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Strategic Stdy - 2nd Nuke Age

Strategic Stdy - 2nd Nuke Age

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Published by hafiz azman

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Published by: hafiz azman on Apr 28, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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TheSecond uclearge:NuclearWeaponsn heTwenty-firstentury
O Oxfod Universityress,0I0.All dghts eseNed.
The woNuclearges
.FirstNuclear ge: approximately945 o
-Small umber f nucleartates,woofwhich (theuperpowers)uilt normousrsenals
..SecondNuclear gebegan ith hecollapse f theUSSR
O Oxto.dUnive6ilyPr.s,2010-Allright5 rcrvcd.
.Nucleareapons avenotbeenused n conflict ince tomic bombseredropped n Hiroshima Nagasaki,apann1945.'Nuclearweaponrecategorized,longwithchemical,biological radiologicalevices, s a weapons f massdestruction..Competitionn hebuildingf nuclear eapons asvery closely ied othe coldwarbetweenhe UnitedStatesandheSovietUnionand hetheorcticalmodels elatingodeterrencethatwerebuiltduring hat ime reflect he bipolar ompetitionbetweenhewo suoeroowers.'NWare divided ntoavarietyf categories, epending n theirdesign,means f delivery,ndother actors. .Twoof most mportant istinctions re betweenissionand thermonuclear eapons nd betweenactical nd strategicweapons.
OOxIordUnive6itv ress,010.All iqhts ese^,ed.
.Ballistic issile. missile ithocketmotorswhichflieson a ballisticraiectorv.allisticissiles arrvpayloadf conventionalf WMDwarheads, .K.Aas re-entrv ehicles. arlvballistic issiles ereinaccuiatendcouldinlycarry elativelymallpayloadsor shortdistances,utadvancedmissiles canbe ntercontinentalange ndcarry ndependentlytarget blewarheads..Cruisemissile. missile ithan air breathinqotor:in essence. smalloiiotessaircraftCurren-l odeistravel t subsonic peeds. ombersanbe equippedto carrynucleartippedcruisemissiles..Decapitationtrike. nattackntendedo destroyheleadershipcommand,ontrol, communication(C3)networkf an enemy ation.
COrtordUni!aroityrcss,010,Allrlqhts eserr.d.
.Disarmingtrike. n attackhatattempts odestroy n enemy's uclearorces.fa disarmingstrike s successful,heenemy tatewillnot utterlydestroyed utwlllbe mi)itarilye)p)ess compelledo negotiatepeacen hedisarmer'sterms..Fallout. adioactiveebris esultinoromanuclear xolosion. eavier articledend osettlein theareaof theexolosion. hile iqhter nes often ravel reatdidtances.alloutiontaminationcanresult riserious, ven atal,health ffects..Triad. hecombinationfSLBMs.CBMs.nuclear-armedong angeombershat ogethercomprisehe strategic uclearorces f the UnitedStates& Russia.
.tOxfo.dUnivc6ityres,2010. ll i! ht!.cse^ed.
'Fissile aterial..Themost mportant issile aterial reuranium 35U235)andpluton'um39P239).hese adioactivesotopes redifficulto acquire.given uantityf mined raniumcontains ery ittleU235: he attermustbe separatedrom nonmissile ranium..Plutoniums not ound nnaturen anysignificant uantity-tis a byproductf nuclearrocessesuidedy humans..The controlof fissilematerials very mportantn preventingnuclearroliferation,uthegenerationf nuclearowerrequiresissilematerial..The nternationaltomic gencyIAEA)s askedwithensuringhatnonnuclear eapons ountries hichhavenuclearowerlantso notdivertissilematefial nduse t o build uclear eapons.
cOxford nivc6ilyPrc$.:010.Alri!'hts cscf!.d.

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