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Enterprise Search by Infolution increases productivity

Enterprise Search by Infolution increases productivity

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Published by Infolution bv
Infolution Enterprise Search software is the corporate information portal that enables you to streamline your information flow. Our solution gives companies the ability to share company database information in ways never before possible. An effective and proper handling of corporate data prevents companies from duplicating efforts, ignoring mistakes and prolonging work processes. Download a free trail version: http://www.infolution.com.
Infolution Enterprise Search software is the corporate information portal that enables you to streamline your information flow. Our solution gives companies the ability to share company database information in ways never before possible. An effective and proper handling of corporate data prevents companies from duplicating efforts, ignoring mistakes and prolonging work processes. Download a free trail version: http://www.infolution.com.

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Published by: Infolution bv on May 23, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Enterprise data comes in many shapes and formsand can be structured or unstructured. Data isstored digitally and on paper. The amount of dataneeding to be processed is unprecedented and itis estimated that it doubles every six to twelvemonths. It is increasingly common that non-electronicdata is transferred into digital format due partiallyto the need to streamline data processing, butalso in order to meet the external legal and regu-latory obligations requiring lengthy data storage.Accessing the right data is necessary for makinggood business decisions – and fast access to vitaldata results in a competitive edge. The impact of enterprise search solutions on the effectivenessof employees is very important. This is true forprivate corporations as well as in the public sectorand non government organisations (NGO’s).
Enterprise Search
The increasing amount of data stored makes itan ever growing challenge to retrieve and sharedata. The user must not encounter problems
nding data, nor should the user be overwhelmed
by too much information resulting from a search.
Irrelevant data should be ltered out, relevant
data should be highlighted. Ideally, search enginesshould understand the user – rather than usersspending a considerable amount of time adjustingto the needs of the search engine. Furthermore,enterprise data is considered private and proprietaryto the organisation. As such, you want to havefull control.Historically knowledge was closely linked to indi-viduals; when an employee left an organisation,a lot of the knowledge left with him. Knowledgemanagement solutions have reduced that problem.
Infolution Enterprise Search
is applyingadvanced technologies and has taken things tothe next level; providing users with capabilitiesnot seen before.
Infolution Enterprise Search
provides a competitive edge without exposing anorganisation’s most important assets, information,to others.
Infolution Enterprise Search
understands theuser. Not only does it work at a high level of precision
to retrieve and recall data, but it provides lters
to separate irrelevant data. It is also able to learn
along the way and adapt to its user’s prole.
Infolution Enterprise Search
is designed toaddress all demands of enterprise search users.It is important to note that the software does not just provide data or information, but knowledge,since context information is provided.
Other key benets for enterprise search users
Automatic summary of data from
multiple sources.
Applicable to structured and
 unstructured text data. 
Automated categorisation of documents.
High accurary and relevance.
Automatic extraction and
indexation of knowledge from data. 
Very fast access to information.Unlimited scalability with data sizes.Intuitive interfaces.Associative help.
Enterprise search solutions require a good coordinationbetween the customer and Infolution. Although it isrelatively easy to install, parameters need to be set
and the solution needs to be tailored to the specic
client needs. Once the system is up and running, itrequires very little technical support. The Infolutionteam has very strong technical skills and hence isable to install and implement the system in a veryshort time. One of the unique aspects of buyingInfolution solutions is that each project will bene-
t from the involvement of the founder, one of the
world’s best experts in semantic search techniques.Infolution search solutions can also be installed byInfolution distributor partners and or by InfolutionOEM partners. The OEM partners have typicallyembedded the Infolution capabilities within a largersolution set.An investment bank – a wholly owned subsidiaryof one of the oldest banks in the Netherlands – isproviding asset consulting and funding to medium
sized enterprises. It has been implementing an
Infolution based search solution for their ana-lysts and bankers allowing them to get accessto company internal as well as external data. Apowerful solution was required, since analystsand bankers are confronted with an ever-increasingamount of corporate data, which includes itemssuch as business plans, market research andinternal compliance documents. Previously usedtools have not been able to keep up the pace of data growth. The Infolution software does notonly provide fast and accurate access to information,but it also supports the bank’s collaborative teamstructure enabling knowledge sharing. Accordingto bank executives, the organisation has seen “aquantum leap in productivity and quality for ourspecialists.” 
The technology
Infolution Enterprise Search
is making use of the
Semantic Search Engine
which uses semanticalgorithms, statistical rules (Boolean and Bayesian),linguistic technologies and self teaching and learningcapabilities.There are four major components to it: 
Data collection from various sourcesis done with intelligent software utilising a semanticanalysis of the text surrounding the actual link.This allows Infolution software to determinethe context in which the data stand andultimately determines the priority of the documentfor the user. 
The core of this module is the rst
ever scalable and commercially viable semanticprocessor. It operates similar to the humanbrain understanding and classifying content– and it is capable of learning as it goes along.In other words: not only does it understandthe meaning of a user query and the contextof a found document, but it can also correlatethe two. 
Storage and retrieval:
An SQL compatibledatabase is the core of the storage module,which is operating on a semantic basis. Itallows retrieving more from a document thatjust the actual content. It allows, for example,summarising a document tailoring it to theintention of the initial request. This is possiblebecause not only facts are stored, but alsothe relation between them. 
Access Control:
A conditional module is incor-porated that will follow the access control listof the underlying data storage. Infolution usesthis information to safeguard that both documentsand indexes are only visible to authorised users.The Infolution engine works continuously, conductingthe above four functions in the background, and
updating its les as soon as documents are addedor modied. Its architected is such that it pro
-vides unlimited scalability and high performancewhich are critical for searches in large websites oracross content rich multiple websites. The engineprepares data for the main functions of the
Internet search solution:
search and summarize.
may be regarded as a matching function:in search, queries are matched with documentindexes. Search can be applied to structured andunstructured text documents across multiplelanguages.
During the retrieval process, users
will encounter one of the most visible benets of 
the system: its capability to automatically createa summary. This feature is one of the most spec-tacular elements of the Infolution software. It is
based on a document synthesizer which can take
any number of documents and present a summaryas one virtual document.The summary can easily be changed in lengthwithout loss of coherence. Also, it can easily berewritten at any point in time placing an emphasison different topics as required by the user.

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