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Published by whynut

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Published by: whynut on Sep 19, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Upon consideration of the intense public and media interest in the proceedings in thiscase, the Court, in the exercise of its inherent power to provide for the orderly dispositionof this case, hereby enters the following orders pertaining to the conduct of proceedingsin this case.Also of significant importance is the Court’s intent to preserve the processes by which afair trial may be conducted. Any inappropriate attempts to disrupt that process may resultin exclusion from further proceedings and/or other legal sanctions. To that end, all persons must recognize that the Boulder County Justice Center and the individualcourtrooms are not large facilities and therefore, reasonable accommodation andcoordination is necessitated. At all times, access to and movement within the Boulder County Justice Center must remain available for the conduct of the normal business of the Court.Specific requests for expanded media coverage are required for each hearing or  proceeding for which such coverage is being requested and shall be addressed byseparate order. The media, members of the public having gained access to the Boulder County Justice Center, parties and their legal representatives, and agents thereof shall atall times be subject to this Decorum Order to the extent that it is not inconsistent with anyother specific court order. This Order shall apply to all proceedings and other scheduledmatters in this case until further order of this Court
“Proceeding” means any trial,hearing, or any other matter held in open court that the public is entitled to attend.
The following restrictions shall apply to areas in the Boulder County JusticeCenter comprised as follows: courtrooms, clerks’ offices, judges’ chambers,secure hallways, and all public lobbies and hallways.
A. All electronic devices, including but not limited to computers, cameras, cell phones,video phones, tape recorders or other recording or transmitting devices
shall be barred from the courtroom or auxilliary space used for this case except as set forthhere and below or as permitted by an expanded media coverage order. This provisionshall not apply to employees of the Court, the District Attorney’s Office, the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office, other City of Boulder or Boulder County employees housedin the Justice Center or to other law enforcement personnel in the Boulder CountyJustice Center for law enforcement purposes. Any recording or transmitting devicesused in violation of this order may be confiscated and the user of the device may besubject to court sanction.B. No interviews by the media or the public shall be conducted within the Justice Center in this case.
 2 C. Interested parties are encouraged to access all publicly available documents on thecourt web site at:http://www.courts.state.co.us/exec/media/boulder/pressindex.htm.It is expected that the availability of such information on the court’s web site willminimize the need for inquiries to court personnel but this provision does not restrictany member of the public or press from making inquiries of court personnel regardingthe scheduling of proceedings, the filing of papers with the Court, or requesting anyother information in the public record concerning this case.D. There shall be no photography, transmitting, or recording of any kind within theJustice Center, except as set forth here and below or as permitted by an expandedmedia coverage order. This restriction includes photographs, transmissions or recordings of persons inside the Justice Center even if taken or obtained from outsidethe Justice Center. This Order prohibits the press and other members of the publicfrom taking photographs or videotaping into the Justice Center through the glassdoors into the courtrooms or through any other window or door of the Justice Center.E. Photographers, videographers and reporters in this case, except those with currentcourtroom passes, must stay outside the perimeter of the Justice Center complex bounded by
Street, the north side of Canyon Boulevard from 3
Street to 6
 Street, the public bike path on the south side of the Justice Center, and the floodwall on the west side of the Justice Center, unless otherwise specificallypermitted.
Photographers, videographers, reporters and the public may not harass or chase any persons entering or leaving the Justice Center and may not impede the flowof pedestrian or vehicular traffic outside the Justice Center.F. At all times there shall be clear passage and entry into the Justice Center for all persons who conduct business with the court. There shall be no obstructions to clear  passage through the public hallway in the Justice Center. At all times there shall beclear passage and entry for Sheriff’s and other emergency vehicles through the parking lots, entrances and roadways leading to and from the Boulder County JusticeCenter.G. Notwithstanding the above provisions and subject to Paragraph 1(D), one still cameraand one video camera with audio transmission disabled will be permitted in theJustice Center public hallway and one still camera and one video camera will be permitted at the exterior front entryway as coordinated with the State CourtAdministrator’s Office. The cameras shall be placed in locations acceptable to the judge and shall be positioned and operated so as to minimize any distraction in the public hallway and at the entranceway. The Court reserves the right to vacate this provision if final arrangements are not acceptable to the Court. A mediarepresentative shall be designated for each camera at least 24 hours prior to any proceeding. The designated media representative shall inform the Court of his or her identity, affiliation and contact information. No cameras will be permitted if morethan one designation is received by the Court. The designated media representative is
 3responsible for arranging an open and impartial distribution scheme for all participants of the media pool.H. Any demonstrations and any distribution to individuals of literature, pamphlets, booksor other written materials shall be restricted to the Demonstration Area which shall belocated within the designated bounded area at the east end of the Justice Center main parking lot.I. Notwithstanding the above provisions, all persons on the premises of the Boulder County Justice Center shall at all times comply with any specific direction given byCourt personnel and Boulder County Sheriff’s personnel.
2. The following additional restrictions shall apply to all courtrooms used for anyproceedings related to this case. For purposes of this section 2, “courtroom”shall include any overflow courtroom or other auxiliary listening facility allowedby the Court, whether operated by the Court or the Media.
A. No electronic devices, including but not limited to computers
cameras, cell phones,video phones or other recording or transmitting devices, shall be permitted in thecourtroom except pursuant to an expanded media coverage order. Cameras permitted pursuant to an expanded media coverage order shall be turned on and operating onlywhile court is in session.B. No media interviews shall be conducted in the courtroom at any time.C. Except for the front row on each side, which will be reserved for the parties inaccordance with a predetermined seating plan, the seating on the left side of thecourtroom will be reserved for the media in accordance with a predetermined seating plan and the seating on the right side of the courtroom will be reserved for the publicin accordance with a predetermined seating plan. The public will be admitted to themedia portion of the courtroom only if seating remains available after all media have been seated. The media will be admitted to the public portion of the courtroom only if seating remains available after all members of the public have been seated. The Courtreserves the right to reserve additional seating for the parties and witnesses
Requestsfor specific seating for family members of the parties shall be made to the DistrictAdministrator.D. All members of the public and media must be seated before the court is in session andmust remain seated in the courtroom until the next recess is called. If a seated personchooses to leave the courtroom, they will not be readmitted until the next court recess.E. All members of the public and media must remain quiet, not comment on theProceedings, and not engage in any disruptive behavior while in the courtroom. Signsor symbols on clothing or otherwise indicating support for any party is considered prohibited comment.

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