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Gold in the Pocono Mountains

Gold in the Pocono Mountains

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Published by Anthony Fejfar
This is a Tall Tale about Paul Bunyan finding gold in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania.
This is a Tall Tale about Paul Bunyan finding gold in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania.

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Published by: Anthony Fejfar on May 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Gold in the Pocono MountainsA Pennsylvania Fictional Tall TaleByAnthony J. Fejfar ©Copyright 2010 by Anthony J. Fejfar Around the year 1870, Lumber Jack, named Paul Bunyan, was taking a swim ina local river, when, suddenly, he saw something shiny at the bottom of the river. He dovedown to the bottom of the river and brought up a huge gold nugget, the size of his fist.Paul Bunyan took his gold nugget to the Official Assay Office, in Harrisburg,Pennsylania, and was told that his gold nugget was worth $1,000,000. Paul Bunyan soldhis gold nugget to John DiSanto, a local mafia thug, for $1,500,000. Paul Bunyanwent back to the Pocono’s, but was followed back by the evil John DiSanto who thoughthe would rob Bunyan and get his money back. DiSanto was surprised to see that PaulBunyan shapeshifted into a Giant, and cooked a pancake for himself on the top of an iceskating ring which he was using as a skillet. Paul Bunyan then found himself a giantmaple tree up in Vermont and used the tree for syrup on his pancake. John DiSanto, themafia thug, then said to Paul Bunyan, “I am a mafia thug, and I want to collect protectionfrom you.” Paul Bunyan said, “Aren’t you the spick who I just sold the gold nugget tofor $1,500,000, when it was really only worth $1,000,000?” “Well, yes” said JohnDiSanto, “but in Cuba, where I was born, that gold was really worth more, becauseeveryone in Cuba pays more for things than what they are really worth.” “Well,DiSanto, said Paul Bunyan, “ what do you think your head is worth?” John DiSantoreplied, “Well, I guess my head is worth about $5.00, more or less.” “Well, I will give

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