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Published by Ultralord

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Published by: Ultralord on May 23, 2008
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=====[ Altered Planes ]=====[ 7-08-88 ]=====[ 10:08.22 ]=====]*> Title: Explosives Part IV*> Date : 7/8/88*> Time : 1:57 amSECONDARY HIGH EXPLOSIVESFile #4 - Flash Point(c) 1983, 1984 The Agency; Prism IndustriesCall The Agency (818) 794 - 891610 meg soon?!?These files may not be edited if they are to be posted on other systems.Please do not delete any of the credits.These files may be posted on other systems with the permission of THE AGENCY.----------------------------------------------------------------------------This section is a rather complete listing of secondary highexplosives. They are listed in no particular order and thay allhave a bit of information about them again, just like theprimary high explosives. I think that this is probably the bestfile in the whole group so have fun.TNTTRINITROLOLUENE:::::::::::::::TNT is produced from Toluene, Sulfuric acid, and Nitricacid. It is powerful high explosive. It is well suited for steelcutting, concrete breaching, general demonlition, and underwaterdemolition. It is a stable explosive and relatively insensitiveto shock. It may be detonated by a blasting cap or primacord.TNT is toxic and its dust should not be inhaled or allowedcontact with the skin.NITROSTARCH:::::::::::Nitrostarch is composed of Starch Nitrate, Barium Nitrate,and Sodium Nitrate. It is more sensitive to flame, friction, andshock than TNT but not as powerful. It is initiated bydetonating cord.TETRYL::::::Tetryl is a fine, yellow crystalline material and exhibitsa very high shattering power. It is commonly used as a booster
in explosive trains. It is stable in storage. It is used indetonators.RDXCYCLONITE:::::::::RDX is a white crystalline solid that exhibits very highshattering power. It is commonly used as a booster in explosivetrains or as a main bursting charge. It is stable in storage.NITROGLYCERIN:::::::::::::Nitroglycerin is manfactured by treating Glycerin with anitrating mixture of Nitric Acid and Sulfuric acid. It is thick,clear to yellow-brownish, and extremely powerful and shocksensetive. Nitroglycerin freezes at 56 degrees farenheit inwhich state it is less sensitive to shock than in liquid form.COMMERCIAL DYNAMITE:::::::::::::::::::Commercial dynamite comes in three principal types.Straight dynamite, Ammonia dynamite, and Gelatin dynamite. Eachtype is further divided into a series of grades. All dynamitescontain Nitroglycerin in varying amounts and the strength of theexplosion is related to the Nitroglycerin content. Dynamiteranges in detonation velocity from 4000 to 23,000 feet persecond and is sensitive to shock. Dynamite is initiated byelectric or nonelectric blasting caps.PETNPENTAERYTHRITE TETRANITRATE:::::::::::::::::::::::::::PETN is one of the most powerful of military explosives andis almost equal in force to nitroglycrerine and RDX. When usedin detonating cord, it has a detonation velocity of 21,000f.p.s. and is relatively insensitive to friction and shock fromhandling and transportation.MILITARY DYNAMITE:::::::::::::::::Military ( construction ) dynamite, unlike other commercialdynamite, does not absorb or retain moisture, contains nonitroglycerine, and is much safer to store, handle, andtransport. It detonates at a velocity of about 20,000 feet persecond and is good for military construction, quarrying, ordemolition. It may be detonated with an electric or nonelectricmilitary blasting cap or detonating cord.
AMATOL::::::Amatol is a high explosive, white to buff in color. It is amixture of Ammonium nitrate and TNT, with a relativeeffectiveness slightly higher than TNT alone. Amatol is used amain bursting charge in artillery shells and bombs. Amatolabsorbs moisture and can form dangerous compounds with copperand brass.BLASTING GELATIN::::::::::::::::Blasting gelatin is a translucent material of an elastic,jellylike texture and is made in a number of different colors.It is considered to be the most powerful industrial explosive.It is more water resistant than Gelatin dynamite.COMPOSITION C4::::::::::::::Composition C4 is a white plastic explosive more powerfulthan TNT. It consists of 91% RDX and 9% plastic binder. Itremains plastic over a wide range of temperatures (-70 F. to 170F. ), and is as sensitive as TNT. It is eroded less than otherplastic explosives when immersed is water for long periods. Itis well suited for cutting steel and timber and breachingconcrete.COMPOSITION B:::::::::::::Composition B is a high explosive mixture with a relativeefffectiveness higher than that of of TNT. It is also moresensetive that TNT. It is composed of 59% RDX, 40% TNT, and 1%wax. Because of its shattering power and high rate ofdetonation, Composition B is used as the main charge in certainbangalore torpedoes and shaped charges.AMMONIUM NITRATE::::::::::::::::Ammonium Nitrate is a white crystalline substance that isextremely water absorbent and is therefor usually packed in asealed metal container. It has a low velocity of detonation (3600 f.p.s ) and is used primarily as an additive to otherexplosives. It is only 55% as powerful as TNT.HMX:::HMX is a solid high explosive commonly used as a booster

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