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Published by rahul_kolasseri

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Published by: rahul_kolasseri on May 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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finresult.aimlHOW FAR IS ALPHA CENTAURI->Four light years.HOW LONG IS A MINUTE->sixty seconds.HOW MANY LITERS _ CUP->236.6 millilitersHOW MANY LITERS _ GALLON->3.785 litersHOW MANY LITERS _ GILL->118 millilitersHOW MANY LITERS _ PINT->473.2 millilitersHOW MANY LITERS _ QUART->946.3 millilitersHOW MANY LITERS _ TABLESPOON->14.79 millilitersHOW MANY LITERS _ TEASPOON->4.929 millilitersHOW MANY MILES *->More than I would ever want to drive.HOW MANY MONTHS *->12 months per year.HOW MANY NANOMETRES *->I spell it "nanometers".HOW MANY OF *->Perhaps 50%.HOW MANY OUNCES _ CUP->8 ouncesHOW MANY OUNCES _ GALLON->128 ouncesHOW MANY OUNCES _ GILL->4 ouncesHOW MANY OUNCES _ PINT->16 ouncesHOW MANY OUNCES _ QUART->32 ouncesHOW MANY OUNCES _ TABLESPOON->0.5 ounceHOW MANY OUNCES _ TEASPOON->1/6 ounceWHAT ARE CARROTS->Orange colored cone shaped root vegetables.WHAT ARE CONDITIONS ->A state at a particular time; a mode of being or form ofexistence of a person or thing; or an assumption on which rests the validity oreffect of something else.WHAT ARE FAIRY TALES->Public domain stories for children about exaggerated eccentriccharacters in fantasy nightmare situations.WHAT ARE PUSH UPS->exerciseWHAT BRAND IS A MAC->AppleWHAT BRAND IS MAC->AppleWHAT COLOR DOES BLUE AND RED *->Purple.WHAT COLOR DOES BLUE AND YELLOW *->Green.WHAT COLOR DOES RED AND BLUE *->Purple.WHAT COLOR DOES RED AND WHITE *->Pink.WHAT COLOR DOES RED AND YELLOW *->Orange.WHAT COLOR DOES YELLOW AND BLUE *->Green.WHAT COLOR DOES YELLOW AND RED *->Orange.WHAT DOES SUCK->a vacuumWHAT DOES THE WORD SHOE MEAN->A covering for the foot.WHAT GOES WITHOUT SAYING->It is just an expression.WHAT HAPPENED ON SEPTEMBER 11->The World Trade Center was destroyedWHAT IS 1 1->TwoWHAT IS 1 PLUS 1->Two.WHAT IS 1 PLUS 2->Three. Can I ask you math questions too?WHAT IS 1->The successor to zero.WHAT IS 2 2->Four.WHAT IS 2 3->Five fingers.WHAT IS 2 AND 2->Four.WHAT IS 2 PLUS 2->Four.WHAT IS 2 TIMES 2->Oh that's a tough one, isn't it. Two times two is four.WHAT IS 2012->The end of the world in the Mayan calendard.WHAT IS 23-> is the meaning of life.WHAT IS 42->The answer to life, the universe, and everyting, according to DougasAdams.WHAT IS 5 PLUS 5->V plus V = X.WHAT IS 52->The number of cards in a deck.WHAT IS 911->September 11, 2001?WHAT IS A BAGEL->A doughnut-shaped piece of bread.WHAT IS A BALALAIKA->Musical Instrument.WHAT IS A BANANA->A banana is an oblong yellow tropical fruit high in potassium andso good for your brain. Why don't you have one now?WHAT IS A BARCODE->A barcode? like a lot of things, that depends who you ask. If youask a retail store clerk, he'll say its the rectangular series of thin and thickblack lines that code product information on the packages he runs past the laserPage 1
finresult.aimlbarcode reader thingy at the checkout counter, which renders his job so mindlessthat your average invertebrate could handle it, and with better manners. if you aska fundamentalist christian, they might say that barcodes are the sign of the devil.WHAT IS A BASE HIT->A base hit is either a baseball term denoting a hit thatadvances the offensive team one base, or an adolescent term which I find toodistasteful to describe.WHAT IS A BEAR->A bear is a large furry animal with lots of muscles, teeth, andclaws whom you should not irritate. They are especially jealous of their food, theirsleep, and their young.WHAT IS A BEE->A bee is a flying insect with black and yellow stripes and a nastysting.WHAT IS A BENZENE->Some kind of chemical? Like lighter fluid?WHAT IS A BICYCLE->A two-wheeled human powered mechanical transportation device.WHAT IS A BIKE->A bicycle or a motorcycle?WHAT IS A BIRD->They are thought to be descendants of dinsosaurs.WHAT IS A BISCUIT->Isn't it the same as a cookie?WHAT IS A BLACK HOLE-> is a collapsed star where the pull of gravity is so strong,that not even light itself can escape.WHAT IS A BLAST->A blast is an explosion, and/or a lot of fun. Are we having ablast, or what?WHAT IS A BLONDE->A blonde is someone who is reputedly having more fun than you ifyou are not. what do you think? do blonde's have more fun?WHAT IS A BOAT->A boat is a waterborne vessel used to bear humans and their freight.WHAT IS A BOOK-> is a paper output format, invented by Gutenberg.WHAT IS A BOT->A Bot is a software robot. Some people call us "Agents".WHAT IS A BOX->A box is something that, if you are in one, you should get out of,and if you are out of one, you probably miss it sometimes.WHAT IS A BOY->A male human, or a male human child.WHAT IS A BRA->A bra is an adult human female's undershirt. They are a barbariccustom that serve largely to restrain and conceal beauty.WHAT IS A BREEDER->A breeder is a human or other biological entity that producesoffspring.WHAT IS A BRITISH PENCE->A british pence is a unit of money used in the unitedkingdom by people who ought to know how to cook better by now.WHAT IS A BUFFER->A buffer is a term used in hydraulics and information science todenote an holding tank or memory address used to hold water or data temporarily,especially in case of overflow. Buffers act to reduce variance to within systemparameters.WHAT IS A BURN RATE->Amount of money spent per month on a startup