muhammad andhe examined the stone. Then after saying Bismillah struck it. One third of the stone was broken, atthat time he (Prophet Prophet Muhammad PBUH) said: “I am assigned the keys of the treasures of Sham (Syria).” I have also seen the red palaces there- then he (Prophet Muhammad PBUH) struck for the secondtime and broke further 1/3 of the stone and said: “I am assigned the key of Faris (Persia) and I am presently seeing white palaces.” He (Prophet Muhammad) struck for the third time and entire stone was broken. Now he said: “I am assigned the keys of Yemen. By Allah I am seeing from here the doors of Sanaa.” This prophesy about the conquest of the above countries was made at a time when the warriors of disbelievers were doing aggression on Madinah and trenches were being dug-up all around. In such aprevalent situation the prophesy of so many countries’ conquest is exclusive to Muhammad only. AndAllah (SWT) made it. The proofs (of miracle and/or prophesy came true) are Syria, Yemen and entirePersia as Muslim countries some of them even adopted the Arabic language as their mother tongue.
3. Prophesy of the victory over Egypt.
Prophet Muhammad said: “They would shortly conquer the country where qeerat is the currency. Do good to those peoplebecause they enjoy the rights of ‘being under your responsibility’ and privilege of seeking mercy.
Then said to Abu Zarr , ‘When you see that two men are quarrelling over a space of the measure of a brick- you should return from there.” Abu Zarr saw the victory of Egypt, settled there, and saw Rabia and Abdur Rahman Ibn Shurahbilquarrelling for the space measuring one brick’s length. Thereafter he returned from Egypt. Thecommentary is contained in Baihiqi and Abu Naim’s from Kaab Ibn Maalik and reminded that HajarUmm Ismail Maria Qabtia Umm Ibrahim Ibn Rasool Allah are Egyptians.
Again, needless to saythat this prophesy also came to pass and Egypt fall under Islam and even embraced theArabic as its mother tongue.4. Prophesy about wearing King of Iran’s ornament by Saraqa Ibn Maalik.
 Prophet Muhammad said to Surah Ibn Maalik, “What will be thy stateliness when thou would be adorned by the ornament of 
) King of Persia).” In another report of Baihiqi it is said that when Umar Farooq received the ornament of King
of Persia in the booty from that country he called Saraqa Ibn Maalik and adored him with it (the
). After decorating him Umar said: “Thanks to Almighty Allaah who snatched from Kisra IbnHermiz (who called himself Lord of the people) these ornament and adorned Saraqa Ibn MaalikMadalji.Imaam Shafai has commented that Saraqa was decorated with the ornament to integrate it with theforecast (prophesy) of the Prophet. The shortest sentence of the prophesy (forecast) containing threeevents is significant for consideration (1) The integrity of the Caliphate of Umar with the complianceof the word of Hadeeth/prophesy (2) The conquest of Persia and (3) Survival (living) of Saraqa tillthat time, he died in 28 Hijrah, few years later.
5. Prophesy about the conquest of India that came to pass.
 We find this Hadeeth in Sunan Nasai and
about India:Prophet Muhammad assured that Muslims would head expedition to India.Sultan Mahmood of Ghazna was the first to expedite into India in 393 Hijrah about a century after thedeath of Imaam Nasai . Readers must know that Muslims ruled over India for over thousand years.After it was looted and occupied by Christians (British) it was and still is called jewel in the Britishcrown. During their occupation Christians systematically committed Muslims genocide. Christians’ especially killed the thousands of scholars of Islaam.
6. Prophesy about the Fire that came to pass.
We find this Hadeeth in Sahihain (
Sahih Bukhari 
Sahih Muslim
), “There will not be Dooms day until such a fire is not seen in Hijaz that would reflect on the camels of Busra.” This Hadeeth is contained in
Sahih Bukhari 
Sahih Muslim
. Imaam Muhammad Ibn Ismael died in256 Hijrah and Imaam Muslim Ibn Al-Hajjaj in 261 Hijrah. The books of these learned scholars and
had been published during their lifetime and were included in the courses of Islaamicstudies.
