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Savage Worlds Glorantha

Savage Worlds Glorantha



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Published by Terry RW Whisenant
Savaging the world of Glorantha
Savaging the world of Glorantha

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Categories:Types, Calendars
Published by: Terry RW Whisenant on Apr 28, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Derived Attribute: Power Points
As in the Savage Worlds Rulesbook, Power Pointsfuel spells and various arcane reactions. In SavageGlorantha, though, every living creature has inherentPower Points equal to its Spirit x 2. While the maxi-mum number of Power Points can be reduced, it cannever be increased beyond the Spirit x 2 limit.A character can temporarily spend his Power Pointson Battle Magic spells, but he may never spend all of his points ¬¬he must always have at least one pointremaining or his hold upon the physical world will be severed and his spirit will cross over into the spirit plane. Temporarily expended Power Points return at
the rate of one per hour. For example, while ghting
trolls in the Big Rubble, Rurik casts Bladesharp 4 andProtection 4, for a total of eight Power Points spent.His Power Points temporarily fall to eight; however,the spent points will be fully recovered in eight hours.
A character may permanently sacrice Power Points
to purchase Rune Magics, attune runic weaponsand armor, gain divine intervention, and make other 
signicant arcane sacrices. As described previously,though, a character may never willingly sacrice his
last Power Point or he will pass into the spirit world.
Each Power Point permanently sacriced reduces the
character’s maximum Power Points by a like amount.For example, after his adventure in the Big Rubble,
Rurik decides it would be wise to sacrice to Yelmalio
for a Shield spell; his player “permanently” reducesRurik’s Power Points to 14 in order to gain Shield 2. .Once a character has lost Power Points permanently,he can gain new ones and thereby rebuild his Power Point total. At the end of any adventure in which thecharacter overcame the Spirit of an enemy with anoffensive spell or through spirit combat, he may spenda Benny to “permanently” increase his Power Points.Only one Benny may be spent in this manner per ad-venture, and the character must actually have a Bennyavailable to gain the increase. His maximum Power Points are always equal to his Spirit x2!
 No Arcane Edges?
That’s right; no Edges are required to cast ANY form
of magic in Savage Runequest. Glorantha is a highlymagical world in which the common man will likelyknow a spell or two; it is a place where rituals andmagic are apart of peoples’ daily lives.
 Spirit Combat 
Spirits, including ghosts, have only two traits: Smartsand Spirit. The values of these traits can vary widely,depending upon the type of entity encountered. Aminor animal spirit, for example, might have Smartsd4 (A) and Power d6; however, a demigod might haveSmarts d12+2 and Spirit d12+8! A table for randomspirit contacts can be found below.
Spirit Contact Tabled100 RollSmartsSpirit (PP)01-10d4 (A)d4 (8)11-20d4d4 (8)21-35d4d6 (12)36-75d6d8 (16)76-90d8d10 (20)91-95d8d12 (24)96d10d12+1 (26)97d12d12+2 (28)98d12+1d12+3 (30)99d12+2d12+4 (32)100UnlimitedDeitySpirits can perceive other spirits and sources of Power Points at a range of Spirit x 10. Within a range of Spirit x 1, they can determine roughly how many
Power Points the being possesses (within four or ve
 points either way) and can sense Mindlink and Runic
(but not cult) afliations. They can also attempt Spirit
Speech at that range. Once in actual contact, spir-
its can sense religious afliations; the exact Smarts,
Spirit, and Current Power Points of a creature; and itsintent. Contact is also the range at which Spirit Com- bat begins.To engage a spirit in combat, a character must locateone with a Detect Spirit spell or arrange for a priest
or shaman to nd one for him. If not automatically
attacked by the spirit, the character may issue a chal-lenge; a declared challenge will do, since the spiritcan read the Power Points (aura) of the character wellenough to sense the invitation. Combat then begins,automatically breaking Mind Link and temporarilydisconnecting the combatants from any other bound or allied spirits. Each round of Spirit Combat consists of opposed Power Point rolls (round down to the closestdie type; current power points of 11 is a d10 for theroll) between the combatants.The winner of a round can do one of several things:1 A spirit could choose to disengage if combat-ing a physical creature.2 The winner can temporarily drain one Power Point from the loser if he achieved a simple success,and one additional Power Point for each raise.3 A winner with superiority in Power Points mayattempt to capture the opponent. This happens im-mediately and requires a second opposed Spirit roll. If the combatant attempting the capture wins this secondcontest, one of two things will occur—a victoriousspirit will possess the victim or a “physical” challeng-er will be able to bind the captured spirit, if he knowsthe Control Spirit spell and has an appropriate bindingobject. If the opposed roll to capture fails, the SpiritCombat will continue next combat round.
 Binding Spirits
To bind a spirit, a character must defeat one in SpiritCombat, know the Spirit Binding spell, and have anappropriate animal or spirit binding crystal at theready. A bound spirit is in permanent telepathic link 
with the binder up to a range of ve miles, and this
contact can only be broken by spirit combat. If a binder dies, all of his bound spirits are automaticallyset free. A binder can use the Smarts of a bound spiritto store spells and Power Points to fuel Battle Magics.Furthermore, a spirit bound into an animal can act asa familiar! A character may never have more boundspirits than ½ his Spirit die type.
 Initiate (specic Deity)
: These vary by religion, but initiatestatus usually requires proof of dedication throughregular attendance at services as a lay member for ayear or longer and the successful completion of a test.This exam is abstracted by the requirement that thecandidate possess various skills and abilities at certainlevels of competence.
: Reduced spell training costs, if any; CultBattle Magics up to 4 levels available; Initiate DivineIntervention; the opportunity to obtain rune magics;ransom equal to Spirit x 100L; possible room and board while visiting the temple; contacts and supportthrough fellow members.
Must tithe 10% of all income to the cult;must dedicate 10% of time to working for the cult;other strictures, treated as a Vow (Major), as indicated
 by the specic cult. See the cult descriptions for spe
cic details.
 Rune Lord (Select a Specic Deity)
: Heroic; Spirit d10+; Faith d12+; d12+

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