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project on accounting system2

project on accounting system2

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Published by dheeraj111_2009
computerized accounting system
computerized accounting system

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Published by: dheeraj111_2009 on Apr 29, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Computerized Accounting System:- As the name suggest, in Computerized accounting system ,all the work is done with the help of computers . This means that various accounts are made by the computers & also the results are also interpreted by the computers.Instead of doing such mundane tasks of posting , totaling and writing same report with updated figure every time ,you just create the Ledger accounts and enterthe vouchers .You do not have to worry about tallying trial balance .You do nothave to key in hundreds of figure into your report .The computer gives you everyaccounting statement you need .It is the system in which all the works are done with the help of computers .Allwork can be done with the help of computers in a much more organized way, has also information is stored in the form of files but on disks & tapes . This helpis easy & speedy retrieval of information .In this the computer just gives the information to the computer or feeds the transactions in the computer accountingsoftware , it completed all works. The computerized accounting system is more useful .It is making its place very fustily in the business fields or you can sayin the business organization or all industries that prepares a/c ‘s .This systemsave precious thing that is time. Yes various works ,which are handled by it ,can be completed very fast & turn it saves our valuable thing that is time . So it has made our own place in the business. So the computer not only gives neatlyprinted error free accounting books and reports. It does a lot of difference inyour way of thinking about your business as you get the figures readily served in your plate.Process in Computerized Accounting System :-To process in computerized accounting system there are three steps:-1.Input Design2.Output Design3.File DesignInput Design :-Input design requirements for accounting system are given below :-A.Master Information .B.Receipts for each purchase ,sale transactions.C.Each payment transaction.Master information contains all information of quantity ,purchase price etc. & receipt for each purchase & sale transactions contains selling price , customer name , contains payment account , payment date & all information about payments etc.
Output Design :-A/c prepares are as follows :-1.Purchase a/c ,sale a/c , payment a/c and receipts a/c.2.P/I a/c.3.Trial Balance.4.B/S.File or a/c’s design :-1.Master file2.Sale & Purchase a/c3.Other required a/csThe master file is designed depending on whether you are going to do batch processing or on line processing .in a batch processing , the master file are updatedonly periodically , normally in a line processing environment . Master file layout is a/c no. current balances , operating balances , closing balances etc.Advantages of computerized accounting system :-There are many advantages of the computerized accounting system.1.Reducing of time in processing :-A Computerized accouting system can reduce considerable amount of the time in processing amount of the time in main advantages of computerized accounting systembecause computer processing speed is fast than a man.2. Not a paper work:-In computerized accounting system all the work is done in computer so it does not include much paper work & hence a less tension of work.3. Accuracy :-In the manual accounting system the data is not more accurate . But computerizedaccounting system the data is more accurate .4. Less chances of errors :-In computerized accounting system the computer because of which the chances of errors being done are comparatively less does control system work.5 .Control over delicacy:-Unlike manual accounting system , computer accounting system controls over delicacy . Computerized accounting system gives warning to given any duplicate data. Hence a computerized accounting system is very much useful for us .But it has some disadvantages of computerized accounting system.1.Problem of hardware and software failure2.More chances of fraud because figure can be altered easily and go unnoticed.If there are many advantages of computerized accounting, than there are some disadvantages also that are given above.Difference between Manual accounting system & Computerized accounting system:-The both type of system do the same work but the different method & at differentlevel .Now here are the differences in the manual accounting system & computerized accounting system .The difference are:-1. Paper Work: –Manual accounting system includes a lot of paper work .In this system all worksis done in papers, in files& in books .But in computerized accounting system allthe work is dine in the computer so it does not include much paper work & hencea less tension of work.
2. Accuracy:–In the manual accounting system the data is not more accurate .But in computerized accounting system the data is more accurate.3. Control over Delicacy:-Unlike manual accounting system ,computerized accounting system controls over duplicacy. Computerized accounting system gives warning to given any duplicate data .4. No. of Persons –A lot of persons are involved in the manual accounting system because various tasks are to be done manually . But in computerized accounting system just only one person can handle the work very easily becauseAlmost all of the work is to be done by the computers such as calculations, B/S,Trial Balance etc.5. Time Involved:-In manual accounting system a lot of time is involved . It means it takes a lotof time to be work completed in the manual accounting system because hands and manpower completes all the works. But in computerized accounting system comparatively less time is involved because of the ‘diligence’ features.

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