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Head Master of Hogwarts

Head Master of Hogwarts

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Sequel to Guardian of Hogwarts
Sequel to Guardian of Hogwarts

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Published by: bonnie_bonnie_19941290 on Apr 30, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 1 â
The Summer WorkHarry Potter sat behind his desk. This was formerly the desk of the greatest wizard of theage. Albus Dumbledore was the Head Master before Harry. It was June and Harry wassitting there getting his plans and ideas ready for the new school year that wasto begin onSeptember 1st. With the aid of the portrait of Albus, as well as the assistanceof long timerival, turned friend Severus Snape, Harry considered himself to be fortunate. Arustlebehind him told him that Hermione or Draco was browsing his private library forinformation on the different founders of the school. Turning his head, Harry sawHermionecoming down the stairs. Her arms were heavy with books."Hermione" he said "I thought we agreed that you would only borrow a few books at atime.""Well you know me Harry" she replied "I'll have these finished within the week.Before youask, I am sleeping. So please do not worry. Did you receive my class set up schedule? Iwasn't sure how much to teach. I talked with Professor McGonagall and she said what I didshould cover as much if not a bit more than Professor Flitwick.""Hermione, I am sure that you will do just fine" said Harry. "What I really needfor you todo is to relax. You are one of the brightest people I have ever met in my life.You will dothis school proud. Now please put some of those books back and only take a few.Youneed to enjoy yourself just as much as study. Draco is doing a wonderful job ofpacinghimself. He is even getting some of his NEWT training in potions done. Just please relax alittle and have a little fun."Hermione hesitated for a moment. Then she realized that Harry was correct. She had
been worried that she would not do a good job at being a professor. Leave it toHarry tomake her feel better. With an embarrassed grin, she gave him a hug and then returnedhalf the books to their proper place. She took the five books still left in herarms and hastilymade her way out of Harry's office before he could make her put a few more back.Harry gave a soft chuckle as he contemplated an idea that was going through hismind.Finally making the decision to go through with his thought he stood. Giving a quick turn onthe spot, Harry apparated to the yard of his Aunt and cousin's house. Knocking on thedoor, Harry waited for one or the other to answer the door. Petunia answered thedoor."Harry" she exclaimed. "How are you? It has been some time since I have last seen you.What brings you here today? Do come in and have some tea. Dudley is out inHogsmeade doing a bit of shopping for me."Harry made his way over the threshold and made his way to the area she indicated.Sitting himself down, he waited for her to pour the tea before beginning."Aunt Petunia" he started "I know that you and I had a very rough relationship.You wereburdened with me when you did not want me. Vernon made it more difficult as I grew up,causing you to be in as much physical pain as I was. I have an idea that I havebeentoying with for some time. I would like your input as well as your thought behind what I amabout to propose."Petunia looked at Harry curiously and waited for him to continue. She could seehe wasstruggling with something that was making him a bit nervous. She gave him a softsmileand a reassuring pat on the arm."I wanted to know if you would like to go to work at the orphanage?" asked Harry. "Molly
has her 2 youngest living there with her, the twins that are a couple of years older than Iam, and other members of the family popping in and out all the time. There are currently8 youngsters who are not old enough to come to Hogwarts yet. I am sure Molly wouldenjoy the companionship of another female adult. Plus I am sure she would love theassistance in caring for the youngsters. I know it is a lot to ask of you, but Ithought thatsince you and I have worked through everything and I now know the reason why youhadto treat me the way that you did, that you would not mind helping other childrenthat are inthe same situation that I was in. Dudley can earn some extra pocket money by helping outon the grounds and such. He has matured a lot and I like the new Dudley. He no longerthinks of us as freaks. All I am asking is that you think about it."Petunia looked at her nephew with amazed eyes. The depth of emotion that was runningin those green eyes that was identical to the sister that she loved and missed so much.She sat there for a few moments thinking about his proposition. She knew his feelingswould not be hurt if she turned him down. However she knew that he had the rightidea. Ifanyone could help the Weasley Matriarch it would be she. She also knew that it wouldhelp her with something to do. She was in no need of money. Harry made sure of that.However she thought that it would be nice if she could earn her own way and forthat ofDudley. She knew that she could always count on her nephew if she needed something,but the idea of being able to do something for herself, made her smile."Harry I think that is a wonderful idea" she stated. "I have been wondering if there wassomething I could do to help out in the community. This would be the perfect wayfor me

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