The fire in Hijaz came true in 654 Hijrah (
 Jamadi us-Sani 
) i.e. about four centuriesafter the death of Sheikhul Hadeeth.
The fire had been developed by volcanic eruption and there are many books on the subject. There isevidence of Sheikh Safiuddin to the effect that the very day of origin of the fire the Bedouin of Busrawere able to see and recognize their camels in its reflection. This fire had developed on 1
of Jamad-us-Sani and tremor had intensified on the 2
to 4
. BY the 5
of Jamad-us-Sani the entire horizon of the vicinity was covered under the think smoke and the mountain began to melt making the stream of red water flow from it. The fire was moving toward the Madinah, where the inhabitants of Madinahhad passed their Friday night in the Masjid-e-Nabawi (Prophet’s Mosque) and did pray their entire
night. In the morning the direction of the movement was changed. It is worth telling that during thisfire caused by volcanic eruption, the wind that blew in the city itself was cool-breeze and not hot.
These Ahadeeth also impeach the Kuffar and Hadeeth rejecters.7. Prophesy about the war with Turks that came to pass.
We find this
in Hadeeth mentioned in
Sahih Muslim
Sahih Bukhari 
, “The Dooms day will not come until you go to war with the Turks, having small eyes, red faces, lowernoses and their faces will be wider like shields.” This prophecy that came to pass was about Tartaric invasion (whom Muslims annihilated three yearslater). In this invasion Mongols ruined Khurasan and Iraq and plundered them ultimately. Muslimsannihilated tartars three years later and also defeated them in Asia Minor. This invasion took placearound 656 Hijrah.
8. Prophesy about the victory of Constantinople that came to pass.This
prophesy is found the Ahadeeth books of 
Musnad Imaam Ahmad 
Sahih Muslim
as reportedfrom Abu Hurayrah and in Sunan Abu Dawud as reported from Mauz Ibn Jabul in context of victory of Constantinople (Qustun-tunia {today’s Istanbul/Turkey}). Imaam Humam Ahmad Hambalhad died in 241 Hijrah and his book Musnad has always been before the scholars since his death.
Sultan Muhammad Fateh
conquered Constantinople in 855 Hijrah *1453 A.D. (sic centuries afterthe Book Musnad and 850 years after the Hijrat the world witnessed the eventuality as wasprophesied by the Prophet Muhammad . This was also the end of Roman (Byzantine) empire andbirthplace of Christianity fall under Muslims’ feet. Turkey is now 100% Muslim.
9. Prophecy that is continue to come to pass since last 1416 years
On the day of victory of Makkah on Thursday, 20th Ramadan 8 Hijrah, Prophet Muhammad whileassigning the keys of Ka’bah to Sheba Ibn Usman (Uthman) and Usman (Uthman) Ibn Talha said:
 “Take charge of this key forever. None would snatch it from you, but the one who will be anoppressor.” In fact, the above Hadeeth (Prophesy) contain
three predictions:
1. The progeny of Abu Talha would continue2. The keys of Ka’bah (
) will remain in their charge3. He would be the oppressor, who would snatch they keys of Ka’bah from them
About the 1
and 2
the entire world knows (especially Muslims) that their descendants dohold the keys of Ka’bah since 8 Hijrah or since last 1, 416 years. About the 3
historianshave reported that Yazeed snatched the keys from them for the time being. Since thenthere is no instance of anyone attempting to take away the keys.10. The Prophet foretold that Fatima would join him first of all after his death
Before his death, the Messenger called his daughter Fatima to his bedside and informed her that shewould be the first among his family to join him after his death. Fatima joined her father, the pride of mankind, six months later.
11. Predictions before the Battle of Badr
‘Umar reports in a narration recorded in
Sahih al-Muslim

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