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Miss Social Misfit (1)

Miss Social Misfit (1)

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Published by Rimal
This is just a story idea. Everything in this is original, any similarities to characters living/dead is coincidental.

Comment if you think/don't think I should continue it....Thanks!
This is just a story idea. Everything in this is original, any similarities to characters living/dead is coincidental.

Comment if you think/don't think I should continue it....Thanks!

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Published by: Rimal on Apr 28, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Miss Social Misfit
 ATTENTION: <This is just a story idea. Message/comment me if youwant me to continue writing this. Thanks!>
1. Productivity is Dangerous
"AMBER! GET YOUR BLOODY BUTT DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!" My father screamed from his spot at the stairs. I sighed and walkedmy 'bloody butt' to the railing."Yeah?" I asked."What the hell are you doing?" Dad's electrifying blue eyes bore intomine with anger. Maybe that's why mom married him, because of hisamazing eyes? Well, I now knew that those amazing eyes led her todivorcing my father and then marrying some guy she claimed she had been'seeing' for the past 3-4 months. Dad had said that there would be no talk of her in the house ever since the day she stormed out of the house, clutchingall of her possessions—and one of my old Barbie dolls, to remember me by.That was about 7 years ago, back when I was an innocent little girl of 8. Now I'm 15, a sophomore at my local high school, and currently doingnothing with my life. Or so my dad thought. "ARE YOU EVENLISTENING TO ME?" He yelled."What? Mhm, yeah Dad..." I lamely replied."Amber Ann Winters, I honestly want you to go somewhere in life. Idon't want you to end up like—like,
that woman
, and have a pointless life."My dad's voice softened. "Now, I'm going to turn off the wireless internetconnection, and you try to have fun without that machine of yours." Ifrowned, but quickly shifted my expression to a poker face, as my dad wasshort-tempered and when he was angry, he would pick at everything youdid. "I'm leaving, going to work. You want anything?""Nope...bye...." I waved and walked back to my room. I heard thefront door open and close, and I walked over to my vanity. I don't want to brag or anything, but my dad is loaded. As in,
rich. That's probablyanother reason my mom married him. She woo-ed him and got his moneyonly to run away with it—after having me, of course. Anyways, I stared longand hard at my reflection in the mirror.I have curly, golden locks—Taylor Swift worthy—and bright blueeyes, just like my dad's. You might be calling me the 'sterotypical blonde'right now, but the truth is, I'm the total opposite. I mean, I'm not popular atschool, I don't have the star MVP of the football team as my boyfriend, and
I'm definitely not a trendsetter. I guess everyone knows me at school, butthey're not going "Oooh! It's the gorgeous Amber Ann Winters!" Ha-ha,they're probably going, "Ew! Who burst her bubble today?" Hate to admit it, but, I'm probably the closest thing my sorry school has to an emo person. Idon't wear the dark make-up, the black clothing, and I obviously don't havethe intense haircut, but I am probably emo. No one knows this, but I cutmyself sometimes. Especially when my dad's meetings run late at night onweekends and I'm immensely bored. Ugh, I sound so...sad and depressed.Thankfully, God (I really don't have a religion because Dad doesn't bother togo to church, but I
believe in God) sent me a friend: Alice Marguerite.Alice is a certified emo/psycho. She used to be so girly and cute, kind of likethat Alice Cullen girl from
 but now she's...crazy. Even though sheis my best friend, I can't lie about her.Just then, my damned phone began to ring. It was a blue 'Samsunga777', free with a two-year contract, thanks to AT&T. I knew who it waswithout even having to look at the caller ID. The only people who called mewere Alice and Dad. Dad only phoned me (while he was at work) whenthere was an emergency, so it was probably Alice. My gothic "Evanescence"ringtone (courtesy of Alice) rung with its creepy tone, and I immediately picked the phone up."Hello?""Hi, Amber.""Uh, Alice? Why'd you call?" I questioned, a teeny bit curious."No reason. Are you busy?""Psh. I wouldn't be if I tried. Why?""Coming to get you in like 5 minutes!" Alice's monotonous toneseemed to become high pitched as I put down the phone. Technically, Aliceis 16 (she's a bit older than me), so she has her Driver's License. How she passed her test, I don't know, because Alice is a terrible driver. She seems tohave gotten better, though, so only time will tell. Well, I'm really notsupposed to go with Alice, since she's a bad driver and there's the little factthat she can't have anyone under 21 or something and without a driver'slicense sitting with her. Dad strictly prohibits it, but I wasn't very happy withhim so I decided to ignore it and get ready. All I had to do was throw on a pair of gray skinny jeans and a plaid blue jacket. When Alice came to pick me up in her elder brother's car. Her mom and dad were out of town a lot, soshe lived with her brother in an apartment, but her brother was at college for their Spring Semester, and so Alice had her brother's car all to herself.I hopped into the crappy Toyota Camry. "Where are we headed?" Iasked Alice, knowing that we were probably going to the mall to check out

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