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My Prom Story 2

My Prom Story 2

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Published by ansherina2
Finally, here's something worth uploading :)) sorry it took so long. I just finished typing this. My next project is "My High School Love Life". I hope I can finish it before college starts! For now, enjoy my 2010 Prom story xD
Finally, here's something worth uploading :)) sorry it took so long. I just finished typing this. My next project is "My High School Love Life". I hope I can finish it before college starts! For now, enjoy my 2010 Prom story xD

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Published by: ansherina2 on May 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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My Prom Story 2
by: Almira xD Introduction 
Summer 2009 is the best summer I had so far. Aside from not swimming since I had toreview for college entrance tests, I was invited to go to a science summer camp. It was thefirst time our department of science held a camp like that, so I was pretty honored to be partof it. I was put in the Math sub-camp (believe me; I really thought it was John or Ian orsome other math geek of our batch who is going to participate). Along with seven otherbatch mates (Lana for Biology; Rob for Energy and Materials Engineering; Christiana forEmbedded Systems; Rica for Mobile Robotics; Anne for Information and CommunicationsTechnology; Neale for Physics and Ken for Chemistry), we represented our school campusalongside 31 other science schools that joined. The sub-camps were held from May 4 untilMay 9 in various places; the school camps (we were under Geology) were held from May 10until May 12 (which was also the closing ceremony) in one of our provinces. It was so fun.Of course I wouldn’t elaborate much on that camp because it defeats the purpose of a
story, but I told you that because that was where I became friends with Neale andeventually had a crush on her. No, nothing as serious as my crush on Jim; in fact, lookingback, I have to admit that I mistook my friendship with Neale with something else. But thatwas before my prom story for 2010 started.Neale is a front lobber guy, so you can see that I regard him as one of those high-classpersons. When the camp ended, both of us never thought that we will be friends, well,because we were simply staying on different areas of the school. Despite that, we becameclose friends to the point that we can tell secrets to each other. It was nice to know that Ihave another friend to tell my stories to. Also, he loves Physics. By love, I mean, LOVE. Andhe is also a genuine lover. Like I said, when he loves, he does love.Now, let me introduce you to another guy: Greg. If you read my previous story, youcan see that I described Greg as: “a newfound friend of mine whom I urged to ask out hiscrush to the prom (it was successful!)” Actually, Greg was also a front lobber. I have his IDin my messenger list, but never talked to him online until July 7, 2008. It was funny how ourfriendship started: it was all because of research and white list problems. We were classmateson the Math elective (alongside with John), so I knew he is an extern and so has unrestrictedaccess to the internet. During that time I want to finish my research problems already, but Ihave no one to IM to help me get the websites I needed. That was then I IM’ed him:
21:27:02 me: like, can i ask you a favor21:27:12 greg: sure. what? 21:27:33 me: :21:27:56 me: research stuf21:28:06 me: haha xD 21:28:22 greg: ahh 21:28:22 greg: sur21:28:22 greg: X21:28:27 greg: print21:29:21 me: i can't access most sites because of this white lis21:29:25 me: so can i ask you if you can find a GOOD site about hairstyles today, and another about how touch-screen monitors work? :21:30:38 greg: okay... if you can't see the sites, how will i show you? 21:32:55 me: uh, save the page21:33:03 greg: oh oki21:33:05 me: and send to my email21:33:15 me: :21:33:18 greg: sure sure :21:33:49 greg: what's your email21:34:17 me: sorry for the hassl21:34:25 me: :21:34:31 greg: no pro21:34:31 me: oh, btw 21:34:37 me: are you gonna join in that camp our elective teacher told us earlier21:34:41 me: haha xD 21:34:44 greg: nope 21:34:45 greg: :21:34:57 me: :21:34:58 me: just choose the best for you 21:35:02 me: then imma chec21:35:03 me: really, you’re not gonna join? 21:35:04 me: you’re so good in math and yet you’re not gonna join? 21:35:05 me: haha 21:35:05 me: xD 
And it all started from that piece of conversation. After that, we realized that,
,its like weve known each other for a long time! I can’t really describe it; it just felt so rightto have him as a friend. We became best friends eventually. Even before we graduate, wecan’t believe that fact that even though it was late when we became friends (junior year), it’sas if weve known each other for a long time. Meant-to-be dont you think? :PBy the way, I think he’s the one who introduced Detective Conan movies to my life.Its because of him that I came to LOVE Detective Conan, even though hes not much of afan right now. I still love it. :D Hes also a talented musician (especially in
). He canplay piano, guitar, and sometimes drums. He also has a great singing voice! I love it :D:D
The Asking Out and Answering It 
 After what happened to the 2009 prom, I told myself I wouldn’t ask anyone out on2010 prom because 1.) I don’t want to be responsible for my partner and; 2.) I just want tosee if someone likes me enough to ask me out to the prom (I had Jim in mind when I said thisto myself). When October came I was thinking of the prom already (again) when everyonewas busy studying for the first semester exams (because of the AH
and typhoons manyclasses were suspended that the first quarter exam was fused with the second quarter exam).Actually, I doubted if I really wasn’t going to ask anyone out. Since I have inferioritytendencies, I thought no one will ask me and well, I want to have a partner because its goingto be the last formal event of my high school life (you might think the graduation ball countsbut graduation ball is the formal event when you hang out with friends; besides, its notcommon to actually have a
grad ball date 
). I thought of guys I could ask out and two peoplecame into my mind: Neale and Jim. But Jim, I think I have already given up on him by thattime so I didn’t want to ask him out. As for Neale, well hes the one I want to ask me out.By the end of October some of my friends (like Christiana) are asking me if I’m goingto ask anyone out. I told them no, and I set a deadline: if no one’s going to ask me out by theend of 2009, then I guess Ill have to go as a wallflower (female version of stag, as my friendonce said).But lo and behold, someone actually asked me out! You know who it was? Its Greg!It was on the afternoon of November 9, 2009. At first I planned to sleep after my classended at 4:10 PM, but my roommate, Len, has a religious instructor that wants some surveyfrom high school students for her friend. So when Len asked us to fill up this survey, we wentto the chapel. It was pretty long, but we had fun answering the survey. It was a part-social,part-religious survey.At 5:45 PM, Greg suddenly texted me: “Go down :D” (by “go down” he meant that Ishould go down from my room on the second floor to the lobby of the dorm). I replied:Haha, why? I’m here at the chapel, just finishing a survey.” He replied: “Let’s watchDetective Conan.” I replied: “Okay. I’m going to the dorm in 5 minutes.”So, I excused myself from Len’s instructor to go to our dorm. When I arrived, Gregwas already there. We talked for a while when a junior dorm mate (who was also a friend ofGreg) went down as I was about to go up. It was funny, her conversation with Greg:
Her: ..by the way, brother, have do you have a prom date already? Greg: Nah, not yet at least haha.

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