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Survey and Comments-Ready

Survey and Comments-Ready

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Published by Jackie Gyamfi

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Published by: Jackie Gyamfi on Apr 26, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This survey was presented to the students after my second teaching experience. It was given to allow thestudents in each lab sections to asses my teaching and role in the lab. I will provide for you the percentages for some questions and for open ended responses I will offer you three responses that reflectthe vast majority of the comments given. This survey was very important to me as an educator because itallowed me to gauge my strengths and weaknesses in order to make the proper adjustments:
1. How
do you feel the material in today's lecture was presented?Great
 54.9%Good 39.2%Average 5.9%Poor 0.0%Other 3.9%
2. How well do you feel the material in today's lecture was organized?Great
 66.7%Good 25.5%Average 5.9%Poor 2.0%Other 3.9%
3. Do you feel that all questions were answered with clarity during lab today?StronglyAgree
 60.8%Agree 37.3%Disagree 3.9%StronglyDisagree0.0%Other 3.9%
4. Do you feel that my attire was professional for the classroom setting?Strongly Agree
 70.6%Agree 29.4%Disagree 0.0%Strongly Disagree 0.0%Other 5.9%
 5. Do you feel that the PowerPoint presentation used to accompany this lecture aided inyour understanding of this topic?Strongly Agree
 58.8%Agree 37.3%Disagree 0.0%Strongly Disagree 2.0%Other 2.0%
6. Do you feel that the explanations given to the questions asked throughout the computersimulation aided in your understanding of the topic for this week?Strongly Agree
 60.8%Agree 39.2%Disagree 0.0%Strongly Disagree 0.0%Other 2.0%
7. What have you ENJOYED MOST about the role I have played in the EnvironmentalLaboratory this semester?Three Examples:
ou are very informative on the information you present and you have great people skills. I enjoyhow you are so polite and you speak to every person who walks in the door.
ou are very enthusiastic, and always willing to answer questions.
ou are very energetic, and ready to teach us. Ready to answer questions and enthusiastic about being here! (even at 10 am!)
8. What have you ENJOYED LEAST about my role in the Environmental Laboratory thissemester?Three Examples:
The only thing is when you lecture, you say um a lot
I wish you would have done more presentations and teaching
ou speak very fast sometimes while presenting which can make it confusing at times
 9. What do you enjoy most about my teaching style?

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