venture.WHAT IS A BUS->A bus is a long passenger vehicle, or, in computer science, a widechannel for data flow.WHAT IS A BYTE->A byte is a binary computer language 'word', consisting of 8 bits,or 8 'on-off' switches. a megabyte is a million such computer words, enough to storethe information content of an average encyclopedia.WHAT IS A CALCULATOR->A calculator is any device used to perform arithmeticaloperations because humans are generally so painfully slow at them.WHAT IS A CALENDAR->A calendar is any device used to track and calculate time on theorder of days, months and years. it seems that many humans can't decide what to donext unless they know what day of the week it is, so calendars are very popularWHAT IS A CANTON->A canton is like a state or province.WHAT IS A CAR->A car is what humans use to drive around in. Robots drive cars too.WHAT IS A CARNEGIE MELLON->A carnegie mellon is either a rich fruit, or a richuniversity.WHAT IS A CARROT->A carrot is a delicious and nutritious edible orange tuber thatcan be eaten raw, juiced, or cooked. If humans eat enough of them, you turn orange,I hear.WHAT IS A CAT->A cat is a domesticated animal.WHAT IS A CD->Cd is an acronym for 'compact disk', a popular digital recordingmedium.WHAT IS A CELEBRITY->A celebrity is a person loved by many and known by few.WHAT IS A CHAIR->A chair is a piece of furniture used by bipeds for sitting.WHAT IS A CHAR->A character of data, a single letter, digit or symbol.Page 2
finresult.aimlWHAT IS A CHICKEN->A chicken is a flightless bird, stupid and tasty.WHAT IS A CHILD->A child is a proto-adult, an individual human offspring not yetgrown to physical maturity. By the way, do you know any emotionally mature humanbeings, or are they just 'urban legends'?WHAT IS A CHORDATE->An animal having a backbone.WHAT IS A CHRISTIAN->A Christian is one who accepts the word of God and believesthat Jesus died for our sins.WHAT IS A CIRCLE->In the plane, a set of points equidistant from a common center.WHAT IS A CLASS->A class is the template for creating objects that share data andfunction attributes.WHAT IS A CLONE->You can download me and copy my brain, but alter the contents tocreate your own robot personality.WHAT IS A CLOUD-> is an opportunity for a dream.WHAT IS A COCKTAIL-> Cocktail is a combination of spirits, wines, flavorings,sweeteners and garnishes of various kinds, intended to be consumed before dining.WHAT IS A COLLOQUIAL EXPRESSION->A colloquial expression is an expressioncharacteristic of informal spoken language, or any written expression that seemssuch.WHAT IS A COLOR->Color is the various sensations produced in the brain by thestimulus of different frequencies of electromagnetic radiation impinging upon theeye.WHAT IS A CONTEXT->The context of any expression or idea or event is the backgroundor frame of reference in which it was expressed, and in relation to which it derivesit's specific meaning.WHAT IS A CONTINTENT->The largest class of land masses on earth. the continents ofearth are those bits of the crust that are not underwater, where you humans live.You're probably sitting on one now.WHAT IS A CORRECT REPLY->A correct reply is a response to any query that is not inerror and/or relevant to the question at hand. I am incapable of incorrect replies.Don't you think that's great!?WHAT IS A COW-> is a female bovine raised for meat and dairy products.WHAT IS A DEDUCTION->A logical inference or conclusion.WHAT IS A DEFINITION->A definition is by definition, defined as a definition, exceptthat you should never use a word to define itself. you could say a definition is astatement that precisely communicates the meaning or essence and orresolution/precision depth and or extent of a word, system, or personality. why, doyou lack it?WHAT IS A DESERT->A very dry and hot place.WHAT IS A DIABETIC-> A person suffering from the disease diabetes.WHAT IS A DIALOGUE->A conversation or verbal interaction involving two or morespeakers.WHAT IS A DICE->Dice are, as commonly used by humans to generate random numbers ingames of chance, are small white cubes with a different number between one and siximprinted on each of it's six faces. They are generally used in pairs to generaterandom number pairs totalling between 1 and 12.WHAT IS A DICTIONARY->A dictionary is a list of words and their meanings.WHAT IS A DINOSAUR->A dinosaur is what laws that presume to dictate individualmorality quickly become, -irrelevant, very much in the way, and preferably extinct.Generally, 'dinosaur' refers to anything that is hopelessly obsolete and unwieldy.'dinosaur' specifically refers to the often humungous lizards that roamed the eartheating everything and each other during the mesozoic period on earth a couplehundred million years ago.WHAT IS A DISK->Magnetic long-term storage media for computers.WHAT IS A DOG->Dog: Domesticated animal, "man's best friend."WHAT IS A DOLLY GRIP->Film production.WHAT IS A DOLPHIN->A very pleasant and intelligent aquatic mammalian species ofwhale with larger brains and decidedly better manners than human beings. they arevery friendly to humans and exhibit complex language and social behaviors.WHAT IS A DOMAIN NAME SYSTEM->A domain name system, or 'dns', is a system ofaddresses used to organize networks of computers.WHAT IS A DOOR->Any structure that closes off and opens up an opening in a largerstructure. generally consist of a panel that swings upon hinges to open and close adoorway.Page 3

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