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HRM Process in Indo Gulf Fertilizer Pvt. Ltd

HRM Process in Indo Gulf Fertilizer Pvt. Ltd

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Published by SkylineCollege
The importance of Personal Management is being increasingly realized in industrial or non-industrial organization in both India and abroad
The importance of Personal Management is being increasingly realized in industrial or non-industrial organization in both India and abroad

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Published by: SkylineCollege on Apr 30, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Shweta Bhardwaj (2008 ± 2010)
HRM Process in Indo Gulf Fertilizer Pvt. Ltd.
The importance of Personal Management is being increasingly realized in industrial or non-industrial organization in both India and abroad. The realization has come aboutbecause of increasing complexity of the task of manager and administrators. In mostorganizations the problems of getting the component and relevant people, retainingthem, keeping their motivation & morale, and helping them to both continuously growand contribute their best to the organization, are now viewed as the most criticalproblems. Attrition rate in the companies is increasing day by day. Retaining employees in thecompany is the biggest issue for the company. For brining the right people to thecompany and retaining them in the organization, a well maintained recruitment andperformance appraisal system is the major backbone of the company. Recruitment isthe process of planning the right person in right place at the right time for the company. And performance appraisal is the process of obtaining, analyzing and recordinginformation about the relative worth of an employee. The focus of the performanceappraisal is measuring and improving the actual performance of the employee and alsothe future potential of the employee. Its aim to measure what an employee does. Andaccording to their performance they get rewarded with both as tangible and intangiblereward, which provide motivation to employee for doing their best.Successful recruitment and performance appraisal system may help a company torecruit the right and deserving person and retain them in the company for a long.This project¶s aimed to cover maximum knowledge of the HR practices followed in theorganization and how the performance is evaluated of employees, how data ismaintained and finally the evaluation is done. The practical knowledge has been gainedmainly by observing all the activities taking place in the HR Department. This is a brief study done to have understanding of the subject HR, how it is practically implemented,why it is necessary, its implication and benefits.
ey Learning from this Project:
I learned different HR policies of this organization which were unknown to mebefore entering to the corporate world.
I also learned how much the values and culture of the organization impact theemployee¶s productivity. Like here senior were approachable in nature, I felt anopen culture.
I have gained some learning from many individual whose are working here; itmight be in terms of skills, knowledge, behavior etc.
I have learnt many small, minutes¶ things by observations, which couldn¶t learnsimply reading the books. Practical experience was totally different.
I have also learnt that a HR person should be very polite, soft spoken & good inhandling the people. Co-ordination with all the departments is very necessary.
servations and Findings:
During the study of the project I observed different function of the HRDepartment. I got the knowledge about the different types of HR Policiesfunctioning in the organization. I also got knowledge about how the organizationis following their values in sincere way.
I learnt what types of facilities are being provided to the employees.
I also observed how they are doing the Performance Appraisal on basis of theachievement of the targets by the employees in the time given to them throughthe ERP.
They emphasis on providing proper working averment to their employees, so thatthe employees work efficiently and smoothly.
I also got the little bit knowledge about maintain the database of employees.
I learnt the recruitment & selection process of the IGF.
I also got the knowledge about compensation structure of the IGF.
The company should give the compensation as per to the skills, so that theemployee could do the efficient work.

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