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Storm Eva

Storm Eva

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Published by: Amin Ahmad Chaudhury on May 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Storm Eva
All around Eva, silence reigned, except for the frequent howl of the wind. The wholesurroundings turned into dark night as rolling black clouds conquered the night sky. Thewinds steadily grew stronger. Her legs kicking through the rough waves, handspaddling with every drop of energy left in them. Head held above the surface lookingbeyond the range of sight, frantically seeking the shore. Her nude body is being dippedunder the mighty high rise waves. The blast of the charging waves has frightened her tothe core. Drinks gulped for fun on the beach are taking effect on her nerves. Legs arebecoming heavy; hands can only pull with extra energy. She has developed a habit tovisit the beach frequently. But never had she seen the sea turn so terribly wild. An icyflow ran through her every vein.Eva decided to give her arms a little break and she resorted to breast stroke, slowlycrawling towards the beach. Dark rolling fiery clouds above has made the entiresurroundings as black as had have never been seen by any living things. Eva tries toguess the distance of the beach in the frequent thunder flashes. A faint line of thebeach caught her saline water soaked eyes. She feels the wild waves are too mighty toget through. She is no match for the high rising waves which are taking the violent cruelbeating by the whips of the gusty winds. Eva feels her helpless situation. She asksherself, is she going to die.A terrible thunder caused the earth to shake. Eva’s whole body trembled. The mightykiller flash from thunder sprang from one corner of the sky to the other followed byheavy rain. The ice cool rough sea has got her playmate - the cool rain, and they bothstarted wild high passionate dance in the surface of the sea. Gusty violent rolling windsare howling like a pack of hungry cruel desperate wolves around their pray. The rainturned into a hail-storm, beating with a force and clatter that threatened to break everybone and drown Eva there. Every hail bit her bare body and pierced it like cruel hungryvultures pecking into the flesh of a corpse. Eva sees nothing but feels the whips of thecharging waves and the bite of the cold big chunks of hail.
Eva can think of nothing but survival, which even she knows well, can be in dreamsonly. Her well built body is gradually loosing strength, brain getting numb. It is only her heart that says, don’t give up, nature can never be more powerful than human will. Maybe the call of some lonely heart is there to pull you out of the turmoil. Even in thisterrible situation Eva’s rose petal lips turned wide into a smile as thought of a loveflashed into her heart. There is none such, at least for the present. The only man shecame with in this beach has left her. With a rushing charge the waves of the tumultuoussea slammed against her bare body, carrying her upward and sandwiched her into itsroll and the next moment she was thrown below on the surface. Her body is now beingruthlessly whipped; she cannot maintain her swimming position any more. The horriblesound of the howling winds is growing and now it is deafening. Eva is very close tolosing conscious. Her body cannot take the whippings blasts of waves and the bites of the hailstorm. With all efforts mental strength pulled together, she ignores the pain andspeaks to her heart. Don’t leave me.Past memories flashed in front of Eva’s closed eyes. Eva thought people sees flashesof their past deeds when death is near. Flashes of her childhood days, loving parentsholding her little finger walking through the park became vivid. When she first enteredcollege the words of her mom - “girls never fail to recognize true love, Yet theysometimes made lifetime mistake by not responding the call of true love,” resounded inher ears. Then the days of her youth and her college days flashed before her. It is like amovie, scenes after scenes coming without any effort. Her addiction to swimming madeher parents to get her admitted into the best swimming school in the continent. Her 
trainer was 40+, possessed such pleasing personality that most of the girl traineeswanted to share their bed with him. But he was totally indifferent, paid no attention atall. His only craving was perfection. Eva’s addiction to practice won his heart. Whentalking between themselves the trainee girls quipped that his heart is made of granitestone where no scratch can ever leave slightest mark. Judges termed him the “GreatestSwimmer of Ages”, people named him “Octopus, The Mighty Swimmer”, whom nostorm can ever drown. Swimming the rough turbulent sea was play to him, high wavesand charging blast of winds are his “playmates” as he termed them. Eva recollected,how loving he was when he taught her the moves of the hands and feet, lifting of thehead and the direction of eyes. Teaching breast stroke he held his hand right under thebreast taking much care not to touch the mounds, or when teaching the backstroke hekept his hand right under the back and neck and never go for the hips. His trainingmoves were full of care and respect. This never married man gradually came closer.One day he expressed his love and proposed. But Eva denied saying – “you are too oldfor me, I want a young man to get my hand. I do not belong to you. You are only mytrainer, nothing else.” With broken heart the man left the job and retired to seclusion.Everybody was surprised to know that Octopus has left the institution. Nobody couldguess a reason.Once Eva went to a store to buy a scuba diving gear, the store keeper asked her nameto fill the purchase form. Eva’s reply made the storekeeper raise his head and look ather. Then the store keeper went to a corner of the store and brought a very costlyscuba diving gear and said, - “this is our gift to the best trainee of the Octopus. Wecharge nothing.” Surprised Eva asked for an explanation. The honest reply was –“Octopus named you his best trainee, the best deserves the best, both the equipmentand our treatment of her.” Eva rejected the offer. The storekeeper’s word – “Lady, thisa gift of love and respect, please, don’t dishonor it,” made her accept. Eva said, -“but Idid not see