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Final Paper Composition

Final Paper Composition

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Published by Caleb Dowdy

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Published by: Caleb Dowdy on May 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Caleb DowdyProfessor MarnENC 1102May 1, 2010Clearwaters Cult: Scientology
There is a cancer at the core of Scientology and that has not changed 
. (Childs & Tobin, 2009)That was an editorial quote from the Truth Rundown, St. Petersburg Times series. The Church of Scientology is protected in the US by the 1
amendment giving them the legal immunity they need to beconsidered a religion. Throughout the reading of this paper you may ask yourself a number of questionsand may not understand what some of the terms mean but I will strive to answer all your questions bythe end of this paper. I personally believe that scientology should not be considered a religion due toevents and actions by heads of Scientology that have affected the lives of innocent people. They haveattacked the innocent and broken up families countless number of times with no remorse and all in thename of greed and power. I am an active member in a group protesting the dangerous internal affairsthat go on behind the closed doors of the Church of Scientology. For thinking differently from theChurch and opposing their view points I am now labeled a Suppressive Person in the eyes of the Churchand at any time I am subject to a number of the Churches corrupt and twisted policies. As an individualI think having and practicing a religion can be a healthy addition to a persons life and I think a key pointI would like to establish is that I am not opposed to the belief system that scientologists have for I thinkthat every person is entitled to their own opinion and beliefs, but what I do oppose is the corruption,the senseless violence, and the mindless degrading rituals and policies that break up families andtorment even the most mentally stable beings. The Church has a secret agenda, and is willing to kill inthe name of it. Stopping at nothing to fulfill their goals and objectives, fueled by greed and supportedby an unthinking majority of church members. The thing that really grinds my gears is people in need of come to the church to be a part of something and to join a community of people like themselves lookingfor a way to better themselves as people and in return the church takes their money, their dignity, insome cases their family and friends, and possibly their lives. What kind of church kills their members?The answer is the church of scientology.The Definition of a religion is a specific fundamental set of beliefs and practices generally agreedupon by a number of persons. The term Religion can be used when referring to the individual orgroup practices, and goes by several different names, such as faith or belief system. As Americanscitizens can believe in what they want to believe in. This is how Scientology was formed, and protectedunder the first amendment. The first amendment states, Congress shall make no laws respecting theestablishment of religion. This grants a new religion the legal immunity to create and establish their setof beliefs. Why a religion you may ask? The Church of Scientology is using the status religion to earn thenon-profit status and therefore earn the most revenue. As an individual I think that everyone isdifferent and therefore everyone is entitled to believe in what they wish to believe in as long as theirbeliefs dont infringe on the safety and welfare of themselves and others. To me joining a religionshould be a careful and well investigated process to ensure a compatibility with ones life style, moralcode, and set of beliefs. I feel that if people knew about what is going on inside of the Church of Scientology that their decision might be swayed and my cause made worthy. (Convention, 2008)
Caleb DowdyProfessor MarnENC 1102May 1, 2010
 f you want to make a little money, write a book.
 f you want to make a lot of money, create areligion
, that was a quote from the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard. That was the founder of Scientology talking about using the religion he has created as a form of sustainable income and the wayhe makes his money, as true as that statement has proved it doesnt speak highly of his character.Scientology is not designed for the financially weak, with costs ranging from $16.95 for the
 handbook, to $220,000 required donation to take a two-year, 16-course upper-level training program,called the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course. On top of that $220,000 required donation to the Churchfor the two-year training program you have to pay the high price of staying in a Scientologist hotel, orhousing district, the price of food, and unforeseen expenditures. The starting cost of taking theirbeginning auditing sessions on Dianetics through the church is outrageous and is stacked on top of theprice of the books required to take the auditing. The cost of only a week of beginning auditing sessionscomes with a price tag of $200. Salvation should not come with a price tag and a list of requirements inmy opinion instead it should be earned through devotion, fellowship, and self-improvement. The lasttime I checked a traditional religion will accept all members rich or poor, but the Church of Scientologydoes not. If you cant afford the price tag that comes with being a scientologist you simply cant be one.Just like that the community you were a part of and the friends you may have made are gone and youare disconnected. In addition to the outrageous price all purchases are final and asking for your moneyback is considered a High Crime to Scientologists. (Tobin, 2009)Scientology is a danger to its members and those who oppose it. According to the Scientology doctrine,people who criticize the Church of Scientology practices or policy are criminals. Critics of these policies,former members, or people in the church who fall out of favor with the church are declaredSuppressive Persons (SP). The following is an excerpt regarding SPs from
