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Published by David Bawden
This is a short story about how the Spirit of Vatican has destroyed the Catholic Faith in individuals.
This is a short story about how the Spirit of Vatican has destroyed the Catholic Faith in individuals.

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Published by: David Bawden on Apr 29, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1April 29, 2010Saint Peter, MartyrDear Brothers and Sisters,Several days ago I sent you a quote in regard to Shantivanam in Easton, Kansasrun by Fr. Edward Hays. Shantivanam was founded in 1971 and Fr. Hays moved there torun it in 1972. It is now directed by Sr. Eileen Haynes, SCL. (Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth.) The reason this is important to me is that my Aunt is Sr. Ann XavierBarton SCL, who now lives in a house overlooking the Missouri River in Leavenworthand secretary to the Mother Superior who also lives in the same house.The Sisters of Charity began traveling to visit their parents in the mid 1960’s. Atthe time my grandparents lived in Oklahoma City where I also lived with my parents. Sowe would see Sr. Ann about once a year. I watched her go from wearing the full habit,which was similar to that worn by dear Sisters in the Ukraine to wearing lay clothes inless than a decade. The habit was first modified, then modified again. The firstmodification was necessary to enable the Sisters to drive automobiles, which had becomenecessary for them to do their work. However, the second modification was notnecessary and the abandonment of the habit is simply uncalled for.During Sr. Ann’s visits we noticed her saying strange things, which were NewAge and this in the early 1970’s. She would talk about auras, when a religious shouldtalk about Divine Love. This was so obvious that my father, a recent convert at the time,took Sr. Ann aside and warned her: “They are brainwashing you, Sister.” She did notheed to warning and remained in the apostate Church that flowed from the perfidiousSpirit of Vatican II, which we had recently left because of the modification of theSacramental Rites in line with the principles of textual criticism. (You know this asHistorical Critical Theology HCT, which is nothing other than the heresy of Modernism.)I recall well leaving the Novus Ordo Church and the Spirit of Vatican II in earlyNovember of 1972. I thank God that He protected me from that perfidious spirit, for Iknow if we had remained I would have lost my vocation and my Faith. I was thirteenyears old when we left and it was only two years later when I realized how close I hadcome to losing my precious Catholic Faith.It is difficult to describe what I grew up with and the utter destruction of theCatholic Faith that flowed from Vatican II. I was enrolled in Catholic School from 1969to 1973. At this time the Mass was being changed from the Tridentine Mass to the NovusOrdo by a slow progression. Even when I received my First Communion the holy Canonof the Mass was in Latin, although some parts were already in English. By the time Ientered this school, the Mass was entirely in English. The good Monsignor and hisassistant were still quite respectful and kept the Catholic practices, such as Benediction,Stations of the Cross and the Angelus. The assistance still said a Latin Mass on Saturdaymornings. I recall Mom saying as we came home from a Saturday Mass I had served asacolyte, that this is the way the Mass should be.In my third year we had a new pastor and assistant. No longer was daily Massobligatory for students in the school. In fact with a few exceptions we could not assist atMass and attend school! Several times a year we would go for Mass in the church. Alsogone was monthly confession for the students. I recall a ‘coffee table mass’ celebrated by
2the assistant priest on the nuns coffee table in their convent. I was the only one who kneltfor the holy Canon as is the custom in the Western Rite.There are many stories I could relate, but would like to close with this one. AfterI graduated from Eighth Grade my mom received a call from the Catholic High School.The priest was calling to ask why I was not enrolled. Mom told him that she had heardthat many went to the high school and lost their Faith. The priest replied that this hadbeen true, but they are doing better now. My parents had decided that it was better topreserve my Faith to keep me out of a school, which was influenced by heretics.Basically by 1970 heresy was a way of life in the Church that called itself Catholic, butwhich followed the Spirit of Vatican II.It has been a difficult journey to fight the heresies of Antichrist, which flowedfrom the Spirit of Vatican II and produced the Spirit of Assisi. Very few are not infectedin some manner with these heresies. In fact, even priests and Bishops who reject the NewMass of Vatican II, teach and preach heresy and cannot be trusted. Included in thisnumber are the bishops of the Society of Saint Pius X. I studied with one of thesebishops for a short time and know two others. In western Europe, Africa, North andSouth America we are living in a world that woke and groaned to find itself apostates andantichristian. A small handful of people have remained true to the Divine and CatholicFaith in the west. Please contact me in order to work with me for the salvation of souls.+Michael ppThis small handful of Catholics realizing the utter devastation of the clergy, whichspared no bishop or priest in the world, elected me as Pope on July 16, 1990. Yes itsounds unreal to believe that all of the bishops and priests could lose the Faith and that aheretic could usurp the Papacy, but it is true.http://www.vaticaninexile.com/downloads/TruthIsOne.htmlhttp://www.shantivanam.com/about_us_history.htmlFrom Unicorn in the SanctuaryWe should not think, however, of this phenomenon of priests becoming gurus asonly happening halfway around the world. We have our own priest-gurus here in theUnited States. One is Fr. Edward Hays, who is widely recognized as an expert on prayer.Formerly a parish priest, he was sent on a year-long pilgrimage by his archbishop. Fr.Hays had requested a few months off for prayer in a Christian monastery, but his bishop,now Archbishop Ignatius Strecker of Kansas City, Kansas, had other ideas. He suggestedthat Fr. Hays take a year off to travel in search of new ideas. Fr. Hays was advised to goalso to the non-Christian religions in his quest for freshness in spirituality. TheArchbishop hoped that Fr. Hays would found a "house of prayer" upon his return. Hetraveled to the Middle East and the Orient as a prayer pilgrim seeking wisdom.For more than sixteen years, Fr. Hays has run his Catholic-Hindu "house of prayer,"which is financially supported by the Catholics of Archbishop Strecker's archdiocese.

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