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Some Techniques About Metal Casting

Some Techniques About Metal Casting

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Published by crystalcane36

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Published by: crystalcane36 on May 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Some Techniques About Metal Casting
Somecasting techniquesare simple and can be easily mastered by hobbyistsand craftsmen who are willing to operate a furnace and work with liquidmetal.Other techniques are more demanding and the province of a larger operation.IdentificationMetal casting is the pouring of liquid metal into a mold, which has a hollowcavity in a desired shape. The liquid metal is then allowed to cool and harden.The now-solid casting is then ejected from or broken out of the mold. This isdone to create objects that would be uneconomical to create by sculpting,boring, carving or other means.Sand CastingThistype of metal castinginvolves making a mold in a sand mixture and thenpouring liquid metal into the sand cavity. This is a simple six-part process: (1)Use a pre-existing pattern to create a sand mold, or craft one by hand. (2) Addyour gating system (to control the liquid metal). (3) Remove the pattern (if used). (4) Pour in the metal. (5) Cool. (6) Remove the casting. This is the bestform of casting for a small operation that will be making castings in smallbatches. A variant of this is shell molding. This is similar to sand casting, except with theadded touch of using resin to hold the sand together. This requires a muchlonger lead time and requires the heating of the mold between castings, but ithas the advantage of allowing castings to be turned out more rapidly.

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