C LETTER- October 18, 1967 ENEMY SP Order. Fair game. May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed. 
(HUBBARD, 1967)
Scientologists will deny that this policy exists, or theyll claim that it was cancelled. In reality only theterm Fair game was cancelled due to PR reasons, the policy itself remains unchanged and in effect.Another example of why Scientology is dangerous to its members and to those who oppose it is becauseof the Lisa McPherson Trials. Lisa McPherson was 36 years old and a loyal member of the Church of Scientology for 18 years when she died with $11 dollars in her savings account. Seventeen days beforeshe died Lisa McPherson was in a minor car accident amounting to nothing more than a finder-bender.She was taken to Morton Plant Hospital, where doctors discussed having her committed for psychiatricevaluation under Floridas Baker Act. Lisa was instructed to deny medical attention and use the
Caleb DowdyProfessor MarnENC 1102May 1, 2010Churches services instead, because the Church of Scientology considers psychiatry and psychiatric drugsevil. Instead the church offers a less intrusive and more humane treatment plan. Lisa McPherson, 36-years-old, spent 1 7 days in a guarded room at the churchs Fort Harrison Hotel. When this less intrusivetreatment plan had all but killed Lisa McPherson, they ordered her to be taken to a hospital. Lisa died inthe back seat of a van that was driving her to a hospital in the next county, passing 4 other hospitals ontheir route. The coroners report stated Lisa was underweight, severely dehydrated, hundreds of bugbites and bruising all over her body. This was just an average fender-bender; she did not have to die.Scientologists claim Lisa McPherson died of spinal meningitis. Years pass and the date is March 8,1997 about 20 people hold a candlelight memorial for Lisa McPherson across from the Fort Harrison. Anestimated 300 scientologists swarm the sidewalk to taunt, bump, and blow out the mourners candles.To this date for the civil wrongful death trial has been given and justice has yet to be served. (LisaMcPherson Memorial ) (Jacobsen, 2008)The disconnection policy is the policy scientologists have used to break up countless numbers of families, friends, and relationships. What is the disconnection policy you may ask? Disconnection is aScientology practice of cutting all ties and all communication with someone who is declared aSuppressive Person (evil) by the Church of Scientology. This may include family, friends, loved ones,work associates, acquaintances, or anyone else found Suppressive by the Church. The problem here isthat there are hundreds of ways to be labeled a suppressive person by the Church of Scientology rangingfrom asking for your money back to public statements against Scientology or Scientologists. It is simplyridiculous the policies that Scientologist Heads have in place to keep their members brain washed. Letme explain via the use of some imaginary scenarios: So say a member of the Church of Scientology for18 years decides one day that he wants to leave the Church, so he tells his family and friends that he isleaving. He has just committed a high crime in the Church of Scientology by publically departing theChurch which now earns him the label of a Suppressive Person. If his family and friends continue tointeract with this person in question in any way they are all held responsible of violating ScientologyPolicy and are labeled suppressive persons themselves if all communication with that person is notceased immediately. Here is another scenario to examine: say a young scientologist woman is sexuallymolested by another scientologist, she decides to report this crime to the local law enforcement. Byreporting this crime she has just committed a High Crime in the eyes of the Church of Scientology. Nowher family and her friends must either find a way to persuade her to drop the charges or disconnect herfor fear of violation communicating with a suppressive person. This and numerous other scenarios arehappening to innocent victims with no one they can turn to that is unbiased and outside of the church,and now the victims are made to suffer in silence for fear of being an outcast. What this is in my opinionis criminal and a violation of basic human rights. (Disconnection)Another question is brought up when analyzing what makes the Church of Scientology tick iswho in their right mind would orchestrate such a foul and corrupt cult? The answer is none other thanDavid Miscavige, the highest ranking staff member in the Church of Scientology, the tyrant who ispulling all the invisible strings inside the Church. The following is a excerpt from a St. Petersburg Times

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