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Ez the New Ezcare

Ez the New Ezcare

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Published by Amy Tenderich

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Published by: Amy Tenderich on Apr 30, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By Kareem Holden
the new EZCARE
A helpful management device for patients with diabetes
Managing diabetes can become a task in itself for paents diagnosedwith this disease. Current diabec insulin pumps assist paents with regulangtheir hyperglycemia levels in order to help them maintain healthier and producve
lives; unfortunately that is the extent to which many current pumps can do.
A pump that could do more in helping with the many aspects of a diabec paent’scare could help lessen the burden in which diabetes brings to the paent’s life.Diabec paents have the burden of pricking themselves more than once a day to
acquire the blood sample needed to measure their glycemia levels. Depending onthe level of sugar in the blood they must then program the pump to administer thecorrect amount of insulin to acquire physiologic blood sugar levels. Current pumps
address the issues of hyperglycemia, while leaving the dangerous effects of hypoglycemia unchallenged. Constantly recording the daily informaon needed to
give the physician for correct medical treatment can become a tedious task in itself 
for paents with diabetes. A new diabec insulin pump which would help addresssome of these common issues that comes with having diabetes could help paentstake more control of their diabetes, and ulmately their lives, through the helpful
management of one device.
Concept Descripon:
The following proposed concept is designed, not only to
help paents with diabetes control hyperglycemia levels, but challengehypoglycemia levels as well. If the pump detects that the paent has high bloodsugar (hyperglycemia) it will automacally administer the correct amount of insulinneeded, based on their individual insulin sliding scale, to bring the paent’s sugarlevels down to physiologic value. However, if the pump detects that the paent’sblood levels are too low (hypoglycemia) a glucose soluon will be administered inorder to bring the paent’s levels back up to normal.
n this concept, pricking of the finger becomes obsolete. The paent willno longer have to prick their finger in order to measure their glycemialevels. The paent will simply lay one of their fingers across the touch
surface on the pump and a pain free laser sensor will simply measure
their glycemia levels. Once the pump receives a reading on the paent’sglycemia levels, it can simply administer the correct soluon to treat the
problem, whether it may be insulin or glucose.The concept is also equipped with an internal memory card that
allows important informaon to be stored. Important informaon such asthe day and me the paent checked their glycemia levels, what medica
ons and how much was administered are important to the paent and
medical provider in order for the appropriate care and treatment to be
given to the paent. The aending medical provider will simply be ableto pull the memory from the device, and upload informaon onto theircomputer. This informaon can then be used to connue to map out aplan of care for the paent in order to beer control their diabetesthroughout the day, which could ulmately prevent pre-mature death indiabec paents.
By Kareem Holden
the new EZCARE
A helpful management device for patients with diabetes
The simple and sleek design allows for an updated look for a product somemesassociated with sickness and bad health. EZCARE is designed with the paent inmind. It allows the paent to control their diabetes and not allow their diabetes to
control them.
4.25 in.3.00 in.1.25 in
5/8 in
7/8 in.
Opening for transfusion aachments
Touchpad surfacefor needlelessglycemia checksTouchscreen surface allows userto navigate various menusIntegrated belt clip for easy
aachment to clothing
Removeable memory card to store daily acvies
for physician carev

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