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Carousel Pathfinder

Carousel Pathfinder

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Published by tamdatetree
This pathfinder has information about carousels.
This pathfinder has information about carousels.

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: tamdatetree on Apr 30, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This pathfinder will help you find information about the history of carousels in America.Carousel Pathfinder
By Tamara Silberman
Central Park Carousel
(http://www.centralpark.com/pages/attractions/carousel.html)This website gives historical information about the Central Park Carousel, the cost of its admission, and a brief history of its relationship to Central Park. It has the second largest horses of any carousel. Thehorses were made by Solomon Stein and Harry Goldstein. This website is intended for tourists and people interested in the carousel. A carousel ride is $2.
The New England Carousel Museum
(http://www.thecarouselmuseum.org/)Features a great deal of information about Carousels, and their history in the U.S. The horses at theBushnell Park Carousel were made by Solomon Stein and Harry Goldstein, one of only 3 left operatingfor the public by these masters. The Website offers information about the museum, the gift shop, therestoration department and memberships. It is brightly colored in purple with pink highlighters for theselection buttons. This website is intended for tourists and people interested in the carousel. A carouselride is $1.
The Merry-Go-Round Museum
(http://www.merrygoroundmuseum.org)This website, in festive red and white colors, offers a slide show on how the horses are conceived, createdand carved. It gives the history of this museum, as well as of the historic carousel operating on its site.This museum restores old carousel horses. The site plays the music that is played on the carousel. Thissite offers information for the tourist and for people like myself who are eternally interested in the historyof the carousel. This will be my first stop the next stop when I go to Sandusky, OH. A free ride on thecarousel is included with the price of admission.
 New York State Museum
(http://www.nysm.nysed.gov/exhibits/longterm/carousel/)The New York State Museum in Albany has a historic carousel as one of its permanent exhibitions, as ananchor component to the museum. The carousel was originally built between 1912 and 1916. Theanimals date from an earlier era. The museum has vast holdings, and despite the extremely plain designof the website, has links to many of its other exhibits, temporary and permanent. This looks like afascinating museum. Both the museum and the carousel are free.
The Prospect Park Carousel
(http://history.amusement-parks.com/ppc.htm)This is not an official website, but it has some beautiful pictures and a short history of the Carousel,designed by Charles Carmel in 1912. The Carousel features 51 magnificently carved horses, a lion, agiraffe, a deer, and two dragon-pulled chariots. This site also tells us that this is a ride that almost didn¶tmake it; it was run into the ground and then closed for seven years, starting in 1983. The carousel costs$1.50 but you can buy an annual membership with unlimited rides.
American Folk Art/ Recent Exhibitions
(http://www.folkartmuseum.org/default.asp?id=1869)This web site unfortunately does not link to the exhibit anymore. However, by clicking on the pictures,you can see with your own eyes, the link between the art of the synagogue and the art of the carousel. Thelion of Judah, in particular, figures quite prominently in both the realms.
 Additional Resources:Books about Carousels
Manns, William & Shank, Peggy.
 Painted Ponies: American Carousel Art,
on InternationalPublishing. (2007)Painted Ponies is the classic book of antique carousel art. This coffee table style book presentsthe finest carving examples by the most renowned carousel artists. The rarest horses and mostunique menagerie animals were selected from America's premier private collections and antiqueoperating carousels. Painted Ponies contains useful guides, charts, and directories for collectors,carvers, artists, and enthusiasts. This book contains over 650 color photographs, 256 pages,9"x11.5", deluxe hardcover edition.
Papa, Carrie.
e Carousel Keepers: An Oral History of American Carousels.
Mcdonald andWoodward Publishing Company (Australia). (1998)This is a book for all who enjoyed the experiences of watching, hearing, and riding the woodencarousel during the golden age of American amusement history -- and for those who continue toappreciate the carousel, or merry-go-round, as a very special element of the American culturallandscape. 107 black-and-white photographs and printed images. Testimonials from 37 peoplewho experienced the joy of carousels.
ilded Lions and Jeweled Horses:
e Synagogue to t 
e Carousel,
BrandeisUniversity Press, an imprint of the University Press of New England. (2007)
ilded Lions and Jeweled Horses:
e Synagogue to t 
e Carousel 
traces the journey of Jewishwoodcarvers and other artisans from Eastern and Central Europe to America and the unsung rolethey played in establishing a distinct Jewish culture in communities throughout the United States.The exuberant artworks stand as a testament to a history of survival and transformation and provide a surprising revelation of the link that was forged between the synagogue and thecarousel as immigrant Jewish artists transferred their carving skills from ritual objects toAmerican pop-culture.
on International Publishing (1999
Carousel Art 
on International Publishing
on is listed as author as well as publisher.)
trough, Lynn, A.
Eliza¶s Carousel Lion.
Eliza is on a quest to find a cherishedcarousel lion from her past.No more info available. Available to purchase through Merry-go-Round Museum inSandusky, OH.

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