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Road to Relapse - Bleed It Out (Part 1)

Road to Relapse - Bleed It Out (Part 1)

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Published by djames2
The chapters for Road to Relapse are long, so I'm gonna start posting them in bite sized segments - here's part 1 of chapter 3
The chapters for Road to Relapse are long, so I'm gonna start posting them in bite sized segments - here's part 1 of chapter 3

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Published by: djames2 on Apr 26, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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He once heard that the hardest part of the day is getting out of bed. He didn¶t buyit. How hard is it to get out of bed if you fell off? he asked himself after hearing it (or seeing it written somewhere, he can¶t remember). What if you had to get out of bed because in a momentary lapse of stupidity you mistook your mattress for a toilet bowl?You¶d be scrambling out of bed then. Then it wouldn¶t seem so hard to get out of bed.Today could be the day you die, he argued to himself, but the odds are against that.Instead, you¶d have to lie in bed knowing the world is out there waiting for you. Thehardest thing about waking up for him was accepting that.Like a stubborn child he refuses to open his eyes at first. If he can keep them shutmaybe life will take the hint that he doesn¶t want to play and leave him alone. He wantsto be left alone. He wants to wake up when everything is all over. He just doesn¶t knowwhat that means.After relentless sunrays poking at his eyelids he finally cracks them open andabsorbs his familiar room. Everything looks sadly the same. The drawers are shut butclothes are still tucked into corners of the room. His desk is drowned in loose papers thathe refers to as his filing system. There¶s a damp towel hanging on his chair. Posters linethe otherwise bare walls. His roommate¶s bed is neatly made although he himself isAWOL, possibly studying in the library. Sun leaks through the shades, dodging and burning various parts of the room. Fuck, he thinks to himself.He patters half naked into the kitchen, his only clothing a pair of basketball shortsdraping over his kneecap hand hanging just above his shins. His face stretches itself likesilly putty into a long, satisfying yawn. He lifts his weighted arms up to the cabinets andshuffles boxes around in search of flour he¶d use to make pancakes. He was positive hehad bought another bag but it wasn¶t in there«³Morning sunshine.´³Shit!´ Dominic yelps, almost giving himself a heart attack from the sudden voicein the room. His eyes take a minute to properly understand what¶s going on while his body thrusts itself against the counter in defense. He sees Julie standing by the counter,grinning at his reaction, his bag of flour in front of her. He tries to control his panting,rubbing his eyes to make sure he¶s not delusional.³Jesus dude,´ he finally says. ³You scared the hell out of me.´
She laughs and smiles her contagious smile. He starts to smile slightly, feelinghimself relax, even laugh at himself a little.³I thought I¶d make you breakfast,´ she says sweetly.He takes a moment to digest this concept. ³Okay«thanks?´³You¶re welcome,´ she replies, almost dreamlike. ³You¶re out of eggs.´³Oh«okay.´ He¶s uncertain of how to respond. ³Do you uh«do you want me togo buy a carton from downstairs?´She shakes her head. ³Go put some clothes on, we¶ll go to the grocery store. Youneed some other things too ± milk being something. You¶re running low on a lot of food,and based on the buildup of pizza boxes and empty bags of nacho chips in your trashroom, I¶d say you need to be eating a little healthier.´Dominic stands looking at her dumbfounded. ³You want to take me shopping?´He asks cautiously, almost as if he¶s afraid of startling the prospect away.³Yeah, come on, it¶ll be fun.´ She grabs his keys off of the kitchen counter and begins walking towards the common room. ³Go put some clothes on.´His legs stumble back into his room and he searches for anything to put on,settling with a 3 week old pair of jeans, socks that didn¶t look like they had been used atthe gym yet, and an AC/DC concert t-shirt. He fumbles around, finds his hoodie with hiswallet and his cell phone tucked in the front pocket and his shoes, and walks out of theroom.³You ready?´ she asks him, zipping up her black North Face jacket over her pink college hoodie. ³I¶m driving.´³Like hell you are,´ he says, some spirit returning to his voice. ³Gimme thosekeys!´ He rakes her in with one arm and starts tickling her stomach mercilessly.³Ah! Stop stop stop!´ she gasps between laughter. ³You can drive! You candrive!´He stops tickling her, holding her body away from him. He gives Julie a minute tocatch her breath.³Okay«okay«´ she pleads in between pants. She looks up at him and can¶t help but reveal coy grin across her face. ³I¶m still driving!´
Like an arrow being released from a bow she whips the apartment door open and begins charging down the hallway. Within seconds he¶s out the door, pulling it shut and barreling towards the stairs.³Julie!´ he shouts. ³I¶m coming for ya!´³Ah! No no no!´ she shouts back with laughter as she flies down the stairwell.Julie drove to the grocery store. She insisted and even though he wasn¶tcomfortable with her driving his car he let her. She drove the speed limit and kept her eyes on the road, beating her hand on the steering wheel to the rhythm of the music playing out of the radio. He would make jokes and comments and she would smile andlaugh happily. She was always happy. He liked her happy. It was hopeful to see her happy.They push the cart together as they walk down an aisle filled with cereal on oneside and soda on the other. She has him stop the cart every few feet so she can addsomething to it. Eggs. Milk. Cereal. Bread. Canned goods. Macaroni and cheese. Gallonsof water (that he is told to pick up and place in the cart for her, which he does). All thewhile she¶s smiling and looking around, fascinated by the world. He wonders what itwould be like to see the world as she does.³Get this,´ she tells him, picking up a bag of chips.³Who¶s paying for all of this?´ He asks her as she tosses the bag into the cart.³You are.´They walk for a few more feet before she stops him again.³And these,´ she adds, placing a few boxes of various types of pasta in the cart.³We should probably get you tomato sauce too huh?´³Probably,´ he agrees, although his mind has already moved on to other topics.³Hey, question.´³Shoot.´His vocal chords tense up slightly as he speaks. ³Did you stay over last night?´She nods without hesitation. ³Of course, I wanted to make sure you were okay.You don¶t remember?´

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