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Mr Singh's Homeworkw 22 Sep

Mr Singh's Homeworkw 22 Sep

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Published by moviemaniac927820

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Published by: moviemaniac927820 on Apr 26, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In Davids hares Amys view and skylight, women are in control of theirown destiny.
Both of Hare¶s plays serve to bring about a different image of the modern woman.In Amy¶s view, the play serves to show Esme¶s life, a woman who has been reduced froma great thespian to a woman who has nothing in life anymore. She has no belongingsand the only thing she has left is her art, her job. As Amy says, ³We are what we do«´Skylight depicts Kyra, a fiercely independent woman who gives up creature comforts tohelp improve society because its something that she wants to do. What both womenhave in common is that both are not in control of their destinies. Esme has no clue of her destiny, instead choosing to live in her own world. Amy is a character who is severelyaffected by the choices, ideas that her husband and mother have. Kyra has never thought to control her life and it shows.
All these women are dominantfemale characters, who portray values of individualism, and strongmindedness and they seem to be under the illusion that they are incontrol, yet in reality, they are far from being in control of theirdestiny
In the course of this essay, we will explore the lives of these women and whatimplications that their choices have had on them.
Kyra is a woman who has never given any thought to the future. She instead is acharacter who lives for the moment, for the day. She lives in Kensal rise and works in east hamteaching in a inner city school, something that only a person with society¶s improvement in mindwill do. It¶s this single minded determination that scares Tom. In contrast to Kyra, he is unable toenvision himself slogging for the edification of others. Therein lies the reason why Kyra is ableto dedicate her life to saving others. She has no thought for the future. When she was eighteen,she just walked out of her father¶s house and ³[she] saw the sign µwaitress wanted¶. [she] walkedin.´ Similarly, she was not in control when she simply walked out of their lives when tombetrayed her. She is never in control of her destiny and she also does not seek to control her life. When tom, asks her what she plans to do, she replies matter of fact that ³planning? Tom, Idon¶t expect this to make any sense to you. But I¶m planning to go on just as I am´. This simplyshows that kyra thinks that she has control over her life, by feeling that by not planning she is incharge of her life, when in reality she does not.The female characters in David hare¶s plays has portrayed that in order to control one¶sdestiny, one would have to make choices despite the consequences that it may bring in order to one¶s desired outcome in life. For example, Amy deciding not to tell Dominic about her pregnancy in order to prevent Dominic from feeling forced to marry Amy. ³For him, It¶ll be likeI¶m springing a trap. Its everything he¶s feared! I know him. You don¶t. I tell him now and at oncehe¶s going to feel cornered«´ This shows how Amy desires to take control of their destiny andmake the choice to not tell Dominic about her pregnancy as she has her own ideal of ³love

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