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The Hidden Danger

The Hidden Danger

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Published by cupa123
building good people
building good people

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Published by: cupa123 on Apr 29, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Hidden Danger.
written by A.U Ariyaratne.A short story from www.au-softservices.com
“Saman! Did you do the last sum?”
 Shalika pat saman`s shoulder.Saman stood silent for a moment.He moved away from shalika and he stood silent.Saman is a boy whose from a poor family.Saman was grown under Buddhist culture.Shalika; she has come to the city from
which is a very rural village.No one can ever tell that she has come from rural village. She had been modernized to the americanculture. She never respects adults. Her parents are poor and uneducated, but they have had goodunderstanding of life. Once their daughter was selected for the university, they thought that was a greatthing. They thought strongly that no other village girl could reach the university except their daughter.So they gave their daughter an unlimited freedom, but Shalika never took the opportunity right, insteadshe chose strange garments, strange talks and strange walking that she believed as good.She also believed that university is the place of pride and paradise. So she accepts every and each ideagiven by senior students. She thought, this is the super culture of this country and she has got the luckto take part in that super culture. She had become strange creature for her village.Most of the girls and boys forgot their good moral background under which they had been grown up.There were some innocent students as well.Saman was one of them.Yeah!.......... Saman replied.Shalika was obstructed by the lazy impression of saman. She turned back.Saman walked towards the jam tree that provides corner-shelter for university gardens.This was the final examination season. The students studied hard for the degree.
everyone. A happy announcement awaits
!” kamal was shouting in the middle of 
the garden,standing on a table.
“It will be on 21
of august this year and that is our grand, grand final
And I wish you my future bachelor s, go to the notice board please. Isn`t it cool?
“A funny applause
around the ground”
 The students received study leave. They went home.Shalika got on the train at the railway station. Shecame there behind optional entrance pretending, a false-emergency. She had got the fake ticket and goton the plate form. It costs fifty rupees to her destination. She had four hundred rupees and she hadbeen a member of university student discipline committee, nevertheless she chose the black-way. Nowshe is in tight-jeans that exposed the body-shape. The whole country spends thousands of rupees forfree education for thousands of students like shalika. That sum of money was being collected from taxpayers.The train moved forward hiding this sad danger of the country by its mighty sound. An half an hourlater; it had travelled out to the more rural but beautiful countryside.Shalika threw peanut peelsthrough the window with expression of ignorance in her face.Her mobile phone was ringing intermittently, along the journey. Numerous of smses from home, askingwhere she is. She was not much impressed with those, but
finally she replied “I wi
ll be
soon “A
lazyreply.She has lost the affection of her home that was inhabited by old fashioned people. It is just a resting
place; she thought. She thought of her “university hero girls and boys”. On the way home
, she satopposite to the two young school boys. She sat on the edge of the seat, leaned back and spread her legsboth sides.The woman who sat next to shalika looked at the other side.
This not the way that woman should behave in front of men.
That expression was written on her face.The school boys were whispering at each other and then they stood up and moved to nextcompartment.Shalika noticed everything, but she
change her mind, instead she placed her feet onvacant seat.Two hours has gone passed this way.She got off the train at rankawala railway station which is closest to ratbank village.This time she deceived the ticket checker once again at the departure`s door.She walked along the crowded street and stopped. She entered the bar and bought a can of beer of awell known brand. She hid it in the bottom of the bag.
“This may keep me awake
She thought.On the way to bus stand she met her friend tharu (girl).
“Hi! Shalika” tharu shouted.Shalika just saw her and passed without a response.
 Tharu was her best friend at school.Shalika was the girl whom tharu used to share lunch with.

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