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Published by: Chalcedon Foundation on Apr 27, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Chalcedon Publication [www.chalcedon.edu] 3/30/07
 
A Chalcedon Publication [www.chalcedon.edu] 3/30/07
The Journal of Christian Reconstruction
Volume 5 / Number 1Summer 1978
Symposium on Politics
Gary North, EditorISSN 0360–1420A CHALCEDON MINISTRYElectronic Version 1.0 / July 15, 2006Copyright © 1978 Chalcedon. All rights reserved.
: Copies of this file may be made for personal use by theoriginal purchaser of this electronic document. It may be printedby the same on a desktop printer for personal study. Quotationsmay be used for the purpose of review, comment, or scholarship.However, this publication may not be duplicated or reproduced inwhole or in part in any electronic or printed form by any means,uploaded to a web site, or copied to a CD-ROM, without writtenpermission of the publisher.ChalcedonP.O. Box 158Vallecito, California 95251U.S.A.To contact via email and for other information:www.chalcedon.eduChalcedon depends on the contributions of its readers,and all gifts to Chalcedon are tax-deductible.Opinions expressed in this journal do not necessarily reflect the views of Chalcedon. It has provided a forum for views in accordwith a relevant, active, historic Christianity, though those viewsmay have on occasion differed somewhat from Chalcedon’s andfrom each other.
A Chalcedon Publication [www.chalcedon.edu] 3/30/07
This journal is dedicated to the fulfillment of the cultural mandate of Genesis1:28 and 9:1—to subdue the earth to the glory of God. It is published by theChalcedon Foundation, an independent Christian educational organization (seeinside back cover). The perspective of the journal is that of orthodox Christian-ity. It affirms the verbal, plenary inspiration of the original manuscripts (auto-graphs) of the Bible and the full divinity and full humanity of Jesus Christ—twonatures in union (but without intermixture) in one person.The editors are convinced that the Christian world is in need of a serious publi-cation that bridges the gap between the newsletter-magazine and the scholarlyacademic journal. The editors are committed to Christian scholarship, but the journal is aimed at intelligent laymen, working pastors, and others who areinterested in the reconstruction of all spheres of human existence in terms of thestandards of the Old and New Testaments. It is not intended to be another outletfor professors to professors, but rather a forum for serious discussion withinChristian circles.The Marxists have been absolutely correct in their claim that theory must beunited with practice, and for this reason they have been successful in theirattempt to erode the foundations of the noncommunist world. The editors agreewith the Marxists on this point, but instead of seeing in revolution the means of fusing theory and practice, we see the fusion in personal regeneration throughGod’s grace in Jesus Christ and in the extension of God’s kingdom. Good princi-ples should be followed by good practice; eliminate either, and the movementfalters. In the long run, it is the kingdom of God, not Marx’s “kingdom of free-dom,” which shall reign triumphant. Christianity will emerge victorious, for onlyin Christ and His revelation can men find both the principles of conduct and themeans of subduing the earth—the principles of biblical law.The
Journal of Christian Reconstruction
is published twice a year. Copyright byChalcedon, 1978. Editorial and subscription offices: P.O.
Box 158, Vallecito, CA95251, U.S.A.

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