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Published by bhavesh jain

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: bhavesh jain on May 23, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Paraffin wax bath therapy is anapplication of the molten paraffinwax on the body part.
 The temperature of the paraffin waxis maintaining at 40-44°c, where asits melting point is 51-55°c.
If the molten wax at 51-55°c ispoured on the body part, it maycause burn over the body tissue,which is why some impurity is addedto lower down its melting point suchas liquid paraffin or mineral oil.
 The wax is maintained molted instainless steel or enamel bath whichare electrically heated; temperatureis kept constant by a thermostat.
 There may be a fixed thermometerto check the temperature and ameans of adjusting the thermostatsetting to the temperature.
Paraffin wax bath therapy provideabout the 6 times the amount of heat available in water because themineral oil in the paraffin lowers itsmelting point.
 The combination of the paraffin andthe mineral oil has low specific heatwhich enhances the patient’s abilityto tolerate heat from the paraffinbetter then from the water of thesame temperature.
 The composition of the wax: paraffin:petroleum jelly is 7:3:1 or wax:paraffin: or mineral oil is 7:1.
 The mode of the transmission of heatfrom paraffin to the patient skin is bymeans conduction.Parts of a typical paraffin wax bathunit are container, mains, thermostat,thermostat pilot lamp, power pilotlamp, lid, and caster.
Container is made-up of enamelledbaths or stainless steel bowl andouter fiberglass shell.
Initially heating is quicker with thistype because there is no water jacketto be heated.
Container contains wax and paraffinoil. Main function is to switch on oroff the heating element, which islocated in the casing of paraffin waxbath unit.
 Thermostat keeps the temperaturefix or static in the range which isadjusted with knob thermostat pilot’slamp indicates whether thermostat ison or off.
Power pilot’s lamp function is toshow whether power is on or off.
Lid cover container and caster allowthe paraffin wax bath container to bemove from 1 place to another.
 The nature of wax treatment isexplained and the area to betreated is inspected forcontraindication.

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