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Arthur Review

Arthur Review

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Published by HuffPostPolitics

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Published by: HuffPostPolitics on Apr 28, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ARTHUR DELANEYCOMMUNICATION: 3When it comes to communicating to outside the company, Arthur’s reporting isconsistently fair and accurate. He’s done a very nice job of bringing sufferers to life, andkeeping the focus on fundraising issues. Within the company, Arthur is an excellent, evenenthusiastic communicator. He has excellent working relationship with pretty mucheveryone.LEARNING ORIENTATION: 5Arthur is eager, willing and able to learn. He’s enthusiastic about improving SEO andtagging, promoting stories on Twitter and so on, and has become increasinlgyknowledgeable and more aggressive on this. He shares what he learns with new hires andinterns. That said, I think the whole team could really benefit from more cross-pollinationwith NY, not just to learn about SEO but also traffic and alternate technologies,integrating Twitter, video, etc.BUSINESS/EDITORIAL JUDGMENT: 3Arthur has done very good work on two tough assignments that don’t easily lendthemselves to multiple daily stories. Some of his sufferers have really taken off. Hislobbying stories illustrate some important themes. But he hasn’t quite hit the sweet spotfor the site, in terms of either rapid production or pageviews. He latched on tounemployment insurance as a good story long before anyone else. It’s that sort of thingthat he needs to do more of: owning a story (maybe campaign finance?) and beating thedrum on it daily. And even when he has a gem of a story, he is prone to understating it,rather than selling it.PROBLEM SOLVING: 4Arthur is the kind of guy who would jump on a hand grenade for the site. He is willing tohelp out, pitch in and do whatever needs to be done. He is eager to fix any problems hesees around him, editorial or otherwise. There is still some room for improvement interms of applying new technologies, etc., to how he does his job.COLLABORATION/TEAMWORK: 5See above. Arthur is a great and equal-opportunity collaborator, probably havingcollaborated in some significant way with every member of the team, including interns.He often asks his reporter colleagues to take a look at stories in the works and invitesthem to do likewise. He is happy to help out with the Politics page and is more thanhappy to help with splash ideas for any vertical. He is HuffPost’s top cheerleader.JOB KNOWLEDGE: 3Arthur is making tremendous strides here, doing lots of networking at events in NewYork in Washington, posting on e-mail lists, and reading important books. He is alsolearning more and more about K Street, Congress, the economy, the health insurance

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