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The Evolving Book - Part 1

The Evolving Book - Part 1

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Published by One Big Shift
In the evolving book part 1, alan macmillan orr takes us beyond his thinking from the natural mind - waking up.

As he evolves, so does his work, after all, we are in an ever changing universe, never static.
In the evolving book part 1, alan macmillan orr takes us beyond his thinking from the natural mind - waking up.

As he evolves, so does his work, after all, we are in an ever changing universe, never static.

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Published by: One Big Shift on Apr 26, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 The Evolving Book Part 1
March 2010
an evolving journey into what it truly means to be human 
alan macmillan orr
public domain2010
“If every action has a consequence, and every action begins with a choice, and every choice begins with a thought, why not make the thought the best it can be! We all needto start taking personal responsibility for our thoughts and the consequences which arisefrom them. I plan to, how about you?”alan macmillan orrjanuary 2010
ell, here we are in 2010 two years away from our impending doom in 2012. Even if everyoneis wrong about the end of the world coming soon to a town near you, climate change is going to get you, and if that's not enough to start you having a panic attack, the terrorists are going to get you, and even if none of that happens we are in economic meltdown, and soon we will bescavenging through the bins in a most consumer nightmare created by, we are told, us. You see,everything is your fault. The government has warned you of your errant ways. You who havemortgages you cannot afford, you who spend too much on frivolous consumer goods, you who areruining the planet with your excessive flying! You who... Ok you get the point.
It is no one else's fault but yours and yours alone, and while we're at it, you are more than likely toblame for the current spate of muslim extremism perpetrated against the peaceful axis of western loveand goodwill to all man. You see, you and your liberal friends have allowed these evil people to have theability to board our aeroplanes and kill us all – us all!
Oh my god, we're all going to die!
If you believe all the conspiracy theorists, the scientists, the government, the mayans, and anyone else who believes we are all doomed, you may be beginning to start to feel the fear rising up within you now.So what's the answer? Will recycling, banning airplanes from the sky, locking up anyone who looks likethey might be a “terrorist” save us all? Will being more careful with our money, having tightgovernment control over the banks save us all? No. The sad fact is, what you were hoping I wouldn'tsay, I am going to – you are going to die. Every last one of you. And this is no empty threat – I mean it. You are going to die.So how does that feel? Knowing what I said was not some prophecy but something that was going to happen to you? Are you scared, or do you, like me accept that in the cycle of life, where there is abeginning there must be an end.Now I am not here to argue the case for or against heaven and hell, reincarnation or any “post-life”activity, merely to point out that there seems to be some very strong evidence that at some point in life we “die”. Now you may say that we are all made of energy and we can never die, but what I am talking is the basic stuff, you know, where it seems that continuing human “life” is controlled by a beating heart. Heart beating = Good. Heart not beating = Bad.So now we've got that out the way and we are all happy to accept that life as we know it will notcontinue in its same form forever, and that change is inevitable, let us get on with the business of living.
Living – it's quite good
I like living, it has it's ups and downs, or should I say, I have my ups and downs (i.e. my emotional statechanges, as does my financial state) but on the whole, life's good. I get to experience the earth, the joy and pain of others, the suffering of the animals, the hatred, the kindness, the greed and thebenevolence, the destruction and the beauty.Some of you may have what you see as a terrible life, and others may see you as having rather agood life. You may think you are poor and others may think you are rich, or vice versa. Some of youmay be suffering with mental stress, whilst others may be being tortured physically. Wherever we turn in the world someone is suffering in some way or another. But whilst we are alive we have the power to change the world.

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