Octopus for years.The storekeeper smiled, “you don’t have eyes,whenever you are out at sea, you are under his careful eyes, every moment, evenwhen you are at play with the high waves. Eva did not say a word more. Eva is not sureif her heart longed to see Octopus again.Then came a young man, radiant and buoyant, and within months won Eva’s heart. Evaspent many of her days and nights with him. Tomorrow was the day they were destinedto go to the church. Today he left her to be drowned into the sea. What a great love !Eva teased herself.A violent blast tore Eva’s thoughts. Survival is impossible, thought Eva.Suddenly Eva felt something is moving all over her bare back, from the tip of the toe tothe neck, something long and soft, as if measuring the size and shape of the probableprey. Then it moved under her body, again from the tip of the toe to just below thecleavage of the breasts. Eva shuddered, is it an octopus ? She asked herself. Therewas no hope seconds ago, yet Eva hoped. Now all hope vanished. Only a fool canhope for survival now. Eva felt the soft long thing moving as of seeking a suitable spotto grab first. It stopped right below the cleavage of the breasts. It felt as five fingers.Does an octopus have fingers at the end of the tentacles ? Eva asked herself. She tookher right hand under her breasts and tried to hold the fingers to try to throw it away. Shefelt the fingers, no those felt like a human hand. Her hand followed the fingersbackward to feel if those are really tentacles. A cold icy feeling ran through her veins.Her blood is about to freeze, no hope. Behind the fingers a long narrow body that feltlike rubber. It is an Octopus. Eva tried with all the strength left to get free. It is not ahold, just soft touch, as if trying to feel what creature is it. Eva could easily get rid of it.Panic and urge for life brought into Eva renewed energy and she again kicked her legsand started paddling with her hands.
Eva can feel the thing did not leave her. Maintaining silence it is following her keepingnearly a meter distance. Eva is a full body girl, possessing well shaped curves. May bethe thing is indecisive as to attack or leave her. Eva continued to swim, though she cangather no strength at all. Eva felt again a tentacle is softly moving all over bare back,measuring every inch, the neck, back, the hips, and the thighs and legs. The tentaclegoing below softly touching her face, her throat, her breasts, and one finger movedthrough the cleavage, the belly button. It reached the abdomen, stopped, leaving a gapit reached the thighs and legs and the toe.With a sudden thrust forward the thing came right under Eva, body to body and forcedher to get above the surface of the rough sea. Two tentacles came around her back insoft but tight grip, and then with terrible speed it swam forward with back stroke swim.Eva moved her hand all over the things body. A human figure !Eva repeated the moves; she could only reach the back, the shoulders and the head.No hair. Feeling no water on her face Eva opened her eyes. Still black all around thestorm is raging with full fury. No human soul can swim so fast in this rough sea. Evatried to touch the thing’s face. Only a part of the scuba diving gear that helps breathing,Eva found the tubes. It is a human being. Eva wondered, who will ever dare !Eva herself is a good swimmer, Olympic champion for consecutive three years, wastrained by the best man in this sport. Suddenly it flashed in her heart – The Octopus.Though retired, only Octopus can dare to be in this rough sea and rebuff the boast of the most terrible sea storm and swim to shore.Eva felt direction of swimming is being changed, till now she was swimming against theundercurrent of the sea. Now slowly her full body is taking turn. To her surprise shefound her in favorable under water current that gave the high speed swimming morecharge and it appeared to Eva that they are flying underwater ignoring the high wavesand the violent blast of the wind. Words of the Octopus flashed in her heart “Whenever you face danger in sea, take the mane of the current and ride over it,wherever it takes you, you will go close to the shore.” Eva is now sure; it is “TheGreatest Swimmer of Ages”, peoples “Octopus”. The words of the storekeeper rang inher ears, “you are under his careful eyes, every moment, even when you are at playwith the high waves.” Eva closed her eyes, cold hails hitting her bare body, the salinewater of the charging waves washing her wounds increasing the pain. Eva stoppedmoving her hands and feet. She lay motionless, as if resting on the sand of the beach.Her face turned at her right side lay on the bosom of the Octopus. She is listening theheart beat. Eva does not know how long this swimming continued, to her it continuedfor ages. But she was assured no harm can befall her now.To her horror Eva felt the hands around her are getting loose and at last she found thehold is no more. Eva panicked. What happened to Octopus ? The man who saved her life endangering his own cannot give up. There is only one possibility left, Octopuscould bear no more. Eva’s heart retorted, “are you a fool, this is “Octopus - The Master of the Seven Seas.” Then two hands again grabbed her. Holding her close to bosomhelped her to stand upright. Eva’s feet touched the ground. Eva opened her eyes, thestorm is still raging wild, but she is within hundred yards of the shore. A tall figurewearing rubber swimming suit is trying to make her walk. But Eva cannot walk, all her strength are gone. The man paused a little, and then lifted her with both hands, onehand under her neck and the other below her thighs, holding her close to his bosom.His eyes are fixed on Eva’s face. A thin smile swept his lips. Whispering he said, “youcan walk now, got much rest. Why pretend, my bosom is not your right place.” Eva tookher hands around him in closest grip. Opened her eyes and then closing them again.Her lips smiling.Eva reached the shore being clanged in his bosom. The man walked a little moreinterior and slowly laid Eva on the sand and said, “The storm will stop within minutes, itis still dark and there is more two three hours left of the night. Your swimming suit iswashed away, and I do not have any extra to offer you. Your house is at a good

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