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The Depth of Lonelinesss and Dependency

The Depth of Lonelinesss and Dependency

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Published by azbm_mir
The Depth of Lonelinesss and Dependency in Alice Walker's "The Color paper "
The Depth of Lonelinesss and Dependency in Alice Walker's "The Color paper "

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Published by: azbm_mir on May 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Studying the Depth of Lonelinesss and Dependencyİn the light of separated familyAlice Walker in her The Color Purple uses a very especial narrative strategy. Shemakes her readers to change their responses step by step by following her writtingthrough a collection of letters in this book. “ I remember one time you said your life madeyou feel so ashamed you couldnt even talk about it to God ,you had to write it,bad as youthought your writing was”( Walker,117). During reading this novel at first I thought thatshe perhaps is talking about Celie’s shame or her believing in God, for having anopening by using “ Dear God” as the tittle for Cillies letters . But following her writingI noticed that it not only changes to “Dearest Nettie” after finding her sester’s letters butalso Walker refute it; “I dont write to God no more...what God do for me?...he gave me alynched daddy, a crazy mama,a lowdown dog of a step pa and a sister I probabely wontever seen again....God...trifling,forgitful and lowdown”(Walker,173). I feel that she uses“God” to show the depth of Cillies loneliness and dependency; “I get tired of talking tomyself I talk to you”(walker,236).Moreover in the rest of the story it seemed that Walker points to homosexualityissue as a center theme ,but still continuing my reading I found out that she refutes thisview too; “ I can live content without Shug...I be so calm.If she come I be happy.If shedont I be content”(Walker,257). In my opinion her aim is pointing to some other  problems than homosexuality or any religious beleif . Although she refers to the existanceof such incidents and relations in this novel,there are many good qoets which shows it is

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