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Jawaban Soal Sim

Jawaban Soal Sim

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Published by Pitri Rahayu
Soal-Soal Diklat JFA-KT
Soal-Soal Diklat JFA-KT

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Published by: Pitri Rahayu on Apr 29, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Kunci Jawaban Soal-Soal SIM1D 26B 51B 76D2D 27C 52D 77A3A 28D 53D 78B4A 29A 54D 79D5C 30A 55D 80B6C 31A 56C 81D7C 32B 57B 82A8D 33C 58C 83A9B 34A 59A 84-10B 35- 60- 85-11- 36- 61- 86-12- 37D 62A 87A13A 38A 63D 88C14B 39A 64C 89A15C 40D 65D 90A16A 41D 66A 91D17D 42D 67D 92B18C 43A 68A 93A19C 44C 69A 94C20D 45B 70B 95D21D 46C 71B 96A22B 47B 72- 97A23 48 73- 98-24 49 74D 99-25D 50D 75D 100B251 276 301B 326D252 277 302C 327B253 278C 303C 328A254 279 304B 329D255 280C 305B 330C256 281A 306C 331B257 282 307 332D258 283 308A 333A259 284B 309 334B260 285A 310A 335B261 286B 311 336262 287 312 337263 288 313A 338D264 289D 314D 339C
265 290A 315 340B266 291C 316A 341D267 292A 317 342A268 293B 318 343B269 294D 319 344A270A 295C 320B 345A271B 296B 321 346D272C 297C 322B 347B273A 298B 323D 348274 299 324 349275B 300D 325 350DCatatan : - Nomor yang kosong jawabannya cari sendiri karena tidak diisi oleh penjawab- Kebenaran jawaban tidak dijamin, karena itu agar di cek kembali dengan su- SELAMAT BELAJAR…..SEMOGA SUKSES DALAM UJIAN!!PREPARED by Kelas D.
101D 126A 151A 176A102C 127C 152D 177B103A 128 153C 178B104A 129A 154B 179D105C 130D 155C 180106C 131D 156B 181107D 132A 157A 182A108D 133C 158 183D109B 134A 159D 184C110- 135 160A 185D111- 136B 161C 186C112B 137A 162C 187B113B 138C 163B 188A114D 139C 164C 189A115 140B 165B 190B116 141D 166D 191A117 142B 167D 192118 143D 168C 193119 144A 169 194B120 145B 170 195D121D 146 171A 196A122A 147 172A 197A123 148A 173D 198C124A 149D 174B 199D125D 150C 175A 200C351 376D 401B 426C352C 377C 402D 427C353C 378D 403A 428C354B 379 404B 429C355 380A 405 430C356C 381 406D 431A357 382B 407A 432C358A 383A 408D 433B359 384A 409C 434A360 385B 410B 435C361 386 411 436362A 387 412 437363C 388A 413B 438A364 389 414A 439C

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Zenal Doank added this note
bener gak jawaban nya kk..
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