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Final Project ASSURE Model Lesson Plan

Final Project ASSURE Model Lesson Plan

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Published by cubanprincess437

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Published by: cubanprincess437 on Apr 28, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ASSURE Model Lesson PlanYour Name: Beatriz RodriguezName of Lesson: Calculus: Standard 1: Limits and Continuity
A= Analyze your Learners
As best you can tell, describe the learners for whom this lesson is intended.Age? Page 1 of 6 Grade level? Reading ability? Previous knowledge? Specialneeds? What else do you think you would need to know about them?This lesson is intended for high school learners, mostly 11
and 12
grade. Theage can depend on how advance the student is in mathematics, anywhere from16 to 18. The student must be able to read at grade level and make sense of what he or she is reading, if needed, teacher will help understanding material.The student must have previous mathematics knowledge such as the followingcourses, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, and Pre-Calculus, inorder to excel in the subject. They need to be ready and willing to work anddedicate time to homework and practice activities and problems.
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S = State your Objectives
Carefully review the lesson plan. Identify the objectives. If the lesson plan haslearning objectives that do NOT meet the ABCD criteria, rewrite them. you.. Youshould have at least 3 learning objectives that meet the ABCD formula.Remember, think
Action Verbs!
use words like“understand,” “know,” “realize,” etc. These are not things you can observe or measure.A=Audience; B=Behavior; C=Condition and D=Degree.
- My learners are high schoolers mostly 11
and 12
- I need to be able to see that my students can do basic mathematicalopenrations and show knowledge in Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, Trigonometry,and Pre-Calculus.
- The student will be learning in a classroom environment surrounded my his or her peers. They will not only need to know basic mathematical skills, they alsoneed to have knowledge in Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Pre-Calculus. Also they will need to have basic computer knowledge such as how tonavigate around a computer especially the web.
- I want the student to master the course 100%, but 70% mastery or above ir acceptable for the subject.Another objective of the subject is teaching the first four standards for Calculusat high school level. The Florida Department of Education Standards for Calculusare, Stardard 1: Limits and Continuity, Stardard 2: Differential Calculus, Standard3: Application of Derivatives, Standard 4: Integral Calculus.For thisparticular lesson plan I will be covering Standard 1: Limits andContinuity, Benchmarks: MA.912.C.1.1, MA.912.C.1.2, MA.912.C.1.3,MA.912.C.1.4.I will be measuring the mastery of my students through homework and quizzes. Ineed 70% mastery or more for each student in order to move on to teaching thenext standard.
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S = Select Media and Materials
In this section, make a list of what materials are needed for this lesson plan. If they don't specify any technology, think of how you might do that! Try to think of two different things you or your students could do with technology.. Maybe youcan find a good multimedia website to use in this lesson? How about using wordprocessing instead of writing? You might be able to use a spreadsheet or PowerPoint? (Powerpoint gets old. Try to think of something else!)The materials needed for this lesson plan is Calculus by James Stewart, 6
Edition. I would like to pull activities from the web in order to help further master the material. I would try to create PowerPoint quizzes to share with the entireclass to see if they can solve the problem given. Also find a group of websitesthat would further aid them to master the course, to use this tool I would takethem to the school’s computer labs or share them with the class. I would try toincorporate videos created by other educators or peers to help them see adifferent perpective a different voice.
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