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Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts (The Story)

Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts (The Story)

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This is not my own story, Its just a story version of Bob Dylan's Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts.
I wrote this a long time ago so it's not perfect, I did not edit it so I could tell the difference between then and now.
This is not my own story, Its just a story version of Bob Dylan's Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts.
I wrote this a long time ago so it's not perfect, I did not edit it so I could tell the difference between then and now.

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Published by: Ahmed Nader Al-Gretly on Apr 27, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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He was standing in the door way of a cabaret at a town near Texas. He was abouttwenty four years old wearing archetypal cowboy wardrobe, his footsteps echoed all around the quite cabaret and there was no sound except a drilling in the wall. He moved across the mirrored room whispering to himself “Set it up for everyone.” while everyone continued what they were doing right before he walked in. Ashe walked, he leaned over towards an old man asking him with a grin “Could you kindly tell me, friend, what time the show begins?” then he moved to a table in the corner, sat down and lowered his hat while he faced down looking like the Jack of Hearts.Backstage the girls were ready for the show; they had a little time to waste sothey started a little game of five card drawl. Lilly was one of these girls, shewas once a blonde but now she had red hair. She was a princess with fair skin and was precious as a child; she was the kind of girl who could catch the attention of a whole room with just a smile. The streets outside were filling up as dawn became night, there were all sorts of sounds coming from outside carried by agentle breeze but there were still that sound of drilling in the wall. Lily hadto queens looking for a third to match her pair; she called another bet and drewup the Jack of Hearts.Big Jim entered the cabaret looking so dandy and so fine; he was a wealthy man because he owned the town’s only diamond mine. He made his usual entrance with his body guards and his silver cane; he sat down at his usual table right in frontof the stage with his bodyguards on a nearby table. He looked around noticing the stranger sitting at the table by the corner; he then looked at stage waitingfor the show. Everyone knew who he was and what he was capable of, everyone knewabout his silver revolver and about the men who stood in fear staring up its barrel, but his bodyguards and silver revolver were no match for the Jack of Hearts.Rosemary was combing her hair as her carriage came in to town, it stopped next to the cabaret as she slipped in to the side doors looking like a queen without acrown. She sat next to Big Jim fluttering her false eye lashes as she whisperedin his ear “Sorry darling that I’m late.” But he didn’t seem to hear, he was gazing in to space over at the Jack of Hearts.Jim thought to himself “I now I saw him somewhere may be down in Mexico or in apicture on someone’s shelf.” But then people started flowing inside the place, the show was about to begin. The lights started to dim but in the darkness it seemed that there was only Jim and him, staring at the butterfly who drew the Jackof Hearts.A man came in unnoticed and was being wined and dined, he was the hanging judgebut there were no hangings that night. He sat at his table eating and drinking wine while watching the show. He looked around for a moment spotting Big Jim at his usual table and also noticed the man in the corner who was staring at lily. The drilling kept going but no one seemed to pay it any mind. He saw how Big Jimlooked at the butterfly and he knew what to think because it was known all around that Lilly was Jim’s mistress. He knew that nothing could come between Lily and the king well nothing except may be the Jack of Hearts.Rosemary sat quietly studying how her husband was watching Lily. She knew quit well what was happening between the butterfly and him, she was so depressed thatshe started drinking hard seeing her reflection in the penknife. She was gettingtired of all the attention, tired of playing the role of Big Jims wife. She haddone a lot of bad things in her life even once tried suicide but there was never a greater mistake than marrying Big Jim who didn’t care about her. She gazed in to the future feeling a little tipsy, she saw an image of herself making loveto a man like the Jack of Hearts.

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