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Arizona Cattlemen's Association Now Claims They Want to Work With the Protect the Border Pioneers

Arizona Cattlemen's Association Now Claims They Want to Work With the Protect the Border Pioneers

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Published by Roy Warden
Now We'll Find Out If These Arizona "Cattlemen" Are True Grit or Just Two Bit, Four Flushin' Pikers.
Now We'll Find Out If These Arizona "Cattlemen" Are True Grit or Just Two Bit, Four Flushin' Pikers.

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Published by: Roy Warden on May 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cattlemen Claim They Want to Work With the Pioneers
“Send Me an Email,” Says Warden, “I’ll Arrange aSit-Down.”
May 01, 2010CSII PressTucson Arizona Why Shucks, Folks! The Cattlemen have just responded to Warden’s article in the
. We can all thank Bill McGibbon, one of those “rootin’ tootin’ rough and ready”cowboy types for now “chiming in” and putting in his “two cents worth” about working together to Close the Border. Just read
atthe end of the story about the Krentz Murder in the Tucson Weekly.But first things first.Regarding “Cattlemen” activity in the Protect the Border Movement; Bill claimsthat over the years the Arizona Cattlemen Association had numerous “behindclosed door” meetings with all the governors and political big shots; guys like FifeSymington, John McCain, John Kyle etc., none of which was ever reported in themedia.Guess what, Bill? Talk’s Cheap! Words spoken behind closed doors with the “Good Old Boys” (who created OpenBorder Policy in the first place so they could make Big Time Money off the backsof Cheap Mexican Labor) are worth less than a pitcher of warm spit.Shucks, even a two bit piker ought to be politically savvy enough to understandthat. And guess what? You claim to have Minuteman membership but the Minutemanleadership I spoke to said that over the years you “Cattlemen” haven’t doneanything to help them in any substantial way, etc.In fact now you and Your Stooge Sheriff Devers are all set to voice your support(and pledge gobs and gobs of your cold, hard cash) and vote for John “Amnesty”McCain who has spent his career keeping the borders open so his “Fat-Cat”contributors like Don Diamond could keep working Mexican Illegals to death,paying them half as much for twice as much work.
Question Bill: How many Illegal Mexicans have you and your Rancher Buddieshired (at dirt cheap wages) to do chores around your spread?(How many of your Rancher Buddies have invested in land development deals which have used large amounts of Illegal Mexican Labor to work for substandard wages building residential housing and infrastructure so that you “Good OldBoys” could get rich?) You see where I’m coming from Bill? You, the “Cattlemen,” Senators McCain andKyle, Symington, Don Diamond, Robeson Homes, Del Webb, the rest of the BigShot Money Boys etc., Have Always Been Part of the Problem.Now you’re whining ‘cause One Of Your Own had the Great Misfortune to Get hisHead Blown Clean Off.Too bad Bill that you and the rest of the “Cattlemen” (evidently) don’t have the“gumption and true grit” to answer the points I made to the Sonoran News, so I will restate them now with clarity so that even a cowpuncher with a touch of sunstroke should be able to understand:1.Your “Cattlemen” so-called 18 Point Program is merely a rehash of thesame proposals we “Pioneers” have made for years. You restated our ideasand didn’t have the courtesy to say “Thank-You!”2.You “Cattlemen” never supported fellow Rancher Roger Barnett; now you want to adopt his strategy and collect donations and public acclaim.3.You “Cattlemen” put down no hard cash to any group trying to close the border prior to the Krentz Murder. I know. I talked to them.4.You “Cattlemen” and Sheriff Devers support John McCain who has spent years insisting Amnesty should be connected to protecting the border, thusencouraging the flow of illegals into this country.5.You “Cattlemen” have never said anything about “working together” withthe Minutemen and other Pioneers of the Protect the Border Movement, before you commented to the article and my comment in the Tucson Weekly. Now you got your hands out.Here’s the deal Dude, straight from the top of the deck. You want credibility and a piece of the action? You want to work together with us and get the job done?Then give me the word and I’ll go ahead and set up a sit down with the Leaders of the Protect the Border Movement; we’ll curse and swear at each other, drink good

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