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Metric Innovation

Metric Innovation

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Published by rchapek

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Published by: rchapek on May 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Metric Innovation
I. Goal
Metric Innovation To Improve Life With Diabetes
II. Concept
Single hand held non-invasive scanner that simultaneously measuresglucose level, vital signs, and the nutrition and energy components of food.
III. Concept Rationale
 A single hand held, non-invasive meter that simultaneously measuresand integrates the three keys to successful diabetic management;glucose level, vital signs, and diet. This would free diabetics from themultiple meters and steps they now take and use to measure the threekeys, one in particular that is poorly measured, diet, that wouldimmeasurably improve life with diabetes.Diabetics track their glucose level, vital signs, and food intake to helpmanage their diabetes and prevent the onset of complications.All people with diabetes can benefit from checking their blood glucose.
Vital signs, heartbeat, breathing rate, temperature, and bloodpressure, measured, and monitored, inform a diabetic of their level of physical functioning.Diet meal and snack intake of carbohydrates in balance with protein,fat and total calories determine glucose level management action.Diabetics current diet management practices essentially relies andranges from reading food labels, to measuring food in spoons andcups, to math conversation from grams to ounces, to estimatingcalorie, carbohydrate, and components for their food intake. This in anarray of food on plates, and snacks made from packaged, home made,and restaurant foods.
IV. Concept Development
 There is no single, non-invasive science fact based meter available toread glucose level, vital signs, and food nutrition and energy, but thecomponents to make one are.There is a high potential to collect, miniaturize, modify, integrate andassemble from commercially available components to make a singlehand held scanner that measures, integrates, and projects course of action data of glucose level, vital signs, nutrition and energycomponents of food.
Component One – Measure Food Make-Up Percentages
Commercially available hand held near infrared transmissionspectroscopy scanner food analyzer to detect and measure thepercentage of the carbohydrate, protein, fat, moisture, alcohol, sugarsand other components in foods.http://www.analytical.in/food-milk-fish-meat-analyzer.htmlhttp://www.kett.com/productlines.asphttp://www.bestlab.com.au/nirta_3000.htmhttp://www.bestlab.com.au/nirta_start.htm
Component Two – Measure Volume Of Food In A Non LinearParticular Shape.
Commercially available hand held laser displacement sensor scanner toproduce a displacement image to measure a particular shape of foodfrom which the volume can be calculated that the shape would hold in
food.Once the volume of food is know, and the kind of food is identified byits specific gravity, the number of calories can be calculated, and itspercentage of carbohydrate, protein, fat, moisture, alcohol, sugar andother components determined.http://www.micro-epsilon.com/products/dimension-2D-3D-sensors/laser-scanner-profile-sensor/index.html
Component Three. Measure Specific Gravity Of Food To IdentifyIts Kind.
A Commercially available hand help specific gravity laser diffractionscanner for determining kind of food identity. For example, each foodtype has an unique specific gravity; navy beans, 801, bran 256,granulated sugar, 849, corn, 721, chocolate 641, potato, 769, wheat,721, and so on.http://www.malvern.com/ProcessEng/systems/laser_diffraction/technology/technology.htmwww.anton-paar.com/US/en/60/513http://us.mt.com/us/en/home/products/Laboratory_Analytics_Browse/Density_Family_Browse_main/Portable_density_meter_family_browse _main/Densito_30PX.html
Component Four – Measure Blood Pressure, Temperature,Breathing Rate, And Pulse
Commercially available laser Doppler for measuring pulse,temperature, breathing rate and distal blood pressure.http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/journal/119502036/abstract?CRETRY=1&SRETRY=0

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